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In this day and age of technology, laptops have become an important staple in everyday life. Whether you are going to university, your office, or even a café- your laptop will be by your side.

The new portable and easy-to-carry designs make it even simple for you to just grab it and go and work wherever you are. But sometimes this can lead to bitter circumstances such as your laptop getting stolen. While uncommon, it is very possible for your laptop to be stolen at some point and that can be very frustrating.

Like anyone’s laptop, yours would too have important data and work that you might never get back and in one’s desperate try to get it back- you might be looking for the different options you have to get your laptop’s location so you can reach it as soon as possible.

As technology progresses, companies have realized the need to have protective software and applications that might be needed to secure your devices.

In order to find your laptop, you might need to try a few methods, and hopefully, they will work! If you are looking for a solution to this problem- here are some:

Can You Track A Laptop With Your Serial Number

All laptops come with their own specific serial numbers that their manufacturers have put on them. So you might be wondering if your laptop’s serial number might come in handy in finding out the exact location of your laptop.

However, that is unfortunately not possible. While the serial number can be used to identify your specific laptop, it cannot possibly extract its location. You can take this serial number to your manufacturer and they can help identify your laptop but it will not help you locate it.

In order to get your laptop’s exact location, you will need to follow other methods. Do not fret- There are still some other ways you can try to be able to get your laptop.

Different Methods To Track Your Laptop

Method #1: Using Tracking Applications

One of the ways to track your laptop is to have tracking software installed. The easiest and smartest way to constantly keep your device’s location and its data secured is by making sure these applications are enabled.

Some applications require payment and some are free, they all do the basic job of recording your device’s location. These applications especially come in handy for situations like the one you are experiencing right now.

These applications have a great system that keeps your device’s protection in check. Not only does it secure your laptop’s data in any case of emergency but also keeps your device’s location in check.


Software like Absolute is great for Home or Office laptops. It utilizes your Wifi’s geolocation through the Wifi Positioning System which is basically the complex massive data of Wifi Access Points to discover whichever last Wifi point your laptop was connected to the internet. This is extremely useful for instances when you have lost your laptop and immediately need to find out where it is. There are different versions of the app that cater to different needs.

  • The Basic version will simply help you locate your laptop, lock it you need to, and delete the sensitive information that might be on there. This is especially great if you immediately need to make sure your data remains secure.
  • The Standard version not only locates and locks your laptop, but it also can delete or recover your device’s data from wherever you are.
  • The Absolute Premium version is especially great. It not only does all of the above but also offers laptop compensation if they are unable to locate your laptop.


Prey is another application for all devices either Mac, Windows, iOs, and Android. They have different plans, some paid and some free, for all the different institutions. There are different plans for Education, Individual, and Enterprise.

  • The free version of the application covers tracking and locating your device’s location which is great,
  • but the paid version covers 3 devices and provides data and device protection.


HiddenApp is great for different devices for different institutions such as families, businesses, and organizations or just even for individuals. With their simple and easy installation, you can protect and locate your devices in case of any emergencies.

Method #2: Default Tracking Settings

A great thing about today’s laptops is the incredible software that they come with. They continue to impress us with the new age technology. One of these amazing inventions is the default tracking settings.

These preinstalled applications make it a lot easier to track your device if you do not have any other software installed. This keeps in check its last traceable location.

If you are unable to download software or you are a bit apprehensive of downloading a third-party application, your laptop probably has tracking software of its own.

  1. If you are using a Mac, your laptop probably has to Find My Mac software that you would need to turn on. Open the application and make sure it is enabled. Through this application, Apple is able to trace your laptop and find its exact location by figuring it out when it was last used. This is applicable to all of your Apple devices and this can even help you lock your device so no one else can use it.
  2. If you have a Windows-operated laptop, it also has a Track My Device option. Make sure it is enabled at all times. If it was already and you lost your laptop- this should be able to track it down when it was last used so you will have the option to see its IP address. This provides you the option to not only locate your devices but also secure your data in case there is any sensitive information on it.

Method #3: Dropbox

Another method is using your Dropbox account. Dropbox is the application everyone normally uses to store their data and share it as well. It is great to keep track of all of your data especially if you have a great amount of pictures you might like to share.

But it is not only good for that- but also for finding your laptop!

Dropbox constantly syncs your information in the background which means it keeps a track of your device constantly. Any changes in location will be updated in its settings as well.

To check your device’s location through Dropbox follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Dropbox and go to the top-right menu,
  2. and then go to Security Settings.
  3. On the security page, you should be able to find the exact IP address of the devices being used.
  4. You could use the IP address and ask your Internet Service Provider if they could help you out. Hopefully, they will be able to track down exactly where is your laptop.

Method #4: Facebook

While you must be thinking about how can Facebook help you in finding your laptop when it’s just a social network, you are forgetting that it contains all of your data, including your last login location.

Facebook is also a great option to track down your Laptop’s IP address. Usually, Facebook is always logged in on your laptop and it keeps in check the location of the person logged in. There is a specific tab for all the locations your Facebook has been accessed from which is great to locate your laptop.

  • Simply go to Settings.

  • Locate Privacy Settings.

  • Navigate the Active Sessions area.
  • Here should be a list of current and past Facebook logins including their location, devices, and the date and time.

Method #5: Gmail

Most of the websites you use keep refreshing your data in the background.

Another way to check your laptop’s location is to use Gmail. If the person who has your laptop turns on your laptop, it is more than likely that your Gmail has refreshed in the background to load more emails. In the process of loading more emails, it has probably also recorded the last instance your laptop was connected to the internet thus, getting its IP address.


While all laptops have different serial numbers, these numbers cannot be used to track them or locate them, unfortunately. If you were to find a laptop and make sure that it is yours, the serial number CAN be used to identify it.

Your better option is to use the tracking software or either Facebook, Dropbox, or Gmail as your second-best option. IP addresses are the best way to find out the pin location of your device and it can come in handy at any time.

Now that you know what you need to locate your laptop, go on and find it. If you do not know how to figure out where your device is through the IP address, take it to your network service provider and they might be able to help you.