How to Use Roku Stick on Your Laptop

Living a smart life is today’s new norm. People are trying to get more and more tech-friendly and of course, there is nothing wrong with it. There are thousands of gadgets available today which make your lives much easier, giving you the best of the quality while providing you with an eco-friendly environment too. They are best in cutting down the energy used by our daily life gadgets and provide us with the good quality stuff within our access all the time.

There was a time when people used to go to the cinema to watch movies with high-quality visibility, thanks to all the advancements and technology, we all have cinemas in our homes now. We can watch all the movies, TV shows when we have time, and we can watch them repeatedly whenever we want to. It must be a dream come true for people of the’80s and ’90s and even before that too.

Today the talk of the town is Roku sticks. If you have never heard about the concept of the Roku Stick before, it is all right, we will briefly educate you about the concept. Moreover, how you can use it with your laptop.

Roku Sticks:

A Roku player allows you to watch Internet TV streaming services on your Television, in the highest visuals possible, as well as other paid and non-paid apps as well. It can stream HD, 4K, and Dolby Vision as well. A Roku is a small box and stick-shaped gadget, which helps you find all the latest and good quality content under just one platform. You can choose your Roku Stick according to the budget and type of your TV. It comes with a remote, which can be operated, via voice and it also has some shortcuts to your favorite app. It is super budget-friendly and easy-to-use devices are available today.

Types of Roku Sticks So Far:

There are different Roku sticks available for different devices and according to your budget.

  1. Roku express:

The very first one on the list is 30 USD Roku Express. This player streams in HD. This one comes with the basic and simple remote controller

  1. Roku Express 4K Plus:

You get this Roku player for 40 USD. It looks very similar to the Roku Express, just a little bigger in size, but it can stream the 4K HDR. Its remote controller has voice options too.

  1. Streaming Stick Plus:

You can get Streaming Stick Plus is for 50 USD. You can simply plug it into your Televisions HDMI port and it will stream in 4K. It is not one of the latest models of Roku but still performs pretty well.

  1. Roku Ultra

The next one in the line is 100 USD Roku Ultra. It comes in the shape of a box and it is powerful among all players so far. It can play videos in 4K HDR with Dolby Vision. It also has ports for wired connections and a remote finder button is included in it.

The basics of Roku Stick:

If you are someone, who is looking to add more functionalities to your older Television or you are looking for an easier way to add more channels for streaming with a user-friendly interface.

  1. Compatible:

There was a time when people had bigger TVs, Radio’s, Washing Machines, and almost every other electronic that was in their home. As time passes by, the craze for bigger electronics is also fading away and people are opting for smart home options. In addition, why not? It brings more ease to the life, takes less space, and works better than those big gadgets.  Roku is designed to be a part of your elegant smart home and therefore, it is very small and compatible in size. It can even fit in your pocket – of course, you do not need to put it in your pocket – making it not even notice-able when it is put next to your streaming device.

  1. Your resolution is in your hands

When it comes to resolution, compromise is not an option, is it? Well, if you are also someone who does not compromise when it comes to pixels and resolution, Roku stick is your go-to option. Even if you have upgraded to HDTV or even 4K, a Roku will make all those experiences even better.  You can use Full HD Roku Express, which provides high-quality video streams. If you want the 4k option, you can choose the Roku Streaming Plus or the Roku Premiere. Both of them work well.

  1. Super-Duper Affordable

There were times when you needed to a fortune in order for premiere streaming. The best thing about Roku is that it is super affordable in the light of what it actually offers to its users. You can choose a range of Roku devices according to your TV and the budget.

  1. Unlimited Content

We all remember times when the options of what to watch were limited, now it is all in your hands. Roku gives you an unlimited option to stream. It has hundreds of channels, so take your tie and choose your content. You can also find both free options and paid channels like Spotify, Netflix, and Hulu to watch under one platform.

  1. Compatibility:

It is compatible with almost all types of devices. You can even watch it on your Apple TV including Disney and other same platforms. Anything from any channel and on any device can be watched easily on this platform.

  1. Interface

The interface of an app is what makes its users comfortable and rely on it. Roku devices have the simplest yet attractive interface of all time. It is user-friendly and there is not any struggle to learn about it beforehand. No matter what age of users it has; be it children, old age people, or grandparents, they will use it without any help.

  1. Remote

The remote control option is just a cherry on top!

You can use the battery-included remote control to stream with just a few clicks and there will be no need to operate it via smartphone. It also has some shortcut buttons, which will take you directly to it.

  1. Headset

Are you one of those people who love and enjoy streaming on their headsets? Well, a piece of very good news for you, Roku gives you the option to connect your headset with the channels and now you can enjoy it without worrying about noise issues too.

Roku devices are made for the purpose to use them with TV. As they are not made for laptops specifically, so you cannot directly hook them up with your Roku Box. A network-connected device, which takes content from the network and displays it on your TV. It does not have any plugs to connect your laptop to it. You can’t directly put your Roku device unless you have some sort of input port in a laptop that will accept the HDMI.

There is always a loophole and here it is an application with the name PLEX. This application allows your laptop device as a media server to serve up content from it to your Roku box and onto your TV. The best part is that PLEX is costless.

How to use Roku stick on your laptop:

We will educate you on some steps, which you can, follow to use your Roku stick onto your laptop easily:

  1. PLEX

  • go to
  • download the server according to your laptop device

  • once downloaded, you need to install it now
  • if you are stuck somewhere you can get help about how to configure from their website page
  • once you have installed it, open the Roku sign up page and login
  • you will need to subscribe to the PLEX with the help of your Roku account, so a login is required

  • once you have added the PLEX channel to your account
  • after completing this step, go back to your TV
  • now turn on your TV as well as your Roku Box
  • Go to the Channel store and then to the PLEX which surely will be available there
  • It is a freebie channel, so all you need to do is simply subscribe
  • Now your client-side is hooked up on your laptop and it will be the server. It will use your in-house network – you need a network connection that goes in between your Roku and your laptop – may be a WIFI
  • Once this step is completed, your laptop will be attached to your Roku box by using the PLEX media server
  • Your Roku box will be a PLEX media client that will be able to display content and you will be able to show all sorts of media available there

By using this method, you can easily use your Roku device on to your laptop, which works every time for all types of computers. We hope you can enjoy the great streaming on your laptop now.