How To Stay Connected With Your Friends Using Messaging Apps?

Individuals all across the globe are practicing social distancing for their safety and others. As we spend less time together, it has become more significant than ever to utilize technology for staying in touch. Thankfully, there’re numerous platforms accessible that can assist us in staying in contact. The following are a few applications that you can utilize for staying connected from your home’s comfort.


If you are searching for an application that allows you to rapidly message individuals regardless of what type of tablet or phone they own, WhatsApp is where it is at. You can send rapid voice memos and text messages to other WhatsApp users on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and other devices. There is also a web-based version available, but it needs the phone to be switched on and have this app installed. You utilize the existing cell number for signing up, but the tool will then work over cellular data or Wi-Fi, even if you utilize a different SIM card or have international roaming switched off while abroad.There are many ways to Increase Social Media Presence but you can use facebook as the main tool to grow your presence online even you can use paid ads that will help you to make your presence online quickly and ASAP

Facebook Messenger:

While there is nothing mainly innovative about FB Messenger and its video and text-based messaging system, it’s one major benefit, with about 1.5 billion users; anybody you desire to chat with is likely to have a FB account. If you are friends on this social network already, there is no setup needed, simply send them a message from the site, or the messenger application on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.Is your netflix audio not synced ? visit our guide to fix it.

Messaging Apps


It’s been around for a very long time now, and you’ve probably already utilized it at least once, whether that is for personal or work use. It permits you to speak to others either in a group or one-on-one, from the PC or the phone. You can IM or utilize video or voice calls, with groups of up to fifty individuals. Using it is free, but there’re paid options if you need some additional features.

Kik Messenger:

It’s a free tool that allows you to simply communicate with all the contacts and friends, sending them pictures, text messages, and chatting with your friends in real-time. The tool has a few exciting features, like the notification system that allows you to acquaint when one of the messages has been sent, delivered, and, most significantly, read. As with the majority of similar tools, you can make group chats with friends, which is ideal for organizing the group events. You can join in as many groups as you want, and all of such groups can have dozens of users.Some people think that KIK messenger is not available for pc but it is available and you can use it after knowing the complete method of using it on pc from


For iPad and iPhone users who prefer IMs to voice and video, iMessage is the answer. Just like FaceTime, it is developed into each iOS device and is equally simple to set up. It works over cellular data or Wi-Fi and acts much like the better SMS version. As well as the normal messages, you can send videos, images, group messages, and links. You will see when the messages are sent and delivered and if the other individual has enabled it when such messages are read.