How to Update Mtg Arena

MTG Arena is a digital adaptation of the Magic: The Gathering (MTG) card game, developed and published by Wizard of the Coast. It is a free-to-play digital card game. In this, the players are allowed to gain cards through booster packs. The game also includes in-game achievements and purchases.

The game was released for the first time in November of 2017 in beta state and was released for users of Microsoft Windows in September of 2019 and the version of the game for mac users was released just last year in June.

What is the game really about?

To play mtg arena is not as hard as it may seem, the game follows the same rules as the physical card game where players use a deck of cards. Players play against other contenders using one specific selected deck, the main goal of the game is to reduce the opposite team’s total to zero before them doing it first.If you still can not update MTG arena then it is recommended to read full guide

MTG Arena has two versions, the first one being the constructed deck where the players are allowed to create decks of card from the library and the second version is called the limited deck play where the players compete against several other players by selecting and obtaining card from packs provided by the game. Those cards then create a limited deck for the event. An additional limited play version is also available where the players have to open several booster packs, the cards are then decked up from those packs only. In both of these two varieties of the limited play version, the players try to win the event and then select the cards for future events. In most of the limited play versions, the player stacks up against all the cards in the library.

Updating your Arena:

MTG Arena has for sure made people stay hooked to their screens with the newly developed versions coming in; it’s exciting to see what comes next. From the day of its release till now, the challenging versions have made sure to step up. Now how to update the mtg arena? Because like any other software, game, or device, this too needs to get updated every now and then to ensure that we are getting the best from the game which is being continuously improved and made interesting by its developers.

When changing the settings of a computer program or of its supporting data while updating it is called a system patch. This also fixes the security threats and other bugs. Updating the system after running a system patch can cause some difficulties; you may be experiencing some network issues or even some windows problem, because of these problems many users often uninstall the app and then reinstall it again. To avoid uninstalling and then reinstalling it again, here are two ways on how you can update your arena!

Mtg Arena

 1.    The automatic system update:

The first way is through the automatic arena update. This update is one of the easiest to do and is always the one that works out quite efficiently for most of the users. In order to go through the update through this one, just follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open your MTG Arena.
  2. You will see a window pop up that downloads that goes through with the update.
  3. The update will start and finish automatically, then log in to your account and continue playing!

2.    Manual update by using the MTG Area Launcher:

The second way is through the manual update i.e. by using the MTG Area Launcher, this method gets the job done just as right, in order to go through with this, follow the steps below:

  1. Search for the following file on your computer:
  2. C:\Program Files (x86)\Wizards of the Coast\MTGA\MTGALauncher
  3. Click on the MTGALauncher and that will get the update running.
  4. The update will finish and then you’ll be ready to go!


These are the two most trusted ways through which you can get your mtg arena updates yourself, but even if you are getting some problems after updating it, you can resolve it by heading over to Technical Support, and there you will find a list of issues that may include your problem along with its solution. Other than that you can also look over at the MTG Arena Status page where you can get to know what problems your Arena must be having and why.

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