How to Mirror Android to Apple TV

One of the best things about all the advanced technology we have at our fingertips is how seamless it is to connect them. This inter-connectivity is something that we could not imagine for Android and Apple devices in the past.

However, just as you can easily mirror your Apple devices together, today, we will be showing you 4 different methods on how to mirror Android to Apple TV.

Is it possible to mirror Android to Apple TV?

Apple TV makes use of a service known as AirPlay and this is how it communicates and connects to other Apple devices without any problems. However, this is not a method that works for Android devices, primarily because the process is not compatible with them.

However, this is not the only way to mirror your Apple TV to any other Android device! You can luckily find 3rd-party applications to mirror Android to Apple TV. These streaming services are mostly free, easy to work with, and can be used with all sorts of Android devices including your laptops or phones or even a PC.Check our guide on hisense tv problems.

How we can mirror Android to Apple TV using these services!

1. AllCast

The first method you can use for mirroring is an Android app called AllCast. This will become the mediator between your Android devices and your Apple TV. This is quite useful software as it connects to other TVs as well. If you want the best services, you can also use a paid subscription to upgrade to premium. However, it is essentially free for basic screen mirroring services.

Here are the steps!

First, you have to download the AllCast app from the app store onto your Android device.

Then make sure that the Android device and the TV are both connected to a single network.

This is when you will start the app and simply play some content you want to be on the TV screen. This is when you will see the Cast option. Press it and your Apple TV screen will display your Android’s content.

2. AirSync

Next, we have an app called AirSync and this has been made specifically to use AirPlay for Android to Apple mirroring. The only difference with this service is that you will need to purchase the AirSync app to enable AirPlay functionality. Only then, you will be able to mirror your Android screen onto your Apple TV?

Here are the steps to mirror your Android screen to your Apple TV:

  • As with all apps, the first step is to install it onto your device. Start it as well.

  • Since this method is an override to Apple Tv’s AirPlay, you will swipe on the app’s main menu to get to Settings. In the results, you will go down till you find the option that reads, AirTwist and AirPlay.

  • The next step in our mirroring process is to, press the Enable streaming Then for the network, you are on, it will need permission for AirPlay and AirSync approval. Press Allow.

To make sure that your content is being mirrored onto the Apple TV screen, you can click on the Apple TV option in the Wi-Fi settings. If your Android’s screen goes dark that means your process has been a success. You can now stream all sorts of content.Check different apple watch exercise ring not working error solutions.

3. Mirroring360

Our next option is a screen mirroring application known as Mirroring360. This can allow you to project and mirror one PC screen to another. However, it is best known for displaying your Android device’s screen to your PC screen without the use of any wires.

It can be used by all users of Apple TV, however, it is most commonly used by gamers since it makes streaming on a larger screen much easier.

Here are the main steps to follow:

First, install the Mirroring360 app to mirror with AppleTV on your device. This is available on Google Play Store.

Your Android phone and Apple TV need to be connected to the same wireless network.

You will get to look over a list of detected devices, select the one for your Apple TV and press the option for Start Now and it will show your Android’s screen.

4. Using an HDMI/USB connection

Alternatively, there are also more physical approaches to this dilemma. You can install certain applications onto your PC or smartphone and simply use an HDMI connection to straightforwardly connect to the TV.

This is also applicable if you have Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity. Let’s go over the main steps for applications that make use of USB or HDMI cables to mirror your Android devices to your Apple TV.

  • Once this app has been downloaded on your PC, you need to launch Then make sure that both the app and your Apple TV are connected to the same network.

  • Next, get your USB or HDMI cable and establish a connection with both the PC and the TV.

  • Since the cable might not be able to connect directly to your phone, you can mirror your smartphone’s screen to your PC. This will show you the Android phone’s screen on your PC by using the “Phone Screen mirroring” option.

  • Now, that we have previously established a mirroring connection between the TV and the PC, you will see that your Computer’s screen which is already mirroring your phone will appear on the Apple device. And that is how you successfully mirror Android to Apple!

We are now at the end of our review for today’s guide on how to mirror any Android device to your Apple TV. Before this, you might have thought it impossible to pair a TV that is not android with your devices, however, we have proved that wrong today! We hope that these 4 methods have been insightful and will enable you to mirror your Android screen with your Apple one.