How to Remove Sound From YouTube Video?

If you have ever wanted to create your own YouTube channel, then you might want to know exactly how to tweak the sound and audio settings! Today’s article will be looking at all the ways you can utilize to remove the sound from your YouTube videos!

While there are quite a few tools to edit videos on YouTube, you will find that to successfully remove sound from your YouTube video, external tools are the best ways to go! The first method is for all those users who wish to remove the sound from a YouTube video that they will be downloading.

How to Remove Sound From YouTube Video

You will make use of an Online Converter and this will effectively mute the sound from a YouTube video. Luckily, for many of this software, you will not have to download anything onto your device. You will simply select the video link and select the video URL that you want to mute.

After this, your new version with no sound will be created. Want to know how to achieve this, here is what you need to do!

Let’s see how to remove sound from YouTube video, step by step.

Method #1 : The Wondershare Online Converter is a wonderful resource for this!

  • Go there and select the YouTube logo.

  • There will be a box there, simply add in your video URL and once it has been pasted, you can just wait as the converter mutes your video for you.

  • This video can then be downloaded once it has been created. The best part about using this tool is that it will not edit, alter or reduce the video’s quality in any way.

You can also use software known as YouTube studio to remove sound from a YouTube video. Heres how!

  • Make sure you have an account to log into theYouTube Studio.

  • You will see an option for Videos, simply click on it and you can edit the video.

  • You can then select the video you wish to edit and find the option for Restrictions.

  • Then go to the Copyright claim and select the option for See Details.

  • Next, go to Select Action and finally click on Mute Song.

  • It will show you options for mute and you can proceed to click on muting a certain part or even to mute all of the audio on the video.
  • It even allows you to view the changes in Preview and then you can click on Continue to review the video.

If you want to mute a video before it is uploaded to YouTube, you can also use a lot of apps and software for this. However, why should you opt for any other ones online, when most of us already have VLC downloaded!

Method #2 : Here’s how to mute your video on YouTube Using VLC

  • Launch VLC Media player on your device and select Media. Then click on Convert/Save.

  • This will have a pop-up Media window. Here you will click on Add button so the video can be processed. Next, select the option for Convert/Save located at the bottom right.

  • This will open up a new Convert window. Go to the Settings section and choose a file and format that YouTube supports.

  • Select the Edit Selected Profile icon.

  • You will then see a Profile edition window. Click on the Audio codec tab and simply uncheck the box for the Audio option. Select the Save button so that these settings are confirmed.

  • Finally, you will select the system location so you can save the video in a new place. Whenever VLC has completed processing the file to remove the sound, it will save the video.

We have now come to the end of our review on how to remove sound from a YouTube video. There are many instances why you would want to do this and the most important one has to be a copyright infringement, instead of getting your entire video flagged, you can simply ensure that the song that is copyrighted will be removed.

We hope that our guides and steps have provided a complete overview of what to do if you want to remove sound from your videos or wish to mute them!