How To Open Pages File On Windows 10 – Easiest Method

Do you want to know How To Open Pages File On Windows 10?  Well, you don’t need to do anything, except read this article. Here we have elaborated on how you can open pages file on Windows 10.

Just by following those easier steps, you can open, edit, and work on your files.

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What are Pages Files on Windows?

Pages is actually word Apple’s word processor software just like windows have Microsoft word. It is saved on the computer with a name of “.pages” extension. This is one of the important components of Apple’s iWork productivity suite. It works efficiently with the macOS and iOS operating systems.

First released on February 11, 2005. When you open the Pages app, the option comes about choosing the predesigned template. The templates are related to report, resume, business card, newsletter, posters, and much more. It is capable of editing Microsoft word documents , and also edits plain text documents, and Office Open XML files. Pages gives you reports in the form of ePub, PDF, and DOC.

The 8.0 is the latest version that was released on March 28, 2019.  In this new version you can also witness a table of contents view, which helps to navigate the book, or document easily. The wonderful thing about this is that it also gives you different languages, for example, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean where you can type vertically in the whole text of the File. Now we are here to basically know the answer to a question: How to Open Pages File on Windows 10? Let’s explore!

How to Open Pages File on Windows 10?

When in Microsoft Word you try to open an Apple Pages file, you will see a dialog box there.

By following the below mentioned step you can open a pages file on Windows.

  • Firstly click on OK

  • After doing this you will see another dialog box, click on yes.

  • Again click ok to end this process

  • You are able to view the contents of your Pages file. Simply change the extension of the file to .Zip.”

But firstly make sure that the file extension is shown in Windows, so you can change the

Extension of the pages document. For doing this follow these steps.

  • Click on Windows Explorer to open it

  • Now click on the view

  • Choose options

  • Click on search options, and Change folder

  • Click on view again

  • Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.

  • Select apply

  • Change extension of pages file
  • Select Yes option

  • To extract the file use any good Zip extraction software

  • From several image files choose the most extensive file

  • You can view the file by inserting it on MS word or view it on a photo app

  • But you will not edit this file on MS word

For editing, you have to opt for some method. Let’s see how it is going to be done.

How to Edit Pages files on Windows 10?

Editing, and opening a Pages file on Windows is not such a simple task as when double-clicking any other file. In the above-mentioned part, we discuss how to open a Pages file on windows, now we will discuss how we can edit the opened file. There is a way to edit this file if you have access to Apple ID or a Web browser like Google Chrome. We also have steps for this.

  • Open browser, whatever you like
  • On the browser Enter
  • Use an Apple ID to sign in, if you don’t have an account, create a new one.
  • Select the Pages icon.

  • Now click on the settings icon

  • Select upload document and click

  • You can edit, and open pages file directly in the browser

  • You can also open, and edit on Window

What is Another Way to Open a Pages file on your Windows 10 Computer?

Here is another way to open Pages files on Windows 10.

  • Save Pages document to your Google Drive
  • Choose Open with a right-click on the document in your drive
  • Under suggested apps, choose CloudConvert, here Use a Gmail account to sign in
  • If you want to review the terms of service, see them and Allow
  • If you don’t have an account try creating a new one
  • Your documents are ready to convert. Once they read “ready” Click and choose the document from the drop-down menu. Then you can open the “doc” or “docx” file.
  • When you finish this process. From the bottom-left of the screen, start the “Start Conversion” button.
  • When you finish downloading, click on the “Show File” button next to the document.
  • A preview is opening in the drive. At the top-right of the screen click on download( this is an arrow pointing downwards)
  • When the download completes, see at the bottom-left of the screen a download arrow. Click it to open. The doc is ready to open in Microsoft Word.

Key Take

Pages files are needed to pursue different tasks but many of the users have no idea on How To Open Pages File On Windows 10; therefore, in this post, we have covered it.

You can also go through this article and explore our all-inclusive guide to open pages fole on Windows 10.