How to Restore Disabled Discord Account – Reasons And Fixes

Discord is becoming popular day by day because it is the most popular messaging platform for gamers. Well, this platform is not restricted to gamers because it is being used for many other purposes, such as streaming or for those who want to make online content.

Discord is a fantastic way of developing community and bringing people closer to each other but it feels very tragic when anyone’s discord account is disabled. The reason behind the disabled account could be any, like bullying someone, unfollowing the Discord terms services, or community guidelines.

Is your discord account disabled, too? Want to get it recovered? No worries, e have got you covered. Undergo this guide and get your discord account restored.

So, here you go!

Figure Out Why Your Account is Disabled

Discord does not disabled anyone’s account unless or until they have noticed any big mistake. Sometimes this may happen due to any malfunction in the algorithm. If you are unable to log in to your account, right away you will receive a message from discord.

When you fail to log in to your account, a notification writing “Your Account Has Been Disabled” is going to appear on the screen. To know further about the reasons behind an unsuccessful login, you have to move towards your linked email, and check the inbox.

There will definitely be an email from the discord that will tell you the exact reason, or many reasons which cause the account to disable. The email additionally tells you the time period of how long the account remains disabled.

For example, someone whose account shows disabled notification because of failing to log in properly has a chance to recover the account soon. But those people who were involved in any type of harassment, or spamming. Their account may take a longer time to recover.

There is also a chance that your account was removed permanently, or disabled completely due to worse crimes. When you identify the reason why you are facing the “discord account disabled” issue, it may help you to avoid these mistakes or crimes in the future. But if the discord allows you to use the account again.

Discord has many rules, which have to be followed by the users related to not using this platform for any illegal or harmful activity. They also do not allow you to cheat on anyone.

You are also able to find out the reason if someone falsely accuses you, and report it to discord.

Keep in mind that making false accusations, and reporting someone in your personal hate is against the terms of community, and service guidelines, so you have to report it as soon as possible.

What Disabled Accounts Look Like?

When the discord account becomes disabled, you may be wondering about how it acts or looks like because you know a disabled account does not mean that discord deletes the account on a permanent basis.

On the server, you will see that they said you don’t have access to open it. Your disabled account is shown as a regular account, but you don’t have permission to get online, and they remain offline. The scenario is different when you delete the account on your own. Deleted accounts are shown by the server with a clearly written sentence that the user has deleted the account.

If your friend is trying to send you a message, but your account is disabled, then the message will be sent to your account. But the account is unable to receive your friend’s message. Discord also gives audio and video options.

So, if anyone wants to take you on audio or video call to your disabled account, then discord will put you on call and stop ringing anymore, showing your friend as the only one on the call.

Discord Deleted Account and Disabled Account: Main Difference

There is a difference between these two. When you delete your discord account, then there is no option to recover it again. So, if you want to interact again with the discord community, go and make a new account to get access.

The second option you will get on your discord account has the name “discord account disabled” which may be for many reasons. The disabled account has the option to recover in the future. If the account becomes disabled, you will no longer receive the notifications.

What Should I Do When My Discord Account Disabled?

Violations of rules and regulations of discord are the main reason for disabling the account on discord. But some user’s accounts become disabled without any such reason.

This might happen due to the discord algorithm which detects your account falsely. Once your account is disabled, now think about how you can make it able to be used again. There are many solutions to get back the account disabled by discord, or when you disable it on your own.

Key Steps to Follow

#1 : Contact Discord

To re-establish the discord account, the first, and foremost step is to contact discord as soon as possible. Remember discord will only restore those accounts that become disabled wrongly, due to mistakes of the algorithm. The one reason is also violating login safety precautions.

Discord will not restore the account involved in any severe crime. They will also not restore the account of users who do not follow the community guidelines. But if you believe that you did nothing wrong, then wait patiently, discord will restore the account after some time. That is why they established a “Help & Support” page. All you need to do is submit the request in the right format.

  • When you go to their “Help & Support” page, you will witness a dropdown menu that will ask you about the type of request you are going to make.
  • Select the “Trust & Safety” They’re a form that will appear that you have to fill.

  • Firstly, enter your email address linked with your discord account.

  • When you add an email account, you will see another dropdown menu.
  • Here choose the final option “Appeals, age update, other questions”.

  • It will appear in another dropdown menu.
  • From this menu select Appeal an action taken on my account or bot”.

  • Underneath this menu, you have another menu from which to choose “An action taken on my account”.

Make sure to read the terms of service, and guidelines and then enter the email attached with the disabled account. If you have given them a phone number then enter it as well. In this way, you can send your request.

#2 : Writing Your Request

When you start writing your request, write some additional lines with the main subject “My account was disabled”. But try not to make it long stay precise, and on the point.

Then write the description in detail about what actually happened. Here write the problem due to which the account becomes disabled.

For example, if the account gets disabled due to entering the wrong log-in credentials, inform them about this. Let them know that it was actually you who was trying to log in to the discord account, but forgot the login ID or password, and typed wrong information. In this situation, discord wants to know that you are the owner, and the account is not hacked.

Those whose accounts become disabled due to the discord algorithm need to explain that they didn’t do what the algorithm is accusing them to do. The most professional way to write your request is by trying to explain that you did nothing wrong about what was mentioned in the email received to you by the discord.

But if someone’s account gets disabled due to breaching the regulations of discord, then it means you are in trouble, it is now up to the discord’s will. Either they will recover your account, or not. It may be possible that restoring the account takes a time period of months.

In this scenario try to apologize to them, and make sure that you have regretted your actions, and will not do this in the future. Also, tell them that you know what consequences you are going to bear.

For example, if the account is banned due to spamming. The best apology message you can send to discord, for this reason, is one in which you attach some of the parts of their rules, and regulations that have detail about how bad the spamming actually is, and also against the rules.

Try to use your own words (soft, and sugar-coated words). The message should also contain an acknowledgment of the effect of your actions, and make a promise to not do this again.

#3 : Wait for the Feedback and Reply

You are done with writing your request to discord, now wait with patience. Now the discord authorities will go to inspect this matter. In a week, you will get their response from discord, after they finish reviewing. If they find no mistake, then they will send you an apology email, and restore the account on an urgent basis.

The feedback also has a message in which they will tell you the mistake committed by you knowingly or unknowingly. If the fault belongs to you, they also issue you a warning not to repeat this in the future. Then send them a thank you email in which you also have to write that “you are sorry” and will not do this again, and also following the community rules.

You Knowingly Disable Your Discord Account: Steps to Restore it Again

#1 : Log Into Your Discord Account

You disabled your account due to any reason, now when trying to restore it. Firstly go to discord, and log in by giving the correct email, and password. As soon as you log in a window having a dialog box will be shown on the screen. In that dialog box, they will notify you about the disabled account, and it also contains information about the pending deletion.

#2 : Restoring the Account

The dialog box has an option named “Restore Account.” Click on that option, and restore your account. But remember to restore the disabled account; you have a deadline to take care of. Discord offers you a fourteen days deadline to restore the account disabled by yourself. Otherwise, discord will delete the account permanently. This is an easy method to restore the account but keep in mind within fourteen days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the reasons behind the discord account getting disabled?

Discord accounts can be disabled by you or can be disabled by discord due to many reasons. Your account may get disabled due to violation of regulations, rules, terms, and discord app, or also by not following the community.

When you go to discord to make an account, they show certain regulations that the users have to read, understand, and agree to. Accepting these regulations is necessary to successfully make an account.

Some of the severe violations include harassment, threatening someone; hate speech, hacking, blackmailing, promotion of unethical content, sending viruses, and others. Your account will remain in working conditions if you follow the laws, and use the app in an ethical way.

Q 2: What will happen when a Discord account gets disabled?

Getting a discord account disabled notification means that you are not allowed to log in during the disabled period.

But our account will still exist on other servers for example, on the friend list of other Discord users. You have to file an appeal whenever you face this issue. But if you disable it by yourself, try to make it enabled within fourteen days otherwise discord will delete it permanently. When the account gets disabled by the authority, you need to appeal against it for fixing.

If you disable your account by yourself, you will have a fourteen-day deadline to restore it. Otherwise, your Discord account will be wiped off entirely.

Key Take

Yes, running social apps and accounts is not only fun but sensitive, too. A little deviance from the community guideline (consciously or unconsciously) can make your account disabled.

If your discord account has been disabled, you don’t need to be worried, you can read this guide and get back to your friends. Make your friends, calls, chat with them, and send them texts.

Get your account recovered and have fun!