How to Unlock a Dell Inspiron Laptop Without the Password

Have you forgotten your password? Don’t you able to open it now? Have you any idea how to unlock a Dell Inspiron laptop without the password?

If not, you can read this article further and find the ways to open your Dell Inspiron laptop without password.

Due to security reasons, we keep on changing our laptop screen password and then the time comes when due to confusions, we are unable to recall our password. But, no need to be worried because it happens with many of us.

Simply, read this guide and explore the most possible ways to come out of this problem.

How to Unlock a Dell Inspiron Laptop Without the Password – Reliable and Most Practical Methods

Some of the methods are so simple, while others are a little complicated, but all are well sorted just for you. They all are applicable to unlocking your Dell Inspiron without a password.

  1. Through your Microsoft account
  2. By using the second administrator account
  3. Unlock your laptop via password reset disk
  4. By factory resetting the device

Here are the details. Let’s discuss!

Method 1: Using Your Microsoft Account

The version of your operating system e.g. Windows 10 comes with highly advanced security features, and for laptop sign-in using a safe and secure Microsoft account is one of the features.

You would be more safe if you use the sign-in method to unlock your device. Simply go to the MS account and unlock your Dell Inspiron.

Let’s see how.

If your laptop is locked but it is connected to the internet, then just don’t panic just click on the “I forgot my password”, and you will see a new screen with a name account recovery. It will take a few seconds so be patient. But if it’s not connected, then.

  1. Use your any other device for example smartphone, open Google, and type this address
  2. It will take you to the Microsoft’s account recovery i.e. Recover your account, screen.
  3. Here type your Microsoft ID which is your email ID (ID whose password you are going to recover), into the empty field. (The email ID of yours is the Microsoft ID too)
  4. Click on “Next”.
  5. To make sure that you are not a spammer, they ask you to provide the email ID so they will send you a confirmation code. Give it to them.
  6. Now check your email ID, Microsoft sends you a verification code.
  7. Write it somewhere, now move back to the “Verify your identity” screen, and enter the code which you receive from Microsoft.
  8. This is the last stage where you can “Reset your password”. Here simply enter a new password, enter it again, and here you go. Next time use this password to unlock the laptop.

Now when you try to open the laptop enter this new password, and the laptop is ready to work. Also, note that this is now your Dell Inspiron’s default password. Keep in mind if the locked device is connected to the internet, simply click on the “forgot password”, it will take you to the “account recovery” screen, follow the same method from step iii and onwards.Quickly solve surface pro overheating issue if you are facing it.

Method 2: Using the Second Administrator Account to Unlock Dell Inspiron

If you have a second administrator account on your system then from your login screen, use this account for log-in.

Once you’re in, follow these steps.

  1. Firstly go to “Computer Management”. For doing this go to the device search box, type computer management or
  2. Type “computer management” in the device’s search box, type computer management. Or one thing more type “comptmgmt.msc” in the “Run-dialogue box”. After typing press enter, or go to “My computer”. Instead of opening it, right-click and then click on manage, it is so simple you are now at the “Computer Management”.
  3. At the left pane, and under the “system tools”you will find Local Users and groups. Click on it , and then on “Users”.
  4. There, look for your primary (locked out) user account, right-click, and click on“Set Password”.
  5. Now reset the password again.

Now go back to your laptop and restart it. When the log-in screen comes, sign in with your main account, enter the new password, and congrats. The Dell Inspiron is ready to work again.If you own a MacBook pro then learning how to unlock a stolen macbook pro is important for you.

Method 3: Unlock your Laptop Via Password Reset Disk

From your Dell Inspiron, if you have created a password reset disk before, you can use it to unlock the laptop easily. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Start the Dell Inspiron, and at the log-in screen, enter any incorrect password in the text box, then press enter.
  2. When the screen shows you that you have entered the wrong password click on OK. And now click on “Reset password”. You will find this button under the text box.
  3.  Now insert the password reset disk, and select the Password Reset Wizard, move to Next.
  4. Here, type a new password means resetting the password for your Dell Inspiron or simply leave the text box blank. Jump to the Next button straight away, and you can unlock the Dell Inspiron without a password.
  5. This is an easy method, but no worries if you don’t have a password reset disk. You can create it by yourself. See the Steps below.

Step 1: Create a password reset disk with a password tool

  1. Prepare a writable USB. If you don’t have a USB, buy one or use it by borrowing from others. But remember, save the date of the USB somewhere else because you have to format it before creating a password reset disk.
  2. Now use any computer having an internet connection, go to google, and in the search bar type download a Windows Password tool, after downloading install it on your computer.
  3. Now start the Windows Password Tuner tool, attach your writable USB to the computer. Select USB device, and click on Begin burning.

If you will see the message “Burning successfully”. It means the password reset disk has been created, and in the future, you can use it to recover your Dell laptop password.

Step 2: Set Dell laptop to boot from the USB password reset disk

  1. Take the USB password reset disk that you insert into your Dell Inspiron.
  2. Now start the laptop and immediately press F12, and go to the boot menu.
  3. Now you have to select the USB storage device and press Enter.

Step 3: Reset your Dell Inspiron laptop password to blank

  1. If nothing goes wrong the Cocosenor Windows Password Tuner program comes up.
  2. On the laptop, select Select your Windows and your user account name.
  3. Now you will come to Reset Password, click on it, and you will see that the password will be set to blank. To agree with it click on Yes.
  4. To Reboot, eject the removable device, take out of the USB disk also, and click on Yes to boot the laptop.
  5. In this way, it will boot up to the login screen. Click on the user account, and you will open the laptop without a password.

Method 4: By Factory Resetting Your Laptop

If any of the above-mentioned methods fail to work then you have to restore the system to factory defaults by following some easy steps. Let’s get started!

  1. Click on the “Power icon”  from your login screen. You will find this icon at the bottom rightmost corner of the screen.
  2. Click on “Restart” by pressing, and holding the shift key.
  3. Although your system will restart, it will also show you another screen which has many options. From those options choose the “Troubleshoot” and move further.
  4. Here click on “Reset your PC”. Wait for some time and when you go to a new screen, you’ll have two backup options.
  5. From the two options on this screen
  • If the system has an external backup hard drive, and you don’t want to lose the important files just click on “Keep my files”. By doing so your system will copy down things. When you restart the computer you will get back your important files.
  • But if there are no arrangements for backing up data then click on “Remove everything”.

It will take some time, so you have to wait patiently. When you witness a new screen, it has two options named, “Fully clean the drive,” and “Just remove my files.” Fully cleaning the drive is a long process, and it will take hours, so we recommend you to go to the other option. Click on your desired option, and it’s done.

Your laptop is ready to start restoring. Once the process completes congrats, you now have a brand new laptop.No no need to enter any password, start everything from zero.

The Bottom Line

Every problem comes with a solution and here we also have a solution of unlocking a laptop without the password. So, if you have forgotten the password of your laptop, instead of panicking, you can follow our above-mentioned solutions.Learn different ways on how to open lenovo energy management windows 10.

We have covered you in all ways so you can smoothly and effortlessly open your Dell Inspiron without the password. Though these steps are particularly for Dell Inspiron, we hope they will also serve you for other laptops as well.

So, it’s time to safely open your laptop and set the new one!