How To Strikethrough Text in Gmail?

In the simplest of terms, a strikethrough is a style of text where normal words and letters are categorized by a horizontal line that goes straight through their center. In many cases, this is the perfect way to mark text off a list without essentially having to delete the text itself!

This is a tool that can be quite useful and today we are going to talk about this topic in detail. If you’re still confused this is what strikethrough text looks like!

It is quite common to make use of this font function in Microsoft Word or even in Notepad and other writing programs for text. However, have you ever wanted the option in your professional communication as well?

It can be used to create more of an emphasis and highlight certain points of conversation. If yes, then you will be glad to know that while Gmail doesn’t have this option to engage with strikethrough text, it can still be done!

If you’re interested to learn more then you are in luck because today’s topic is all about how to get strikethrough text in Gmail!

How to use strikethrough in Gmail?

Since using the function to strike through text seems like it is a default for most apps and software, this is certainly not the case! Especially not for Gmail! Gmail still does not have this feature however, that should not be a reason why you cannot use it to enhance your emails!

So, the question then arises, how do I strikethrough text in Gmail? Well, we have all the steps you will need to make this formatting function accessible to our readers.Learn to block the program in your firewall photoshop.

So, if you want to use strikethrough in Gmail, you will have to edit your text in either Word or Google Docs and copy and paste it to your email in Gmail. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, go to your Google Docs and create a new document file.

  • Then you can type the text you wish to strikethrough.
  • Then once you are done typing, you will proceed to select the text that you want to strike through.

  • After this, proceed to click on the option for Format and then click on the option that reads Strikethrough.

  • You can then copy your text that has undergone strikethrough

  • Then simply launch Gmail to paste it into your email.


This is all you need to do to use strikethrough text in Gmail and now your specific text can be edited in this way using these simple steps.

That is all from our end on this topic and we hope that the information we have imparted in this brief yet insightful article has been enough to provide a proper understanding of how to use strikethrough text in Gmail yourself!