How to Stop Someone from Reading your Text Messages on Android

Blocking someone from reading the text messages on your android device allows you to keep the messages private from those who are trying to access, or monitor the conversation without your consent. You know in this world many people try to access your personal data and other activities, which is totally an illegal process.

The general rule is that it is legally not appreciable to read other messages as they come in the meaning of violating privacy. This comes in the circle of unauthorized access, as they are tracking your messages from the mobile phones of your use.

Many tracing apps are used by people to do spying on your Android phone or any other device, these apps can read the messages without even the need to install any software. Once they get access, all your personal, and confidential information is in their reach without even you knowing about them.

It is illegal even for police to access your phone without your permission. Yes, you can give them permission as evidence by without permission it came under a crime itself. It is easy to save your private messages by using the Message Locker app which allows you to hide messages from others.

Let’s crack the steps.

How to Stop Someone from Reading Your Text Messages on Android?

Is there any method available to stop others from reading your text messages on android? The answer is Yes! We have come up with some techniques. Let’s go through them.

Method 1. Use Clave Guard

To stop someone from reading your text messages is the use of anti-spy software named

ClaveGuard. This software uses cutting-edge technology which stops other people from reading messages. Along with it also provides full data security protection.

The main functions of ClaveGuard are as follows:

  • To remove Spyware it is best to scan all apps

  • This is the most efficient software as it scans faster the user’s mobile apps. you can get the scan report within seconds. It also helps to find hidden spy apps on Android phones, and automatically stops others from reading messages.

Real-Time Protection

  • ClevGuard makes sure that the privacy of the device remains 24/7. Additionally, it also

Scan apps continuously. This software shows you notifications about spying, which means if some app is trying to read your text messages.

  • It also checks Email Breach.
  • If your emails are breached but you are unaware of it, then no tension, you can also use the ClaveGuard email breach feature to check it. Take action on an urgent basis if the data is leaked.
  • Moreover, it also protects your camera and Microphone privacy
  • The leaking of data from the camera, and microphone is so dangerous. The simple solution is to use ClevGuard as it will notify you if anyone wants to record the conversations of yours.

Clean Junk Files

One great thing about this app is that it also cleans the junk files on your phone. It will boost up the storage space of your phone, and also speed up the phone.

Method 2. Lock The Messages

When you enter a password, PIN, or pattern on your android phone, it is a common issue that someone might watch you doing this. When your phone is away from you, it is quite possible that they can use the same to access your personal data. They can also read the messages unless or until they are double-protected.

Open Google play store, and install an app locker. An app locker helps you to locks the selected apps via Password, PIN, or pattern. Therefore, when someone opens your phone, because of the app locker, they are unable to open the selected apps. The most secure thing is the fingerprint lock, so in your absence, no one will try to access the phone.

Method 3. Manage Access Permissions

Many apps that are installed on your phone are accessing text messages, and photos secretly. More specifically, you yourself gave them permission to access the messages when installing the apps. If you get to know any app accessing your messages, it might be possible that those apps are transferring or reading the messages secretly. To know which app is doing this install ClaveGuard, as it is the anti-spyware best app in this regard. This powerful app is equipped with Access permission management where you are able to see installed apps.

Here we have more about How to Stop Someone from Reading your Text Messages on Android; yes, your journey is still incomplete.

Method 4. Disable Lock Screen Message Preview

When you lock the phone for any reason, the notifications are still shown on the screen. Your privacy can be hampered whenever your phone is away from you as others can read your messages, or snippets. If you think this situation might occur, then simply turn off the lock screen message preview on your android device.

Follow some steps to do this.

Step 1: Move to the Settings of your phone.

Step 2: Tap on the Notifications and App option.

Step 3: Turn Of the Show Notifications option.

These options are different in all android phones, read the manual or website to know better. In some apps like Instagram, it is easy to lock screen message previews.

Key Take

It’s depressing even to think that someone is reading your personal text messages and unfortunately, it happens. Many of our friends, relatives, and even strangers try to sneak into our androids and read whatever we are texting.

You simply need to try any one method or even every method one by one to get rid of this tension. These all are convenient and straightforward, so catch your android, activate the settings, and just text your dear ones freely. Yes, nothing is tricky here!