How to Make a Video Your Wallpaper Windows 10

Stuck with that old, boring, and very common wallpaper of your Windows 10 screen? Don’t worry, we have got some amazing tips for you through which you can set videos as your desktop wallpaper. Sounds crazy, right?

We all know, setting any image as a desktop screen and lock screen wallpaper is pretty simple but, how do you set your favorite videos as wallpaper?

Below we have mentioned some of the simplest ways that allow you to make a video your wallpaper on Windows 10. To learn how to do it, read this super easy guide till the end.

1. Use Desktop Live Wallpaper app

The easiest method of all is downloading the Desktop Live Wallpaper from the Microsoft Store for free and set your favorite one as the background. It offers a wide range of categories to choose from such as nature, animals, landscapes, etc.

Before you get these Live wallpapers for your desktop, you must have this app. Following are the steps.

  • Install the free version of the Desktop Live Wallpaper app from Microsoft Store

  • Launch the application

  • From the Main Menu, select Settings

  • Click General and browse the options available

Note: Under the General option, make sure to turn the toggle on in order to prevent the relaunching of video wallpaper every time you boot your PC.

  • Now, choose your desired video wallpaper, select it and there you have a video wallpaper

  • If you want to upload a video from your PC, click on the Upload option, choose to Browse and select your preferred video

Pro Tip: Since the video wallpapers can consume more energy, for less energy consumption, turn on the display warning. This will send a notification whenever the video wallpaper is consuming more power and resources.

2. Use the VLC media player

It is the easiest way to set a video wallpaper on your Windows 10. The steps include:

  • Install and launch the VLC media player

  • Select Tools and choose Preferences

  • On the bottom-left corner of the screen, there is an option Show Settings, click it

  • You can see the Simple option selected by default

  • Here you have to select All

  • Now click on the Output modules settings, navigate through it and choose DirectX (DirectDraw) video output

  • Click Save and exit the VLC player

  • Play your desired clip to be set as the desktop background in the VLC player
  • As the video starts playing, right-click on the VLC window

  • Click on Video and select Set as Wallpaper

3. Using YouTube

It is not actually a desktop wallpaper but a full-screen display as a home screen.

  • Launch
  • Play your desired video on full-screen mode

  • Now press the Alt + Tab keys

  • This will allow you to perform other tasks on your computer while the video runs in the background
  • To Exit the full-screen mode, press Esc.

4. Using the PUSH Video Wallpaper app

  • Launch PUSH Video Wallpaper application
  • From the Main Menu, run any sample video

  • On the bottom right corner, click Add

  • Choose any video from your PC and it will be your desktop’s video wallpaper

Note: PUSH Video Wallpaper is a paid app that allows a free trial version.

5. Using Wallpaper Engine

  • From Steam and download installer, download the Steam Store
  • Log in or Sign up onto the Store
  • Browse through the Wallpaper Engine Steam and select your desired wallpaper
  • Select Open in Steam
  • As it launches, choose Buy
  • Once you have purchased it, select Install Wallpaper Engine and set the video as your desktop background

Note: It is another most widely used paid app for still as well as interactive wallpapers.

6. Using DektopHut Freeware

This tool doesn’t require any installation since it is available in a portable version. You can choose any of the video wallpaper and set it as your home screen background. The most amazing thing about this tool is that it consumes the most minimal amount of resources to render the wallpaper.Fix windows 10 your location is currently in use.

You can not only install DesktopHut Freeware on Windows 10 but on Mac and Linux as well.


Working for long hours on a computer is surely hectic but, if you have an interactive or a video wallpaper set as the desktop background, it can change your mood in no time. You can either choose a soothing video from any of the applications mentioned above or simply put your favorite and most memorable video as the background.

Doing so will definitely cheer you up as you see your best memory or a beautiful and calm scenic video being played. We hope that our guide helped you enough in setting a video on your Windows 10 screen.