How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 7 Without Snipping Tool

Now, more than ever, there has been a boost in the use of images and text easy for conveying a message to someone. Visual communication has become the ideal choice of putting the message across in a succinct and clear way possible. In recent times, the usage of screenshots has gained recognition as a convenient and quick method of communicating illustrations and ideas.

Since the arrival of Windows Vista OS, the screenshot feature has come in really handy and stays the most convenient method of capturing and storing an image on the desktop. Modern computers utilizing Windows 7, 8, 10, and other OSs such as Linux and Mac come equipped with the inbuilt programs for taking screenshots. In this tutorial, you will get to know how to take a screenshot on Windows 7 without the snipping tool.

So, What’s A Screenshot? 

The screenshot is a digital picture of the monitor or part of your computer monitor. It is made by an app running in OSs such as Windows 7, 8, and 10, iOS and Android, or by hitting a combination of buttons on your keyboard. Before we go deeper into the screenshot programs, it is prudent to ask: Why are screenshots significant?

Note: Screenshots are the simplest and most convenient method of showing part of the screen to the clients or readers in a concise and clear way. They come in really handy when you desire to capture a picture on the screen or throughout presentations and show the clients precisely what you denote. You visually convey the message succinctly and to the point.

Screenshots make it simpler to drive the point home and dismiss any incoherence or ambiguity. The majority of program downloading manuals, guides, and technical tutorials depend greatly on screenshots to make it simpler for clients to follow the directions and get them correct.

Research has established that somebody is expected to have more memory of the visual staging than the verbal presentation, proving the point home about the meaning of screenshots in Windows 8, 7, and 10. Students, too, have appreciated the powerful screenshot feature in sharing details with their peers. They actually take their notes by simply screen-shotting different online posts and utilizing them as a reference for the online assignments.

Individuals these days relish taking screenshots of humorous social media posts on Twitter, Facebook and share outrageous gaffes and posts created by famous political figures and key celebrities and media personalities.

Here’s How To Take A Screenshot On Windows 7 Without Snipping Tool Using Keyboard Shortcuts:

Throughout this post, you will learn how to take a screenshot without using the snipping tool on Windows 7. It’s a simple action that you might frequently have to perform. How to carry out so correctly? It is very easy. Window 7 provides a snipping program that you can simply access using the start menu button, and then you need to enter the snipping tool in the search bar on your taskbar, and then choose Snipping Tool from the results; but, what if that snipping tool program is not functioning on the PC or if you desire to take a screenshot utilizing a more practical and quicker method?

Luckily, this tool is not the only option accessible to take a screenshot on Win 7. There’re a lot of other options available as well that allow you to take screenshots within some secs. And the fantastic part is that you would not even need to install any program on the PC. It is all accomplished through the keyboard shortcuts. Now, let’s jump into the details on how to take a screenshot without using the snipping tool on Windows 7.

  • PrtScr Button:

If you are a nineties kid, you would probably know about this particular one. It is a small button that can be found in the keyboard panel that is above the arrow keys on your keyboard. Back in the day, we used to hit this button to take a screenshot. Now that the individuals have access to the snipping tool, this button is getting forgotten. But the button is still there, and you can still make use of it for taking a screenshot within a sec. At times, the PrtScn keyboard shortcut does not function alone. So, you would need to hit the Ctrl + PrtScr buttons to take a screenshot successfully.

However, you have to remember that it can save just one screenshot at a time. And the previous screenshot is deleted automatically from the clipboard, and it’s replaced with the new screenshot when you hit the PrtScr button again. So, you would need to store the screenshot into the PC using a photo editing program before you could take another screenshot.

The procedure of saving the screenshots is not hard at all. You have to open a picture editing tool such as Paint > hit Ctrl + V for pasting the screenshots there. From there, you can simply follow the basic settings for saving the screenshots in the target folder. The reason why we contemplate that procedure is a better choice than the snipping tool is that it’s virtually instant. It takes just a fraction of a sec for taking a screenshot with it.

  • Windows + PrtScr:

If you are not willing to make use of the additional picture editing tool for saving your screenshots, you will love this one. Simply hit the Windows + PrtScr buttons at the same time, and your screenshot will be saved automatically as a file on the hard drive. Now, you have to be thinking about where you can find those screenshots later on.

Well, you have to access your Pictures Library on the PC and then go to the Screenshots folder. You would locate all your screenshots there. Remember that this folder just has the screenshot taken utilizing the Windows + PrtScr keyboard shortcut. The screenshots taken using different other methods have to be accessed in a different way.

  • Alt + PrtScr:

This shortcut is obliging if you want to take a screenshot only of your active window. The procedure of storing this screenshot is similar to the first way that we have mentioned earlier in this tutorial when utilizing the PrtScr key by itself. Open the picture editing tool > hit Ctrl + V for pasting your screenshot and edit it if you desire to and save it to the PC.

Taking Screenshots On A Laptop Without Using Snipping Tool:

These days, a great number of individuals make use of laptops instead of desktop PCs. The procedure of taking a screenshot on your laptop is usually the same but can differ a little on a few models. On a few windows laptop models, the PrtScr button is not reserved primarily to take screenshots, but it also carries out different other tasks.

If that is the situation, then you have to hit the Fn button from the keyboard along with the PrtScr button so you can take a screenshot properly. Let us now have a glance at how you can make use of the methods mentioned above on the laptop. If you desire to store a screenshot on your clipboard, you have to hit Ctrl + Fn + PrtScr > edit your picture in Paint or any other editing program and save it in the preferred folder.

But if you desire to save your screenshot directly on the hard drive, you ought to hit Windows + Fn + PrtScn.

And if you desire to take screenshots of your active window, you have to make use of the Alt + Fn + PrtScn buttons at the same time. The editing procedure is again the same.

Taking Screenshots Using Different 3rd Party Programs On Windows:

There’re a few handy 3rd party programs available that you can utilize for capturing the screen image on your Windows 7. These programs allow you to screenshot on windows 7 with just some clicks. The majority of such tools are accessible for free, and they are really simple to make use of. And more, they have numerous editing options you can utilize for making changes to the screenshot according to the requirements.

Simply run the search on the web, and you would be capable of locating a bunch of programs to fit that purpose. Here’re a few examples of the nice programs you can make use of for capturing the image on Windows. And keep in mind that there’re a lot of other options accessible as well for you to pick from, such as Lightshot and


New Windows versions provide numerous options for taking screenshots, but the users of Windows 7 frequently believe that they just have one solution for doing that, which isn’t right. In this guide, we have described numerous methods you can utilize for taking screenshots on windows 7, so you now acquaint how you can take screenshot on windows 7. Say farewell to it and say hi to the more practical ways you have learned here.