How to Make 2 Pages in 1 Page of the Word – Quick Way

Do you have long assignments on the Ms Word? Do you want to merge your Ms Word pages? Of course, we can understand that the long list of pages can be costly and apart from the cost there are many more reasons to make 2 pages in 1.

Do you know How to Make 2 Pages in 1 Page of the Word? No worries, this article has described the step-by-step guide on merging the multiple pages.

Without further ado; let’s go ahead!

How to Make 2 Pages in 1 Page of the Word?

Step 1: The first and foremost step is to search Microsoft Word from the Windows search bar, open it. Then the word window will appear, click on the file from the top left corner. Now click on New to open a blank document. You can also select create to open a blank file.

Step 2: Now to make two pages move to the title bar, click on view, then select two pages. Then click on the side-by-side option. By doing so, you will be able to see two pages side by side.

Step 3: In the view, you will witness a number of options, check on the top left corner, there you will find the “Full Screen reading” button, click on it, and the word is ready to show you the merged page.

You can also print these 2 pages from one sheet. Just click on the file, and choose the print option.

What is the Normal Layout of Microsoft Word?

In its default mode Microsoft Word usually shows one page at a time having a 100 percent zoom level. Sometimes you do not want to work on a single page, or are tired of watching this layout, then what?

You can compare pages side-by-side or also be allowed to create a double-page layout instead. Keep in mind that changing the layout view does not affect the layout while printing. So if you love to experience a double page layout view, i.e two pages on one sheet, then there are other settings to be adjusted. Let’s discuss in detail about How to make 2 pages in 1 page of the word.

How to Split a Page in Word Vertically

In Microsoft Word, the easiest style to follow is paragraph writing, but what if you have to write in a column style like you have seen in the newspaper. You have to use some techniques, and options from the word document.

By following the steps given below you will be able to split word pages in vertical form just like you witness while reading a newspaper. It is time to follow them carefully. Let’s begin!

Step 1: First, open any already worked file in Microsoft Word, or simply copy any paragraph from Google. For Selecting this content by press A, and ctrl together from the keyboard.

Step 2: Paste this paragraph in the word doc, and click on the page layout, then move to columns. Here choose the number of columns you want. For example, if you need two, click on 2 columns side by side.

Step 3: Your paragraph will appear in a single column on the left side of the page.

Step 4: Now from the same page layout option, click on Breaks, it will show you many options. Select column. The content will remain at the left but the cursor now moves towards the right. The place where your cursor is lying in the next column is on the same page.

Step 5: This is your next column i.e. column two. Start writing your post, just like newspaper writing.

Combine and Merge Multiple Documents Using Microsoft Word

Sometimes the users need to combine a number of different documents into one single document. For Example, when someone writes a thesis, it contains many different chapters, and if you are an author, your book also consists of many chapters. It is possible that you save every different chapter as a separate document. Saving every chapter in a single doc will create a lot of document files for a single thesis or book. When you finish a thesis or book, then you may wish to combine all chapters in one single document to add a table of content, and indexes.

So to merge whole chapters into one single document what do you have to do? Following these steps will make this task easy. Let’s deeply look into them.

  1. Open a blank new document, then go to page layout settings for the document to be merged, Save this doc.
  2. In the document put your cursor on the place where you want the files to insert.
  3. Now click on the insert tab from the top bar.
  4. You will see an object option from the text box, click on its down arrow. Click on the Text from file option.
  5. In the Insert File dialog window, Select those word documents that you want to combine in one. To select them at once you can also hold down the ctrl key while clicking on them one by one. Otherwise use the mouse to select them collectively.
  6. Now click the insert button, wait for while the Word is busy merging your several files. They will merge, and show as a single document. Now go to file, and save them by entering a new name.

Follow the steps, and thank us later.

The Bottom Line

Many times we need to merge the pages in MS Word, the reasons could be any because it’s a useful feature. So, keeping this cruciality in consideration, this blog post has briefed every step on How to Make 2 Pages in 1 Page of the Word.

Follow these steps, get the prints and save your money as well as pages. Moreover, it will become easier for you to read and handle the pages.