How to Remove Stickers From the Laptop for Reuse

Using stickers on your laptop is something so aesthetic yet so funky. It all depends on the kind of stickers you have used, but one thing that is common for sure is their uniqueness. I always loved the idea of having stickers on the back of my laptop. The idea of applying your favorite stickers on the back of your laptop is not new and there is a range of variety among which you can choose the stickers.

The art of removing the stickers is as important as choosing the right ones, right?

There are many reasons why people would remove stickers from their laptops. It can be that either you want to sell your laptop, or you are buying a new one, or it can be that you just want to put them on your phone case now. The reason may vary from person to person but the goal is to remove the stickers from your laptop for reuse. This guide will help you to educate, how to remove stickers without damaging them.

Steps to Remove Stickers From the Laptop for Reuse

  1. Hair Dryer and Guns

The very first method in this list is the blow-dry method. You will need these tools in order to remove the sticker in the most securable way possible:

  • Heat gun or Hairdryer
  • Mint or Cooking Oil
  • Microfiber cloth

How to do it?

Well, the first thing you need to do is start the blow dryer and heat up the sticker very carefully for a few minutes.  Place the dryer in the direction of the sticker from a distance for a few minutes. You need to keep this thing in mind that no matter how hard the sticker is, it is made of plastic. Which means that it can easily melt.

Keep using your finger in between, as it will act as a heat reference.

Now use a thin, piece of paper. It will make your work very neat and you can easily remove the sticker from it. You can also use your fingers once it has come out a little bit.

  1. Peel them off

Stickers are glued with adhesive materials and when they are quite old it is a bit hard to remove them without tearing them apart, but it is not impossible though, you can try the peeling off method. In this method, you will require two things entirely:

  • Your nails (Of course!)

  • Blades/razors

Using a sharp blade on your laptop is dangerous as well as highly not recommended so try to use a razor, which is not so sharp, and it is much better if you can use your nails.

How to do it?

All you need is to breathe in and breathe out, relax your mind and body. You can use a razor to get the ends of the sticker attached to your laptop. Your hand movements must be very slow and light. Take your time and slowly and steadily, you will win the race. Try to start with the side that is larger or thicker, it will help you get the grip or hold of the sticker in the best way possible.

  1. Use your liquid:

Do not ever try anything, which is high in chemicals and can ruin your sticker alongside your laptop. Go for the options that are not harmful yet effective like oils or similar products. You can use any type of oil, Vaseline, or lotion, which is available and non-toxic. It will help the sticker to be a little soft and once its grip is loosening you can peel it off easily.

How to do it?

  • Apply the material on the sticker with the help of fingers or cotton

  • Rub it very gently for a few minutes

  • Once the grip is loosened, peel it off

This method helps with all kinds of stickers, no matter how old they are. If your sticker is paper-based it will do wonders on it, but if it is waterproof, you might face some trouble with it. Only use the amount of liquid that is required and apply it with utmost care. Once you have removed the sticker, clean the area thoroughly with tissues or cloth for deep cleaning.

  1. Nothing better than a cloth

Old is never gold, it makes the best out of everything. This very old method is not just creative but it works wonders. You can use a warm cloth to remove the sticker very easily. It will melt the strong adhesive material of your sticker from your laptop and you will be able to remove the sticker very easily. For this very method, you need:

  • A warm cloth

That is it. What you need to do is put that warm cloth over the sticker and try rubbing it for a period of time and wolla!

The sticker will come out very easily without even trying much harder. It is a good method because you will not have to put much effort into it and the chances of ruining your sticker are very low.

  1. Try something effective and new

Well, not so new but you can also try using some liquid which is known as solvents and can easily remove the sticker off your laptop screen, but you need to be very careful in this step and try choosing a material which is not much harmful and it can easily take out the stickers. Always use some cloth or cloth-like material, which can easily absorb the material into it and it will not be spilled anywhere. You can try different products like nail paint remover, vinegar, and even alcohol.

Once the sticker has come out, you can clean the body of the laptop, which has some adhesive still attached to it.

  1. Plastic Razor Blades:

You can find them in any supermarket or grocery store. The plastic razors, as mentioned by their name are made of high-quality plastic and they can easily peel off the stickers but you need to be very cautious as if you did it in a rush it will tear your sticker apart.

All you need is:

  • Plastic razor

You can use it in the direction of your sticker. You need to have a very light hand on it and slowly and gently remove the sticker by starting from the corner, which is not very thin. They come in handy in this kind of difficult situation but trust me if you have done it with caution, you will be able to remove the sticker without tearing it apart.

Residue removal is necessary now:

Once you are done with the sticker removal process. You must be feeling very much satisfied, are not you? Nevertheless, hey!  Wait. Did you see those residues available in the body of your laptop? It seems like something sticky and feels like glue.

Well, it is actually glued substance on it. These are known as residues after you have removed the stickers from your laptop’s body. Now we will discuss how to remove them.

Now, in order to remove a residue you will need:

  • Glue con
  • Toilet papers

Now, let us get to work for some cleaning. We will now let you know how to clean laptops like a pro.

  • The first and foremost thing to do is use your glue con
  • Apply a bit of it on the body of your laptop, be very careful and not spill it everywhere.
  • If it is possible for you, try to get only drops out
  • Now, apply it to all the places where stickers were placed very thoroughly.
  • Do not let it spill or squirt anywhere else
  • Once it is placed all over the laptop, kindly wait for a few minutes most probably 3 to 4 minutes
  • Once the given time has been passed, use your paper towel thoroughly rub it until all stains and glues attached to it are gone for good now.
  • Try this method two to three times and if it is still not coming out, you can use your plastic razor for some help

There is also another tip or you can trick out there which is that you can use packing tape to remove the residue. Yes! You heard it right. A packing tape! trust me it will do wonders.

All you need to do is

  • Take the packing tape to hold one end in your fingers and place the other one with your thumb on the trailing edge

  • All you need to do is rub it across a spot. It surely will take lots of force and patience but it is surely a lot quicker than the other method around.

  • It will take lots of force but it is still very much effective than the other old school procedures
  • Don’t lose the motion and keep doing it for a while
  • Once you have done it properly you will see how clean your surface will become

We hope that at this point you know how to remove a sticker and residue and the problem at your hands is resolved.

We wish you good luck