How to Make Someone Mod on Discord – An All-Inclusive Guide

Handling a public Discord Server alone, a pretty hard deal as you need to accept requests of new members, ban them at the time of need, or accept their new requests.

Any kind of mismanagement can spoil the whole environment, so it is better to make someone a moderator, so all activities could be handled appropriately.

A trustworthy moderator or administrator can work alongside you and can maintain the server efficiently. A moderator can play a wide range of roles, can take off the burden from your shoulder, and can organize things in a better way.

So, let’s learn How to Make Someone Mod on Discord; it’s an all-inclusive guide, so we will also mention a lot about moderators.

No more talk; let’s jump into the guide!

What Special Permission Does a Mod Have?

The purpose behind making someone moderator is to provide some special duties and responsibilities of Discord. A moderator can grant the following permission but a geral cannot. The Permissions are:

  • Kicking off the members, when needed
  • Making them ban
  • Mutie or unmute the
  • Managing messages

How to Make Someone Mod on Discord – Simple and Straightforward

Let’s jump on the essence of the topic; the easier and convenient ways of making someone moderator. Well, this process includes some series of steps and we have divided these steps in two different parts.

Part-1: Creating The Mod Role

Step-1: Open Discord

First you need to download and launch the Discord Desktop app or web version. The interface of both web version and app are the same. You can go with any of these two.

Step-2: Log-in to Discord Server

After downloading the app or web version, you need to log in. Just keep following the instructions that appear on screen and this way, you will easily log in to the server.

Step-3: Open Server Settings

In this step, you need to open a page that will appear on the top left side of the screen after getting logged in. from here, you will go to the setting and need to open the Discord Server settings.

Step-4: Create a New Role

After clocking on the server setting, a new page will be opened. Here you can navigate to the rules tab and assign the rules to the moderator.

Step-5: Give the Role a Name

You can also give a name to each role, it will make the moderators more clear about their tasks and rights.

Step-5: Select Set of Special Permissions

Here, you need to select some special duties and powerful performances of Discord. For example, Managing emojis, roles, webhooks, and viewing audit logs.

Now you only need to save the changes that you have made till now.

That was the first part where you can choose the moderator and assign him with his duties.

Part-2: Assigning a Person to That Created Role

Step-1: Navigate to Members

Press on the Member tab, which is located under the User Management panel.

Step-2: Assign

See the server members and select the new server moderator. If you want to pick any particular person, you can search the name from the search bar.

After getting the person, you can tap on the three-dot icon and from that icon, you can choose the roles.

So, the person is selected as a moderator, all the new permissions are applied, so from now on, your moderator will be capable of performing all the duties that are assigned by your setting.

Till now, we have done with How to Make Someone Mod on Discord but you must also know how to perfectly perform moderator duties and how to be recognized as a good moderator. Read the next aheading!

How to Be a Good Discord Moderator

The monitor should fulfill the duties honestly. he/she must abide by the rules and never try to misuse the assigned powers.

A moderator should also be a good listener; before kicking off someone, he must listen to the complete story of both sides.

The one who is using foul language, moderator should ban or mute. The moderator can also delete or edit the message where the offensive tone is used.

The moderator must try to create a friendly environment rather than tougher because many people try to use the platform to communicate and relax, so it must be considered.

Mostly, all members on the server are like-minded; still, if something off occurs, the moderator should try to handle it.

The moderator should be calm, neutral, and active. He shouldn’t be biased or short-tempered.

Final Words

Becoming a moderator or making someone a moderator is not anything causal. Choosing the moderator is as crucial as assigning him duties or adjusting the settings.

Well, this article covers the rules of a successful moderator; moreover, it also elaborates on  the step-by-step methods to make someone mod on Discord.

You can follow these methods and make any one a moderator, so the duties must be performed fairly and effectively.