How To Install Windows Quickly?

Are you still utilizing Windows 7 on the system? Then listen up as on 14 January, Microsoft stopped supporting the OS officially. It denotes Microsoft will no longer offer new features, but also there’ll be no security updates against viruses. Consequently, the system will be at risk each time it’s connected. If you desire to keep utilizing the computer, as usual, you’ll have to upgrade to Win 10, the up-to-date version of Microsoft OS.Before installing the windows you have to make sure that usb is bootable and working good you can Make USB Bootable using Rufus for free in just a click

Before A Clean Installation:

Before performing a clean installation, there’re a few things you ought to remember:

  • First of all, you’ll have the option of keeping your personal data, in case you do not desire to remove it. That is about the only option you’ve when doing a clean installation.
  • Second, when doing a clean installation utilizing using the windows 10 anniversary update tool, you’ll not have the capability of changing the partitions’ size on the hard drive. If you require re-partitioning your drive, you will have to utilize the old-fashioned way of manually doing a clean installation. Throughout the process, Windows will not touch other partitions on your hard drive, so if you’ve files in other partitions, you will not lose any of them even if you select the option to remove everything.
  • Third, you need have to ensure that you’ve installed the Win 10 Anniversary Update. If it is not installing using the Windows Update, you can download the Anniversary Update online manually.


Clean Install Windows 10:

With this tool, the procedure is very simple and does not take a lot of time at all. For beginning:

  • Click Start > the Settings > Update and Security > Recovery. It ought to automatically download to the Downloads folder.
  • Now, move ahead and double-click on the file named RefreshWindowsTool. A window will open, clarifying what the tool will accomplish and providing you the option of removing everything or keeping the personal data.
  • Click Start > the first step will start. The initial step for the tool is to download the newest Windows 10 version. It’ll be about three GB in size, so it can take some time if you’ve a slower network connection. Unluckily, there’s no way to select a local image file at that time.
  • Next, the program will make the Windows media needed for performing the clean installation. Lastly, it’ll download any of the newest updates and append those to your media too.

Once it’s done, Windows will reboot, and you will see the Windows Installing message on your screen. This stage can take the longest, and once done; you will see the start of the first setup screens.

  • You will then be really tempted to click Use Express Settings, but do not do so. Click Customize > switch off everything on the next three screens (about ten to twelve toggles)! If you finish up requiring one of such features, it can simply be enabled at the later point.

That’s all! You will now be capable of signing into the freshly installed Windows 10 copy! It’s also an excellent method of doing so because you do not need to be anxious about activating your Windows again or anything else. Overall, it’s the fastest and easiest option to do a truly clean installation of Windows 10.

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