How to Put Emojis in Your Discord Name – A Thorough Guide

Emojis looks so attractive, comprehensive, and entertaining in the text, regardless of which app you are using. Nowadays, the use of Discord is at the top- the users do calls, text, group calls, and Disocrx names on the discord. Adding the emojis in the text are so straightforward but many are confused on How to Put Emojis in Your Discord Name.

Well, if you have joined the Discord server but have no idea how to put emojis or symbols on the name channels or text, go through our article from start to end.

Emojis can be added anywhere you want and to guide you this, we have come up with this guide. Follow the guide and get the solution to your query.

Here you go!

Adding Emojis to Discord Channel’s Description & Nicknames

Adding emojis to your channel or to your nickname will give attraction to your channel name. There is a process to add emojis to your channel name, and this is not so difficult. You can follow two ways to do this. The first one is to type the full name of ID, and emoji directly. For example to get the emoji of Flame type the word flame and this emoji will appear 🔥. This is a language known as Unicode.

Several online sites are available where you can get all emoji of your choice. The most renowned one is A website named helps you to learn about unicode language. Open the site, and locate the emoji you need to use, simply highlight, right-click, and copy it to choose. After copying, now paste it in your discord name or wherever you want. Remember when using the unicode site, copy the emoji from the Browser column.

How to add Emojis to Discord

The comfortable way is to use that emoji which is accessible easily to any Discord account.You have a few options to do this.

Firstly use the emoji menu. There is a gray smiley face on the right side of the message box, click on it from the browser apps, and desktops.If you are using discord on mobile, you will find this gray smiley face at the left side. The emoji menu has both exclusive, and standard discord emojis. This also has a section which contains most used emojis.You can also type emoji name to select your favorite one.

Another option available is that you can also use custom emojis, simply upload them onto your Discord account. We are going to discuss this in detail.Continue reading!

How to add custom emojis to a Discord server

This is so simple, assume that you have permission to add them to the server. To easily fit at the desired space discord itself resize them to 128×128 pixels. Note that if your account does not exist on Discord Nitro, then use these custom emojis in the server where they are uploaded.To use them in other servers also you have to pay some fee for a Discord Nitro account.This account is also been for adding animated emojis.

Always use the browser, or desktop version of Discord to upload your own emojis. To do this follow some steps

  1. To upload the emoji firstly open the server, and right-click on the down arrow showing next to the server name. You will find this at the top-left corner of the screen.
  2. Here select “Server Settings.”
  3. From the left sidebar click on “Emojis” and then select “Upload Emoji.”
  4. Simply select your desired image to add it to your server.

You can add up to 250 custom emojis by using a Discord Nitro account, otherwise, the range is just 50 emojis.

Here we have done with How to Put Emojis in Your Discord Name; let’s go a few steps far!

Reacting to Messages With Emojis

Sometimes when you need to give a response via messages, you will make it funkier. You can create a better emotional show of support by choosing a beautiful face, or emoji either to go for manually typing words or long sentences. Congrats discord gives you this opportunity to give a fast response by using the “Add Reactions” button.

To use a reaction, all you need to do is as follows.

  • At the right of the message click on the +smiley. It is placed next to the menu icon.
  • Just select it, and here you go. It provides you with a range of emojis to choose from and sends responses quickly.
  • If you are not satisfied with just one reaction and need to add more, move to the “Add Reactions” button which is now present at the right of your current reaction emotes.
  • Similar to the above-mentioned process you can also hold down the Shift Key while selecting emojis for keeping windows open.
  • For your ease, it also gives you an option to remove the reaction. Click on the box of sent reaction, and it will be gone. For faster reactions, most used emojis are also saved there.
  • The message which you are likely to react to, right-click on it, and all the emojis are present to give a quick response.

If you want to see what other members did to your emojis( reactions of them), right-click the message from the dialog box, and you will find the “Reactions” tab” there. Just click it, and it will show you the menu having details of other people’s reactions to your emotes.

The Bottom Line

Discord emoticons and emojis look so stylish and attractive, that is why everybody wants to add these emojis to their text names, and many other places.

You can undergo this guide, follow it step-by-step and add emojis; there isn’t anything tricky or odd in this guide. Just go ahead and add more fun in the Discord server.