How to Reset Galaxy Buds?

The Samsung Galaxy buds are an innovative wireless headphone solution that Samsung has presented to all Android users regardless of whether you own a Samsung phone or not! After all, why should iPhone users have all the fun? The Buds will ensure simple and easy connectivity.

However, they have so much more to offer! The best aspect about them apart from being completely wireless just like Apple Air Pods is that they provide the best fit that is both firm and comfy and you will get excellent audio performance as well. However, they work best with Samsung devices since a lot of the cooler features are accessible via the Samsung Galaxy app.Quickly learn how to enable bluetooth on samsung smart tv.

Since they are wireless, this means they need to be powered by something and luckily, the Galaxy buds have a USB-C charger port and USB cable included. On a full charge, they will last you approximately 6 hours at a time which of course can be increased when you recharge them.

However, since these are very different from normal wired headphones, you might experience certain issues that come up with them. One such issue is when your buds might be acting up and malfunctioning. A good solution, in that case, is to learn how to reset your Samsung buds.Is your Samsung smart remote not working ? check our guide about it.

What Is the Issue That Requires a Reset for Galaxy Buds?

One of the main reasons why you might want to reset your Samsung buds is in case you switched to another smartphone device. This means that your buds will also need some help to switch along with you. This might require a reset for your Samsung earbuds so that they return to their default settings.

Another reason why you might want to opt for this option is in case your galaxy buds are simply not responding to any function you press. A reset is not particularly dangerous, so it can be a good solution for even the smallest of inconveniences.Fix if your hyperx cloud flight mic not working.

How to Reset Galaxy Buds!

Method 1 : Manual Reset

We recommend this option when your headphones are not responsive at all since it is a hard reset and your bud’s storage will no longer contain all the necessary data you accumulated over your use. Another immediate effect of this will be that you will lose pairing with all previously connected devices.If you do not know How to Adjust Microphone Sensitivity you can learn it by following our guide.

Therefore, it is an option you should only go for as a last resort or if you do not care about your data getting lost. However, if you are hell-bent on resetting the buds, here’s what you need to do:

First, charge them fully in case they are low on battery since a reset can take quite a toll on your headphones. Once you think they have enough charging is when you can proceed to the following steps:

  • First, go to the Galaxy Wearable app that should be installed on your phone.

  • Then, find the option that reads, Earbuds and click on it.
  • It should show you more options, select Reset Earbuds.

  • A pop-up will appear asking you for confirmation. Simply select it and your earbuds should have reset!

Before we proceed further, it is vital users are aware they can only use this reset option if they have a Samsung device. So, if this doesn’t apply to you, proceed to read more about the next one!

Method # 2  : How to reset Galaxy buds : Factory Reset

Kind of like the previous method we used, readers should be aware that a Factory resetting option will also result in all of your music stored in the earbuds being deleted. So, if you don’t want that happening, we recommend you opt for a restart instead.

When you opt for a factory reset, bear in mind that your headphone’s setting will be the same as when you first bought them. This is because all your settings will be returned to their defaults. Before you opt for this, you also need to make sure both your buds are connected at the same time and you will need the Wearable app.

If you have an iPhone that is 7 or later with 10 or higher iOS, then a special Buds App can be used to reseting them. Now, lets list out the steps you need to follow:

  • First, launch the Galaxy Wearable app on your Samsung phone.

  • If you have simple buds, then press About Earbuds, then click on Reset earbuds.

  • If in case you have Galaxy Buds+, Galaxy Buds Pro, or Galaxy Buds Live, press the option that reads General. Then press Reset and then press it again to confirm. This should reseting them successfully.

When should you reset your Galaxy buds?

It is certainly important to know exactly when you should reset your Galaxy buds! There are quite a few situations where this need might arise and if you are confused about whether you should do it yourself, here’s a list of possible situations:

  • If your buds will not connect to your new device
  • If your buds are not charging
  • If your buds will not connect to an already paired device
  • If your buds are failing to go through with an update
  • If you hear a static noise from your buds, you should also consider resetting.

In conclusion, we are now at the end of our informative guide on how to reset galaxy buds and you will have seen that overall, the methods are quite simple!

We hope that this article has been a detailed answer to your queries and that you are equipped with all the necessary knowledge to successfully do it yourself!