How to Unlock a Stolen MacBook Pro?

Chances are, if you own a MacBook for a laptop, you have been worried about its safety quite a few times. This is because they are certainly one of the more expensive laptops that money can buy. That can be true for most Apple products but in case your MacBook pro does get stolen, all your precious data too will be lost.

Since these devices can be pretty expensive to purchase, what should you do if your MacBook Pro is lost? Luckily for you, Apple does not take the security of your device lightly! They have even established certain security options that will enable you to locate and unlock your MacBook laptop from another device if stolen!

That is pretty impressive for a laptop! This ensures that even if you can’t track your phone in real life, its security options will allow you to find it online and even erase the data off of it in this manner. We are going to go over the main points on how to unlock a stolen MacBook pro in the coming paragraphs!

What are some of the main security features that Apple provides to help find your stolen MacBooks?

Let’s pitch a little scenario for all Apple MacBook users; you left your trusty laptop on a bench next to you as you enjoyed the fresh air in the local park. A few moments pass by and you notice your laptop bag is nowhere to be found! Instead of looking for the culprit who is nowhere to be found in the crowd, you can unlock a stolen MacBook pro remotely.Read more about apple watch activity rings not working.

How does it happen, you may ask? Well, Apple has created the best solution for all situations where you lost your device or it was stolen from you. This solution is called the Apple Find My app. This app will let you easily find your lost or stolen Apple devices. So, if your MacBook Pro is lost or stolen you know exactly where to find it!

The only catch here is that you need to log your device to the Find My app before it gets stolen so if a connection is not already established, Apple recommends you leave it to the police. The best thing about this application is that you can open it on practically any laptop or other Apple device.

All you will need will be your Apple ID and it can be accessed from an iPhone as well and if your stolen MacBook is in use, you will easily locate it. In case you’ve simply lost the device, you can send a custom message on your MacBook Pro’s screen to let the person know. However, it also lets you lock your laptop remotely.

How to Unlock a Stolen Macbook Pro!

Now that we know what your initial steps should be, let’s get to the important part of this review! Let’s say you immediately resorted to locking your MacBook Pro laptop as soon as you learned it was stolen. However, soon after, it reappeared since it was simply lost and a Good Samaritan returned it. What do you do now?

There is no cause for concern since the device can easily be unlocked as well. The way this remote locking feature works is that Apple ensures that once it has been locked, only the owner or whoever has their Apple ID connected to it can access it!

You will simply log into your iCloud account and you can generate a password for you to easily access your laptop. The important thing to remember is that your password that you set on the lock screen is no longer functional. An alternative is to make use of the Find My passcode app’s password you set.

For this, again sign in to your iCloud account and look up your laptop in the option for devices.  Once located, you can easily unlock your MacBook Pro using this method. It is just as simple as that! Along with this password, they might also ask you to list some other details for verification.

If you also need some guidance on how to unlock MacBook Pro and you forgot the password, we have you covered!

Here’s what you need to do!

This scenario is not if your laptop has been stolen or lost but simply in case you no longer recall what your MacBook pro password is and you want to access the device. You may need to get to necessary documents and data fast and so here’s what you can use!

Method #1 : Reset your MacBook password with the use of your Apple ID

For most Apple users, their primary form of connection with iCloud or other services will be in the form of an Apple ID.  Your Apple ID can be utilized to reset your password but your MacOS version might also play a part.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the login screen and click on your user account. You will see a question mark where you should write your password.

  • Click on the arrow and you can then select the option that reads, reset it using your Apple ID.

  • Your next step will be to select the Apple ID and your password.

  • Press next and you can create your new password with a hint.

With this option, you can re-try this method 3 times if no message or link to reset the password appears.

Method #2 : Reset your password using Recovery Mode

  • Restart your laptop and then press down Command and R 

  • Go to Disk Utilityand press Continue. Get to the Terminal option in Utilities.

  • Then, enter resetpassword as it is and press Enter.

  • Using the password reset tool that launches, you may enter your new password. It will also ask for a new password along with a hint.

Method #3 : Use the Recovery Key to reset the Login Password

This is our final solution and we are sure if none of the others worked for you, this certainly will! For this, however, you will need to enable FileVault encryption on your laptop. This, along with a recovery key needs to be made already on your MacBook Pro!

Here’s How to Use This Recovery Key to Reset Your Login Password:

  • First, click on the MacBook’s power button and press Restart.

  • Then you can select your user account and go to the question mark that is next to your password field

  • Next, you have to click on the arrow there and click on reset it using your recovery key.

Once this is done, it will ask for the recovery key you have already made and will take you through instructions on how to reset the password.

In conclusion, this has been a thorough guide on what to do if your MacBook Pro becomes lost or stolen. This article has elaborated on tips to unlock the stolen or lost device and has also given you methods to unlock it without using a password!

As long as you follow the steps outlined in this review and contact your Apple help center, you should be able to at the very least unlock your phone and retrieve or delete your private data. With that, we hope that this has been a detailed and informative guide that will help you with all MacBook and Apple product issues.