How to Mirror Phone to TV Without Wifi

Gone are the days of dull old-fashioned televisions; thanks to technological advancements, you can now own an awesome smart television that can connect to the internet. It’s fascinating because internet access has previously been limited to computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices.

Mirroring your Android device’s screen to your TV is a perfect way to share your device’s screen with others. However, doing so without a Wi-Fi link is more difficult than it seems.Quickly learn how to turn bluetooth on samsung tv

Smart TVs can link to the internet through wired Ethernet or built-in Wi-Fi, which allows them to connect to a home broadband network. If your TV doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi but does allow mirroring, you can use the internet even if it doesn’t have Wi-Fi.Are you facing hisense tv problems ? there are many solutions available.

Let’s see how to mirror phone to TV without WiFi.

How to Mirror Phone to TV Without Wifi

Connecting a phone to a smart TV without using WiFi, on the other hand, sounds intriguing. It can be accomplished in the following ways:

Method # 1 : Screen Mirroring

It is possible to link your phone to your smart TV if WiFi is not available but your smart TV supports mirroring. Everything you have to do is complete the following steps:

Check to see if screen mirroring is an option. This feature should be supported by your television.

Both your phone and smart TV should be able to mirror your computer.

It’ll work with an Android phone that supports a specific Android version. That’s something you can look into! And there you have it! This feature allows you to link your phone to your smart TV without using WiFi.

But what if your smart TV doesn’t have screen mirroring capabilities? Don’t worry, keep reading!

Method #2 : Screen casting

Screencasting is similar to screen mirroring, except that you’re just sharing one program at a time. However, only a few applications support it. YouTube is the best example. Here is how to get started:

Open the YouTube app on your tablet as well as your television.

On your smart TV, locate the code for the TV and enter it into the YouTube app on your computer.

On your tablet, start a video and press the cast button in the corner.

Method # 3 : Special Devices

Your life has changed as a result of technological innovation. The invention of interesting devices is one such improvement. Yes, there is a gadget that allows you to attach your phone to your smart TV without using Wi-Fi.5ghz wifi not showing up on any device ? facing this issue ? quick fixes are available on our website.

“Chrome cast” is the name of this incredible unit. It will assist you in casting content from your mobile to your smart television. Now you know what to say the next time someone asks you how to link your phone to your smart TV without using WiFi! Furthermore, you should be aware that Chrome cast is not the only system that can solve your problem; there are numerous others.Learn how to connect spectrum cable box to tv without hdmi.

Chrome cast is easy to set up. Everything you have to do now follows the steps below:

  • Place the Chrome cast gadget inside.

  • Google Home can be downloaded and installed on your smartphone.

  • Follow the app’s guidance.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions if you purchase a different gadget that allows you to attach your phone to your TV. The majority of TV hubs are simple to set up.

Method # 3: Using HDMI Cable

Cables are the best way to link an Android to a television. HDMI ports will be available on all new TV models, and even older models should have at least a USB port. Both devices can be connected using a USB to HDMI or USB to USB cable.Know which are the spectrum error codes.

Connecting your phone to a smart TV can also be done with an HDMI cable. However, bear in mind that this cord will be of a certain length, so you’ll need to stay close to your television screen while using this way to connect your phone to your smart TV. Make sure you’re satisfied with it before moving on because there are other choices.Solve firestick home is currently unavailable error after reading our guide.

In addition to the HDMI cable, you’ll need an MHL adapter and a micro-USB cable to link an HDMI cable to your phone. Here’s what you can do:

  • Go to your phone’s settings and look for “About Phone.”

  • Find the Build Number by scrolling down the menu and tapping it seven times.

  • A prompt will appear, instructing you to tap again to unlock Developer Options. This is a typical cautionary statement. Tap the Build Number again and again.
  • Developer Options will appear as a separate menu under System Settings once it has been activated.
  • To access Developer options, go to Settings, System Settings, and then Developer Options.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page before you find USB debugging.
  • Enable USB debugging by tapping the switch.

Check the input source on the TV if you don’t see something on the screen.

Method #5 : Using a Bluetooth Dongle to Connect

If you don’t have the new TV or your model isn’t Bluetooth compatible, you can still use a Bluetooth dongle to use the feature. A Bluetooth dongle plugs into a USB port and sends a Bluetooth signal to your Android computer, which it will then use to sync with the TV.If your Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working we have different solutions for you to try.

Once the Bluetooth dongle is attached to your TV, switch on the Bluetooth feature on your Android device. Wait for your Android to detect all Bluetooth signals in the region, then select Pair with the device when it detects your TV.

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