How To Stop Websites From Opening New Tabs

If you’ve ever come across unsolicited pop-ups on the web browser, the odds are that the computer is infected with some devious malware. It portends a great risk to the personal data and the health of the system, and the problem ought to be addressed with an instant effect. Malware can have really bad effects comprising corrupting files, deleting files, and even damaging the hard drive of your system. In this guide, we’re gonna learn how to stop websites from opening new tabs on your Google Chrome web browser.

Here’s How To Stop Websites From Opening New Tabs In Chrome?

Ever since the Chrome browser got released, other web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox became old-fashioned. Today, almost everybody has set Chrome as their default web browser. However, a lot of users grumble about the opening of new tabs when utilizing different websites. So, how can you stop these websites from opening new tabs in the Chrome browser? There can be numerous causes attached to it.

For instance, the tab might be signifying malware that has attacked the browser, or the Chrome version is out-of-date, etc. But we’ll tell you how you can stop different websites from opening new tabs in Google Chrome and control the browsing experience. If you’re experiencing a tab opening problem a lot, then utilize one of these methods for eradicating the root cause of the issue.

Now Let’s See How To Stop A Website From Doing So:

You can try the following methods to fix this issue:

Mastering The Google Chrome Settings:

Before taking any further steps to block abrupt automatic tab launching, check and resolve all the possible web browser settings for the optimal experience. The Chrome browser isn’t as shallow as it actually seems. There’re a lot of program and file settings that you can simply change and redo to block this spam. If you want to learn how you can prevent websites from launching new tabs in Google Chrome, then keep reading and check out the following lists of top settings that’ll eliminate this problem. Learn how to clear out google drive.

Removing Unwanted Extensions:

The Chrome extensions are one of the causes for its success. Not just Chrome eases the search, but it also offers a user-friendly extension for making the search flexible. However, at times, there’re some proxy or VPN extensions that hinder the procedure and direct to this issue. Check which extensions are needed and get rid of the rest to prevent it from happening without consent. All you need to do is:

  • Click the puzzle icon that’s right beside the 3-vertical dots at the top corner of the window.

  • After that, select manage extensions, a new window will appear, and you will see all the extensions that the chrome browser is currently utilizing.

  • Check carefully if there’s an extension that you never downloaded. If you locate any, then delete it by simply clicking on the remove option.

Throwing Away The Accepted Websites Cookies:

Whenever you open websites, a few specific websites require you to accept some cookies for continuing. In the majority of cases, such cookies are the cause that distorts the functionality of your browser. For avoiding this from happening, all you need to do is clear out such cookies. Do not be anxious; it is simple and can be accomplished within a few minutes.You can easily learn how to block photoshop in firewall.

  • Click the 3-vertical dots from the top corner of the window.

  • Choose the more tools option > click clear browsing data.

  • Here, you will see the All-time option confirm it by choosing clear data.

  • Once you hit the clear data button, reopen the chrome browser.

However, if the issue is still not resolved, then try another method.

Checking On The Search Setting Of Your Chrome Browser:

Search settings can also cause this problem. It has a function where the users can simply configure to open new tabs every time. Do follow these instructions for disabling it.

  • Navigate to the Google Chrome > search for anything.

  • Once you acquire the search results, search for the settings option > tap on it.

  • Select search setting from the shown list.

  • A window will open, now go down and search for the open each selected result in a new window > uncheck it for disabling it.

It’ll fix it; in case it’s not resolved, simply move to the next fix.

Downloading The Ad Block & Block The Pop-Ups:

If you’ve applied the methods mentioned above and still coming across the same issue, then it might be because of the unwanted pop-ups and ads. Thanks to the converging technology, you can simply download a Google Chrome advertisement blocker extension and prevent undesired pop-ups and ads from launching automatic tabs. Not just can it protect the search from malfunctioning scripts, but it’ll also boost the performance of your browser. Furthermore, you do not need to disburse for it, as it’s free of charge.

Scanning The Chrome Browser If There’s Any Virus:

One of the causes that are triggering this issue in the Chrome browser can be the malware presence. If none of the tricks are helping, then check the browser for the malware threat. You do not need to be a PC science student for doing so. Several are unaware that the Chrome browser has an incorporated malware detector.

  • Simply click on the three vertical dots > navigate to the settings.

  • There you’ll see the advanced option. Click on it and clean up the PC by choosing Reset and clean up.


  • Once you do so, you will get the find option, click on it, and follow the directions.

Once accomplished, the browser would look out for the malware automatically and resolves the issue. However, it might take a little time. As soon as it gets finished, restart Google chrome.

Disabling The Background Process:

Several times accidentally, you permit various applications and extensions to function in the background. It can also slow down the operation of the browser. At times while you go to any new site, simply by clicking something, it can get installed. The Chrome browser can keep launching new TDIs problem can occur because of this. Follow these instructions to block unwanted extensions and programs.

  • Navigate to Google Chrome > open the menu section > choose Settings.

  • Search for the Advanced option in the set list > click on it > choose System.

  • Look for the option called continue running the background apps when Chrome is closed and turn it off.

Once you are finished, see whether the problem got fixed or not. In case it does not move onto the next fix.

Deactivating The Sticky Key:

A sticky key has been given for a few shortcut operations. These can also help in choosing one symbol out of two, such as the function keys, etc. At times these keys are the hidden culprits behind this Chrome error. The shift key can open new TDIs in case it’s activated. So you have to check and disable such sticky keys. Follow these steps for resolving it:

  • Search for the Control Panel using the search bar and tap it to open.

  • A new window will open. Now select the option called ease of the access center.

  • After that, tap on make the keyboard easier to use.

  • Search for the option called turn on the Sticky Keys > uncheck it and save it.

Once it’s finished, try to utilize the Chrome browser to check whether the problem got fixed or not.

Updating Google Chrome:

If you’re still coming across the same issue, then the odds are that the Chrome version is out-of-date. If that’s the case, then install Google Chrome again with the most recent version and enjoy the best browsing experience.

Alternative Browsers To Google Chrome:

In case the problem didn’t get fixed, you can search for other web browsers that are more compatibles with the system. Firefox can be a great option here. In case you’re strict about your privacy, then you ought to go for the Tor web browser. The Tor web browser is a user-friendly and privacy-focused search engine.


Tips For Avoiding Google Chrome From Opening New Tabs Problem:

  • Don’t permit pop-ups while visiting any new site, as it’ll make additional undesired data.
  • Be cautious while appending new extensions and downloading new programs.
  • Don’t close the system directly without manually exiting the Chrome browser. It can really affect the .exe file.
  • You can try out some anti-malware and anti-adware programs such as the Hitman Pro; it can work along with the antivirus. It can get rid of the undesired advertisements, apps comprising the malware.

Final Words:

We’ve explained all the fixes to resolve this Chrome issue. If still, the issue has not been resolved, then you should go to Google chrome help. You can get some help from the Chrome browser forum as well. There you may get some details which may be useful in fixing this problem. We hope this how to stop websites from opening new tabs tutorial helps you in solving this problem.