How to Make Periods Bigger on the Word?

MS word is your official documentation app presented by Microsoft Office 365 and it is used for all types of educational as well as professional work. This is your digital documentation, which comes with lots and many options available in it.

We use different documentation styles according to the guidelines or our preferred styles as well. We can make tables, columns; highlight text, adding fonts with different styles as well as sizes and whatnot. You name it and MS Word has it already.

There was a colleague of mine and he showed his document in which he had all the periods in a bigger size in the document and I must say that the periods looked stunning.

Big periods can make you look between the sentences very easily without adjusting the size of your fonts or their style. I must say, for educational papers and important paragraphs, bigger periods are essential, Period.

Periods are much more than a dot!

Yes! I do agree that periods are much more than a dot we add into our sentences. Periods are usually used to end a sentence. They are powerful and can leave a great impact while writing. They are strong, bold, and leave an impact on the reader.

Why Do You Need a Bigger Period?

Bigger periods are more powerful and can grab the eye of the reader instantly. Have you ever wondered why some commercial taglines are stuck in your head forever, or why you remember the color and logo of your favorite brand? Well, that is because the content presented in front of you is based on some techniques and is meant to grab the eye of the reader instantly.

If you do not remember a certain ad after seeing it, the content marketer has failed, and if it grabs your attention in the very first go, you must know that your content is successful and you just built a brand by the chances of 90%.

There are numerous ways how you can market your content in different ways and you can choose this way accordingly. A good marketing manager knows how to market a great content strategy by using the psychology of the human mind and that is what we do here, right?

Even if you are not a marketing manager, you need some marketing skills in order to grow and make progress in your field.

A simple dot here can be a game-changer for your next presentation, proposal, or thesis. However, you need to keep one thing in mind; you should know how to use your cards at the right time because if you stuff your assignment or task with lots of good stuff, it might get you in trouble by being toxic positivity. A balance in everything you do is necessary and overdoing everything might not be such a good option for you after all.

Choosing your dot’s size is as important as choosing the dot itself in a sentence. One wrong dot can change the whole meaning of the sentence.

We will now share a few simple methods, which you can choose to change the size of your dot.

  1. Dot, done with one’s hand:

The old school method is doing all the hard work and changing the size of the period. This is mainly referred to as blue-collar work, you will be needing to change each period one at a time and it will take up to a few hours of your if the document is quite long enough.

This method is not too bad, because if you do not want to change all dots, this might help you in changing only the selected ones.

So let’s dig in and see how it works, shall we?

  • Open your word document

  • If you have completed the word file already, you can start right away, but in case if you did not, you will need to complete the task
  • Now, once the task has been completed, start selecting the periods after each sentence ends

  • This might take you some time but, it will do the work
  • Click on each period, go to the home, and from the size options, change the size to your desired one right away

  • Make sure that each period is of the same size as the previous one
  • If you want to increase the size of some periods, this method will be more feasible for you
  • Once you have selected your desired periods, just save the document, and you are done

This might feel like labor, but if you want to choose carefully the periods, this method is more feasible and reliable to choose. The best part is that there will be no mistakes or we can say that the chances of mistakes are quite low.

  1. Make Periods Bigger in one go

The second one on our list is the complete opposite of our very first method. This one will change all periods at once. You can select a period size from the home option and change them all instantly.

The best part of this method is that it will not only make your document look more readable, but also it will increase the size of your word document too. It means that a document of seven pages will be converted into eight pages without adding a single word to it. This trick works for you when the number of pages you have written will judge as your assignment guidelines.

To put it simply, the bigger the periods are the longer the document size will be.

Now let see how it works:

  • Open your already written word file
  • First go to the home tab

  • Now, head towards the editing section and select ‘Replace’

  • A pop-up window will appear with the options of ‘Find and Replace’ (You can also press CTRL + H to open this window instantly)

  • You will find two options; the very first is ‘Find what’, here you need to choose the period (.)

  • The second option is ‘Replace With’, as we do not need to replace it with any other character, we only want to select these characters so again add the period (.) here

  • Now, to change the format, please click on the more option given below

  • There you will find the ‘replace’ option, tap on it and choose the very first option named ‘Font’

  • From there, choose your desired Font Size and hit OK

  • Now, go back to the main pop-up window and press on ‘Replace All’, again tap on Ok

If you have successfully completed the whole process mentioned above, your period is now bigger and so are your document pages. It is to inform you that the bigger size you choose for your period, the longer the length of your document will become.

  1. Find your period:

The last and third way to increase your period size is by finding the period in your documents and changing their size accordingly.

Microsoft is amazing; it has some helpful tools, which make our life so much easier. This tool is one of my favorites, whenever you need to find a specific work or anything, which might be lost in the long word document; you can press the magical keys CTRL + F.

We will be using it to find our periods here, but regardless of that, if you need to find any word or specific paragraph you can just simply type in the bar the word which you have used that word in the document, it will surely appear.

Now here is how to ‘find’:

  • The very first step is to open your document in which you have already written the document

  • Now, you need to press CTRL + F, and the navigation bar to find the app will be opened

  • You can type any word here and it will display all times you have used this word in the whole document aligned in the paragraph style, but as we want to highlight period only, just type (.) there and you will get all the period in each paragraph.

  • Click on each paragraph and change the font size from the home.

  • All highlighted period sizes will be changed with comfort and ease.

This method is my personal favorite as it does not require too much labor or it will not automatically select all periods at once, not letting you change with your own choice. The first option take too much time and the second one does not give an option.


A period in a sentence and period size in a word document surely matter a lot. It helps your work to stand out and enlarge the size of your document. You can choose different methods, whichever suits you, and work out for you in the best manner. These methods not only work for the period, but you can use them to find as well as replace other words and fonts very easily. These are tools, which come in handy in hard times. So remember them for the future reference as well.