How to Re-upload a YouTube Video?

YouTube has long been the most instantaneous method to put your content out there for the whole world to see! From promotional videos to adverts to educational channels, the possibilities for broadcasting your content on the app are limitless! However, you might find yourself in a situation where you might want to delete your video.

But wait, doesn’t that mean you lose all of your likes, comments, and shares on the first video? Unfortunately, if you want to replace a video, it can only be truly deleted. So, yes you will lose all your previous data as YouTube doesn’t have a method for uploading an edited video in place of an existing one!

It is important to know that when you want to delete YouTube videos, you will retain your statistics with regards to those videos, such as Watch Time. However, these metrics will no longer be associated with your videos and this might affect the account’s overall data. So, deleting videos from your account is a critical decision and deletion of videos can highly impact your YouTube account.Fixing spotify web player is really easy if your spotify web player not working.

How to Re-upload YouTube Video

So, what can you do? That’s where we come in with today’s article on what else to do when you can’t re-upload a YouTube video?

So, what are some alternatives on how to re-upload YouTube video?

  • Your first option can be to delete the video.
  • First, launch YouTube Studio. It offers all control over your YouTube channel.

  • Make sure you are logged in using the account that was used to upload the video you want to re-upload.

  • Then select the option for Videos and display all of the uploaded videos.

  • You will see three vertical dots of the video you wish to re-upload. You can then click on More from here and select Delete Forever.

While it might take a few more minutes than you would like, you will see that once this process has been fulfilled, YouTube will make sure your video will not be found on the channel.

  • Upload a Replacement

Another option for you can be to redirect your users to the content you wish to re-upload by adding annotations on the older upload. Confused about how to? Here are the main steps:

  • Upload your new video

The first step is to upload the new copy. Do this by selecting the Upload option on YouTube. Then, drag the new file to the YouTube window. After this, you can add the description and name. Once the upload has finished, copy the new video’s address.

  • Edit the annotations of the old video
  • Add the annotation

Your next step is to add the annotation with all necessary information on the new video. Simply pause the video at the beginning in the Annotations menu. Then select Add Annotation and click on Note.

  • Add the link to the new video

There will be an option for a link as well. This will make it much easier for your viewers to find the new video! Write the explanatory note here and add the Link by adding the address of your new video.

  • Extend it for emphasis

Finally, just to make sure that your viewers do not miss out on this message, make sure to drag the annotation all across the very far right on the timeline. This will ensure that your users are going to view it and then click the link to go to the new video. Finally, once you are satisfied with the message select to Apply Changes to implement this.

There is another way to find an alternative to re-uploading your YouTube video! You can edit your video on YouTube as well!

Unfortunately, we have learned that you can’t replace an existing video by putting a new one in its stead since the new video should ideally have a new URL as well. So, if deleting the new video is not what you had in mind, you can also choose to use YouTube tools to edit it instead.

Here are your options!

  • Change the title and description of your video on YouTube- you will be able to alter the category, title, privacy settings, and description. This can be quite helpful.

  • Trim the video if you are using a computer, it will let you cut out various points in your video.

  • Insert new elements to your video-you can also add new elements to your video using the cards options. You can add new titles and information.

You might be wondering, with all of the hassle involved, why would anyone want to learn how to re-upload a YouTube video in the first place? Well, there are some very good reasons for that and the most important one is if you are using someone’s intellectual property! We are listing the main ones so you are aware:

  • You might see a video on another site that is quite cool or matches your channel’s theme and want to upload it. YouTube doesn’t bar users from uploading someone else content however, in case the person themselves doesn’t approve, they can contest it. You can get a strike for that and with enough strikes, your channel can get blocked. So, if this happens to you, simply delete the video.
  • A lot of the music that you will see people using in their videos is mostly not free and has certain copyrights that make it harder for it to be used. Once flagged, YouTube will take the copyright into account and then will either remove your videos or will limit your videos from a lot of different countries and sites.
  • You might not agree with a message you put up or an opinion you once held in the videos you uploaded before. If the view in the video no longer aligns with the ones you hold currently, then you might want to re-upload or replace a video altogether.
  • The videos might not be factually accurate! This is quite common as you might have posted content that might have some typos or some factual inconsistencies and this might be why you want to re-upload it.

Finally, we have reached the end of our article on how to re-upload YouTube videos. We have found out that while it is not entirely possible to re-upload a video in the way most of us would like, there are some viable alternatives that you can opt for.

Hopefully, the steps and tips we have outlined today are advantageous for our readers and help them maneuver around YouTube better!