How to Mirror Text in Google Docs ?

If you are working in Google Docs, then you might be aware of the amazing functions that you can execute in it similar to any other text files and programs. However, one less common benefit of using Google Docs is to mirror text in the app. If you don’t know what this means, we’ve got you covered!

What Does It Mean to Mirror Text?

Mirroring text is also known as flipping it in your document and it is almost the same process that you will use to flip or mirror an image. To make it easier, when you place your text next to a mirror, the reflection that you see is the mirror version!

If you want to talk about ways that text can be mirrored, there are only two ways. You can either flip it vertically from top to bottom reversal or you can mirror it horizontally and this moves it from right to left. While it is mostly pretty simple, you need to remember what a horizontal mirror looks like versus a vertical one!

Once you are familiar with this, we can move onto how to mirror the text in Google Docs. That is the main topic for today’s article and we will show you the main ways on how easily it can be done in Google Docs! We will be providing insights on how to mirror text in Google Docs.Must Learn how to strike through in gmail it will help you to highlight something important in your email.

How to Mirror Text in Google Docs?

1. Using Drawings

The first method to mirror text in Google Docs is to use the option for Drawings. When you are making use of this method, there is just one thing you need to remember and that is it will only mirror your text vertically. However, on the plus side, it is a convenient method if you need to flip a lot of text in one go.If you want to clear google drive  you can learn to delete everything in google drive.

This makes your job quicker and more efficient. You can even edit and alter the font type and size. To use this method, here are the main steps:

  • Select the text that you want to mirror and then copy it.
  • Click on your menu bar and then select Insert. After this, on the drop-down menu, you will see an option for Drawing and New. Clicking on this will open a new Drawing window.

  • Simply paste the text into this Drawing window.

  • After this, place the cursor over this pointer, click on it and it then starts moving it. If you want to mirror the text, you will move it in a 180º clockwise direction.

  • This will result in your text being successfully mirrored vertically. Remember to save and close this window. It will then automatically appear mirrored in your Google Doc.

  • When you now click on your text, a Text box will appear. It is quite simple to change the size and alignment of your text with the aid of this box. You can also make changes to the text via an option to edit.

However, lets say you want the option to flip your text horizontally as well! Then, we recommend that you opt for this next method instead.

2. Flipping text using Word Art

To mirror your text in Google Docs horizontally, you will need to make use of the Word Art option. There are certain drawbacks to this method, however. Since Word Art edits your text on its own, you will not be able to change the font size of your text.

You will however be able to change the size of the box with the aid of the anchors and the font style and color can also be changed. The other drawback of this method is that since your text using Word Art will be generated with its functions, you cannot use it for regular typed text.Must read our guide for android voice search not working error.

Now that we have the basics of how you can mirror text Google Docs using Word art out of the way, let’s figure out how to start mirroring it! Here are the steps!

  • First, you will open the option for Insert, choose the option for Drawings and then click on New.

  • You will then click on Insert again click on New to open the Drawings window.
  • Next, select the option for Actions and click on Word Art.

  • Your next step is to type your text you wish to mirror directly into the Word Art box and simply click on Enter.

  • Your next step will be to flip your text. You have a few ways that you can make use of. First, let’s see how to mirror text using the anchor.

  • If you are flipping the text vertically click on the round anchor above the text box and rotate it to around180 degrees.
  • For horizontal mirroring, select either the anchor on the left or on the right and drag them in the direction opposite to them.

Another method to mirror your text is to right-click on your text box and then rotate the option that appears.

  • Move the cursor over it and you will get options for Flip horizontally or flip vertically. Choose the one you want to execute!

  • The cool thing about this method is that using it, you can rotate your text clockwise 90-degrees or even rotate it counter-clockwise 90-degrees. This will be done twice and then will successfully mirror your text vertically.
  • Finally, you will need to select Save and Close and you have successfully learned how to mirror your text using Word Art.

We are now concluding our detailed guide on the 2 main methods you can use to mirror text in Google Docs. The interesting thing about these 2 ways is that they are accessible via Google Docs are quite simple to accomplish for any user. With that, we hope our guide has been helpful and insightful to our readers who will be able to execute them on their own.