How to Start Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode Windows 10

If you need to get access to the BIOS or want to start the Lenovo laptop in safe mode windows 10, you can do it by using trouble-free methods. You can go to use Advanced startup options or refitting the operating system.

There are numerous methods to boot up quickly, and in this article, we tried from every available source to get the process of “How to Start Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode Windows 10”.

As the old methods to run the laptop in safe mode, starting, and pushing the PCs, by using the F8 key are not supportive for computers working with Windows 10 operating system.

Without wasting more time; let’s explore

Methods For Lenovo Safe Mode Windows 10

There are two methods that are free from any type of risk; these methods come with the names of safe booting and safe use of networks.

Both methods seem alike but the safe method along with the networks has a name system method. The methods are related to areas that discuss how to keep your computer in a risk-free setting.

So, below are the methods that you can use to run a Lenovo laptop in safe mode; first, we are going to mention them then we will discuss them in detail.

Method 1: Press the Restart, and Shift button at the same time

Method 2: From Settings go to safe mode

Method 3: Then use the Sign-in screen to go to the settings

Method 4: Each time when you reboot the PC, it warns windows to start in safe mode by pressing the Windows key plus R key at once

Now, we are going to discuss the above-mentioned methods in detail; you can follow them to troubleshoot your issues.

Method 1: Press the Shift Button + Restart Button at the Same Time

  • Hold the X button, and Windows button at once

  • Either shut down your computer or from the sign-out option tap the shift button while clicking the restart option. Then choose some options given below
  1. Troubleshoot
  2. Advanced options
  3. Start-up menu
  4. Restart

You will come across a number of options on the screen when restarting your computer. To keep your PC in safe mode, select the 4th button or F4, then start following on-screen commands. For using the full function, press the 5 or F5 for running the internet in safe mode.Learn how to unclog a paper shredder

Method 2: Go to Safe Mode Via Different Settings

Press the Windows key + I button to quickly open the windows settings. You have another option: go to the windows logo in the left corner of the screen and select settings.

  • Press Recovery by moving to the Update and Security Option

  • Choose the “Restart now” option from “Advanced startup.”

When the PC starts, “Choose an option screen” and perform the following steps.

  1. Troubleshoot
  2. Advanced option
  3. Start-up settings
  4. Restart

After the computer restarts, you will witness the menu having options. Press F4 or the fourth button to open the safe mode. As mentioned above, to use the internet in safe mode press the F5 button.

Method 3: Then By Using the Sign-In Screen, Go to Safe Mode

Before attempting any step, you need to restart your pc/laptop; after restarting, you will find a sign on the screen.

When the laptop/PC is on to the selection, an options panel will be pop up and you will find the following options:


  1. Troubleshoot
  2. Advanced options
  3. Start-up settings
  4. Restart


Same as mentioned before, you need to restart your computer. You can tap the 4 or F4 to start your PC in the safe mode, for running the safe network options, you need to press 5 or F5.

Method 4: Each Time you Reboot, your PC Warn Windows Set Up to Start in Safe Mode by Pressing Windows Key + R

If you want to follow the given steps, you should arrange a detachable keyboard. After that you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Click the window button and R button together
  2. After performing the first step, a box will appear. There you are supposed to type MSConfig.
  3. Tap the boot tab and then apply the option of “Safe Boot”
  4. You will see the applied changes after restarting your computer.

Note: Once you are done with the safe mode, you can go back to normal mode in return and undo the selected applied safe boot option.

How to Start Lenovo Laptop in Safe Mode Windows 10 – Additional Option

There are many models of Laptop/PC available and on these models, you can pick the Advanced Startup Options by just licking F11.

Later, you can perform the aforementioned steps for using the Safe Mode option for starting a Lenovo laptop in Windows 10.

Final Verdict

Microsoft Windows 10 boot issues are different yet casual and one of those concerns is how to start a Lenovo laptop safely in Windows 10. So, if you are also facing this problem, you need to stay persistent and then follow the above-mentioned steps randomly.

We are sure, our mentioned tips will work wonders and help you boot your Lenovo laptop smoothly every time. These methods will let you handle your Microsoft Windows issues immediately.