How to Reset Amcrest Camera ?

Are you currently using Amcrest Pro or Amcrest camera? If yes, you would undoubtedly be curious to know how to reset the Amcrest camera! It might be a bit tedious task for the beginners to perform how to reset, but we are sure that with our camera guide above, you can efficiently reset it accordingly in just less time.

Right in this guide, we have covered all the fundamental Amcrest issues which are related to Amcrest camera. This includes Amcrest hard reset, or Amcrest factory reset, Amcrest remote reset access, and the outlook of Amcrest troubleshooting.

The camera reset process, which we have described right below for you, is straight and easy to know about how to reset Amcrest camera to factory reset your Amcrest camera. So without any waste of time, let’s have a look below!

Introduction about Amcrest Camera

Talking about the Amcrest camera, they are working on the IP technology, capable of transmitting with the 4K video camera resolution. This makes around 8-megapixel. You can make it happens over the use of PoE and WiFi. Such sort of IP Amcrest camera plays a vital role in the HD video camera transmission over the long-distance manner and in a cost-effective way.

With the help of Amcrest camera, you will be close to your loved ones at any hour of the day and any place. It has been adjusted with the fastest Amcrest mobile set-up procedure, which will secure all your Amcrest camera and video streaming without sharing it with any third-party organization. You can also record the camera video and can even stream camera live with such IP Amcrest cameras. This Amcrest streaming is made possible through the use of the Amcrest camera View app, Amcrest camera NVR, and Amcrest camera Cloud.

How to Reset Amcrest Camera by Using Web UI?

With the help of this Amcrest camera method, it becomes easy for you to factory reset the Amcrest camera. We want to mention that this method will not reset Amcrest camera your configured password towards the default password over the Amcrest. But still, if you want to factory reset the password, it is essential to perform the hard factory reset on your device. To perform this camera method, follow the below reset steps one by one:

  1. Firstly you have to log into the Web UI of the Amcrest You can often approach it by downloading Internet Protocol (IP) Address Config software through the web.
  2. Once the reset installation is needed, open the system, look for the amcrest IP address on the device, and copy it.
  3. Now you have to enter this amcrest IP address into the Internet Explorer. In this way, you can successfully load the Web UI for the camera

What is Default Password in Amcrest Camera?

Here we would like to mention that Amcrest camera default password acts as the admin in which the default username is also the main admin. In case you are using the Web UI on your Amcrest system, and you did not remember your reset password, you can click on the button “forgot password.” With the help of this code, you will be able to get back the Amcrest super password. You can later reset Amcrest camera with this factory password for future use.


Method to Perform Hard Resetting Amcrest Camera

By hard resetting the Amcrest camera, you will get your Amcrest camera back in condition by having all the data removed from your Amcrest device. You will have your system get restored over the innovative software of the Amcrest device by using the camera settings of the default factory. Plus, you can also factory the reset the password from the Amcrest camera default password, which works as the admin.

Before you plan to perform the reset Amcrest camera method, you should be completing the factory reset using Web User Interface. This will probably solve so many of your problems which you might face in the functioning of the Amcrest camera. Hence, this factory reset method for your camera will work best if you cannot physically get hold of the Amcrest camera.

How you can know if camera is reset?

To perform the hard resetting of the camera, you need to locate the button of the external factory reset, which is on the backside of the Amcrest camera. This camera button plays a vital role in resetting your Amcrest camera straight back to its settings of original reset Amcrest camera factory defaults. You should not be using this Amcrest camera button in the standard scenarios if you do not want to reset the camera.

You can proceed ahead with this reset Amcrest camera method by pressing the button for at least 20 seconds. Once the reset process has ended, the red LED light will turn green. The red light will indicate that the process of Amcrest when the reset has all started. This is how you will be able to factory reset or restoring all your Amcrest camera settings to their previous reset factory defaults.

Can you Remotely Reboot your Amcrest Camera? Step Guide on How to Reset

Another central question which all the Amcrest users want to know is about the reset or rebooting of the Amcrest camera to reset factory remotely. Well, it is all possible to do so as with some simple steps to follow up. To perform this reset Amcrest camera method remotely, follow the reset steps below:

  1. Firstly, you have to fully determine the IP address of the camera by using Amcrest camera IP config software. Once you know about your Amcrest IP address, you have to enter it into the Internet Explorer on the reset
  2. Now enter the reset login credentials, which include your password and username.
  3. Next, you have to navigate to the option System> Auto maintain > Manual reboot. This will help you remotely reset or reboot your system of Amcrest camera, in which you don’t have to approach the Amcrest camera physically.


We hope that you must have gained enough information related to the reset of the Amcrest with this camera guide. The whole process to learn about how to reset Amcrest camera is relatively straightforward and easy to follow. Make sure you follow the reset Amcrest camera steps carefully to reset the Amcrest camera successfully. Try it now!