How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Serial Number?

Scroll to the bottom, and then check the “Details” under the “Last account activity” in the upper right corner. Gmail keeps an exhaustive list of all the activities of your account. It also constantly informs users of suspicious activities that occur on their accounts. This is thought to be a real solution to your problems. Because I’ve personally been through this particular situation, I was able to discover the essential steps to be taken to avoid a similar circumstance from occurring. TechyDIY is an impartial benchmark that provides honest reviews of Laptops as well as Cables and mice.

The laptop stolen may be identified using GPS and IP only if it’s linked to the Internet. Your laptop is hard to find if it’s not running. This process requires an internet connection to receive precise location information from the GPS. Now you can begin tracking your laptop for as long as it’s running. Notifying your network administrator that your laptop’s specific serial number has been stolen will ensure that there is someone else who has access to your device. If there’s a change to the IP address of the device, they’ll find out the source of the link.

How To Track A Stolen Laptop With Serial Number

To track your laptop, you must sign in to your device using a Microsoft account. Once you have done that, your Find your device function will begin working. What is the question is, can your laptop be tracked following having a factory reset?

#IV. By Tracking the Laptop’s Mac or IP Address

Install the top tracking software for your laptop. However, if you have registered the device, connecting with the administrator of your network is essential to allow your laptop to be identified as traceable or to be monitored. You can track a laptop stolen when you know the serial number. Gmail is a great tool if you are tracking someone who is a thief, as they often browse through your messages to discover personal details. Facebook offers a separate tab for login locations, which will help you track your laptop much more simpler from there. However, an IP address can only give you a location that is not exactly the device’s place of residence.

You aren’t able to track every laptop after the factory reset. However, some brands offer many protections as a condition of a service fee that must be paid on a regular basis prior to when the event occurs. It is possible to take advantage of the built-in function “find my device” available on a wide range of laptop models and brands. However, you must make sure that you turn this feature on before your laptop gets taken. Because it’s Microsoft’s program, this is a more effective solution in such a scenario. Simply sign in to the Outlook account and click your profile photo. Select “View account” and then “Devices,” and you’ll be able to see an inventory of all your connected devices.

Microsoft has included a program called “Find My Device” in the most recent version of Windows. Utilizing the operating system of your laptop, the feature starts monitoring exactly where your laptop is as soon as it became suspected of being stolen.

It’s not specific information and does not provide specific details about the location of the product that was stolen. However, you could try it out. Find”Location,” click it, and then “Location,” click it and then turn both, i.e., “GPS location” and “Allow devices to access your location” on. This time, focusing predominantly on Windows devices, I will show you how to activate this feature in the case of a Windows 10 laptop. Choose the lost or stolen device option, then select Find my device.

Automatic Tracking Features (Turning off)

To monitor these sessions, just go to the settings of your favorite sites, which you use the most often from a different device or laptop, and look up the most recent logins. The most efficient but costly method to find your stolen or lost laptop would be to set up a reliable tracking program on your device prior to when you lose it. If you’ve performed the factory reset of your laptop prior to when it was taken, it must be equipped with active tracker software. The tracing system will be able to recognize your trace code and other data. The exact steps to trace will depend on the program you use.

Informing the network administrator of your laptop’s theft provides them with a warning that the laptop is not in your possession. They are able to trace it if an IP address change is detected. They’ll be able to determine where the connection is being made. There isn’t a direct way to trace a laptop using its serial number.

It also offers services, prices as well as other features. Go to your account, then select ‘update’ and security under the settings tab. If your laptop has been taken or lost due to a variety of reasons, there’s no way to do anything to fix it. However, it isn’t necessary to be discouraged as there are a few options, and in this article, we’ll talk about how to track a stolen Laptop Using A Serial Number.

They offer different plans designed for Education, Enterprise, and Individuals. The Personal Plan for individuals includes tracking 3 devices and also provides security for devices and data, While their free plan just includes tracking down the devices. After you’ve identified the laptop that was stolen and you’ve clicked on the “Find My Device” button below it. This will give you the exact location of your devices on the world map. Even if you performed the factory reset of your computer, it might be able to accomplish this. If your laptop was registered to a central network administrator, you stand a better likelihood of recovering. The administrator of your network will either make sure that your laptop is monitored or to be tracked.

If your device isn’t powered on, it’s difficult to find; however, you require an internet connection in order to find its exact location via GPS. It shows all network interfaces, along with the MAC address. The best chance to recover your laptop can be accomplished by contacting the administrator of your network. If you’ve not registered your device with the central network, it’s not worth it. As you will see, it’s not necessarily a catastrophe, as there are simple methods to locate and get it back. The software for tracking is the most straightforward; however, for those who would like to actively search for their laptops, or cannot afford the software, monitoring the IP is a viable alternative. If it’s a Windows laptop, locating it would be easier.

I lost my laptop in a remote location and was desperate to find it. This article can be very beneficial for people who are buying a brand-new laptop and wishes to safeguard their laptop from theft. A good tracking program will always be able to monitor the laptop. The MAC Address is a distinct kind of identification number that is assigned to any device that is linked to the Internet.

To find the location then, go to the utility tab and then open the terminal. Suppose you haven’t registered your laptop through the manufacturer. It is the serial number that acts as the primary identification number, which is assigned by the manufacturer to each device. The first two digits in this code are the year of manufacture or the date of manufacturing for your computer.

It’s, therefore, not uncommon for someone to take your laptop likely to try to reset the factory settings of your laptop to make sure it’s safe. We’ve already mentioned that the common misconception is that stolen laptops can be traced with the laptop’s serial number. The serial number of laptops is just the laptop’s identification in the hands of the maker. When you register it with the company, you’ll have access to the laptop regardless of where it is. Even though it is not enabled by default, this feature, as its name implies, keeps a complete history of your device. It allows you to remotely access it, monitor it, and experience an improved and secure overall experience.