How to Stream on Discord With Sound – Find your Reliable Solution

Streaming on Discord is not difficult but interesting, involving, and interactive. You might have made facebook streaming, YouTube streaming, but did you ever make Discord streaming? How does your experience go?

I have heard, many users, at the time of streaming, face different issues and the most common is sound issues. The solution of this issue might be easier but the lack of understanding can create a massive hassle.

Hence, for a side information, you must understand the solution, if in any case, an issue arises, you must be able to deal with the situation easily.

It’s time to figure out How to Stream on Discord With Sound but before that we will crack what the streaming actually is and what could be the basic reasons behind the sound  issues. Or how can you activate the sound at the time of streaming.

How to Stream on Discord from a Windows PC

You need to have a Discord server paired with at least one voice channel if you want to stream. Most of the users access discord via web browser, but game streaming is still only available at discord app. Download the app from the Discord download page. Now install it, and start following the on-screen instructions. The process is not tricky like other apps. Open the app, and you are all set to stream on Windows PC.

The Reasons of No Sound While Streaming on Discord

Sometimes during streaming, audiences might stop hearing you. Well, there are many reasons for this issue. It is possible that the sound system does not work from the start of Discord stream, or this may happen in the middle of the streaming. You will definitely feel irritated when three is no sound.You have to know the reason behind this mess. Let’s see some possible causes.

  • At the initial stages audio features may be the reason to stop sound during streaming.
  • The faulty audio drivers of the PC can also cause trouble.
  • Due to administrative access, or permission during screen sharing phase.
  • Sometimes software is not compatible with Discord.
  • Antivirus problems can be the root cause of no sound while streaming.

How to Resolve Sound Issue – Simple Methods to Follow

The methods to get rid of Discord Stream no sounds are as follows.

Method-1: Updating the Audio Drivers

As discussed earlier, bad, or faulty audio drives can create this fuss. We suggest you update the audio drivers as soon as possible. To do this we come up with easy steps. Let’s get started!

Step 1: See the bottom-left corner of your PC screen, here right-click the “Windows” sign.

Step 2: By clicking on Windows, a menu bar will show on the screen, select “Device Manager”. Now right-click on the “High-Definition Audio Device”.After doing this, a small window will appear and it has many options. Straight away select “Update driver”.

Step 3: Then from the windows update search the updated drivers, they will be shown if present there. When the system shows you any update, just click on it. Now to update the drivers click on “Download and Install”. We hope that this method will help you to get the answer about “how to stream on Discord with sound”.

Method- 2: Change Discord Audio Settings

The voice settings on Discord, if set in an improper way they may lead you to face sound issues. Whenever it happens, change the Discord Audio settings to check if it works follow the steps below.

Step 1: Check the bottom of the Discord Window, and to access “settings” click on the “Settings” icon.

Step 2: When you reach settings from the left side select “Voice & Video”. Now disable the “OpenH264 Video Codec” by turning the slider gray, and a cross sign will be shown on the screen.

Step 3: When the mic, and sound system won’t work you are allowed to enable some voice features. From many features, enable Automatic gain control, and Advanced Voice Activity by turning the slider green.

Step 4: When you enable the Quality of Service (QoS) then you will enjoy seamless streaming, but if still facing sound issues, then try to enable the “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority” to get crystal-clear sound.

Key Take:

This article covers information about How to Stream on Discord With Sound, so if you are doing streaming but want to do it glitch-free, you can read this article.

We have briefed on simpler yet helpful steps, so at the time of need you may be able to utilize them easily.

We wish you luck and we pray that these methods help you do streaming the way you like.