How to Indent the Second Line in Word

Creating second-line indent in words is not a tricky thing to do. But “how to create a second-line indent in the word” is a question still present in many minds. Alright!

But first come to know what this term actually is.

Mostly two most common indents are in knowledge of word users. First Hanging, and second is First Line Indent. Both styles are applied to paragraphs when sentences are typed to end without the use of “Enter Key”.

So what happens when you press the “Enter Key”? Simply a new paragraph starts, and indent style again over.

Now let’s stick to our main question. Indent basically means when you want to start another line within the current paragraph. Second Line Indent should be done by pressing

Shift+ Enter.

Pressing these both keys together will create a new line without ending the paragraph.

Still want to know more about it then you have to give a thorough reading to our below-mentioned steps.

Let’s get started!

What is an indent in a word?

Whenever you are writing the sentence to end without using the Enter key it means you are utilizing the Indent style. This style can be reset by pressing the Enter key which starts another paragraph. See what they actually help you. Indenting styles give structure to your documents by separating information. Whether you would like to move the whole paragraph, or just a single line, use the tab selector, and horizontal ruler for setting tabs, and indents.

Difference between Second Line Indent, and First Line Indent

Generally, two types of Indent styles in a paragraph are used by Word named as First-Line indent and Second Line indent which is also known as the Hanging indent.

●    Second Line Indent

Hanging Indent or second-line Indent set forth the first line of a paragraph by placing it at the edge and then indenting each succeeding line of the paragraph.

●    First Line Indent

The very first line of the paragraph is only indented by using the First Line indent while keeping the rest of the lines within the paragraph at the edge.

●    No Indent

We have clearly seen the difference between first, and Second Line indent, now what is no indent? No Line Indent means that all lines of the paragraph will lay down at the margin in the Word document.

Process of Creating Second Line Indent in word

This is the time to get to know the answer to our query “ How to Create a Second Line Indent in Word”.

Follow the below-mentioned steps

  • Select the target text
  • Go to Home, then Paragraph, Paragraph settings, now go to Indents and Spacing, and at the last select Special
  • Now Choose Hanging

Now see the steps in detail

Step 1: Select that text where you would like to add a Second Line indent. Keep the mouse cursor at the start of the text which is going to select. Don’t leave the left button of the mouse, hold it gently, and drag your cursor to the end of the selected text, and then left the button of the mouse.You should learn how to use strikethrough in gmail to write professional emails.


Step 2: In the word document you will see the Home tab. From the Home, the tab moves to the Paragraph section. To open the Paragraph Settings window click the little arrow icon present at the bottom right corner of the Paragraph section. Solve mouse keeps moving on its own issue.

Step 3: In the Paragraph settings window, you will witness the default Indents and Spacing tab. From here go to under the Special settings, click the down arrow, and simply click on the indent type of your choice

Step 4: Don’t forget to save changes at the last, and then exit.

Setting the Second Line Indent in Word as a Default Format

You can do modifications in your Normal style of word paragraph if you always want to experience the Second Line indentation. Set it as a default format by following some easy steps. Read below.

Step 1: Put the mouse cursor wherever you want in the Word document

Step 2: Now go to the Home tab, and select the Styles section. Here, right-click on the Normal style and click on select Modify

Step 3. A pop-up Modify Style window will appear.  From the bottom left corner click the Format, and then in the pop-up menu choose Paragraph.

Step 4: It will take you to the Paragraph settings window. There, just select the s paragraph indent style as explained in the above steps.

If you don’t want to repeat steps every time you open the word document, then select the “New document based on this template” option in the Modify Style window, present at the lower part, above the Format button.

When Should Line Indent be Used?

When the word cited consists of more than two lines then you can use the Second Line Indent, or hanging indent.  To make it easier for people to read each entry, the second line indent is commonly used in works cited pages, and bibliographies, and reference lists. While on the other hand, people use the first-line indent to start the new paragraph.

As when you are working on a thesis article, there are a number of references and bibliography which is quite difficult to read separately. That is why Second Line Indent is used, as using this will make this task icing on the cake.

Final Take

Just like reading takes your time, professional writing is also a thing to be learned. Most often people use Word documents to write articles, Blogs, thesis, assignments, and whatnot. So, does it look good to present the writing of yours in a rough way?

Absolutely not?

Then what should you have to do?

Well, friends, this is not so tricky!

Word offers you so many styles, and techniques to make the documents funky. The Second Line Indent is specially used to identify bibliographies, references, or works reference to make them easy to read. We hope you will get the answer to your question” how to create the Second Line Indent in the word”.