How to Use Your HP Laptop as a Monitor for Xbox 360

A shout out to all the Xbox lovers out there.

Now you can use your HP laptop as a monitor display and connect it with your Xbox!

Xbox is heaven for gamers, introduced by Microsoft back in the 2000s, they are still popular and a dream gadget for game lovers. There is a variety of Xbox versions yet and all of them work super fine. Is it obvious that the latest models are more advanced and have more features than previous ones.

We understand that using a TV or monitor all the time for media, gaming gets a little tough, and you want a way where you can easily connect your laptop – here we will specifically mention HP Laptop – with your Xbox –for this article we will describe it with Xbox 360 – to enhance your gaming experience and comfort zone as well.

We will also share two methods to connect your laptop with other devices. It will help you with sharing data and files and even if you have connected your Xbox with the laptop screen, you can use it on other secondary devices as well.

The very first thing you need to understand is that you simply cannot connect your Xbox 360 with your HP laptop by using an HDMI input port and here is the reason why.

That is mainly because the HDMI slot on your laptop is an output slot and not an input slot, so technically it is not possible that way but we use can do is, to try using an EasyCAP. We warn you that this is not a legitimate way and you can consider it as a confidence trick, which obviously works fine. Unless it is getting the job done, you can use it.


You will need to buy these tools from a legitimate website you trust; most probably, you will get them from Amazon. By the end of this article, you will be able to make your HP laptop as a TV monitor and use it with your Xbox 360.

So, these are the tools that come with the EasyCAP:

  • The very first product is EasyCAP capture video 2.0 video and audio adapter disc
  • The next one is a female-to-male USB
  • And lastly, your EasyCAP 2.0 USB with easily removable cap and four cables attached to it

Now, we will talk about these products in detail. The very first product is your disc that contains drivers in it. These drivers come to help with the upload of your EasyCAP onto your monitor. You need to install these drivers before you plug in your EasyCAP, else your EasyCAP will be just a useless device. These drivers work on windows 7. The next thing from the install menu is Ulead Video Studio.

Note: write down the serial numbers mentioned on the disc beforehand, because once it is inside your system you will not be able to see them when you need them.

Now we will talk about the EasyCAP USB 2.0, you will need to use the S-Video –black colored – that comes with an S-video converter to RCA yellow alongside, which helps with the Video. Now, you will also need audio from your Xbox, here, Red and white cables come to play, and they can be attached with the headphone jack.  You can play the sound directly from your laptop but it lags sometimes and has many other problems. Therefore, it is quite safe to use them with your headphones attached.

The entire purchase from a good store will cost you around 16 to 20 USD and you will be able to convert your HP laptop into a monitor. Now, we will enlighten you on how to set this whole process.

How to Setup Easycap:

Get hold of your HP laptop now and turn its power on:

  • Now install the Ulead video studio with the help of the disc.
  • The installation process will take a while
  • Once installed, it will change your themes, settings, and startup of the computer.
  • For the hardware settings, you will need to attach the single USB with your laptop and then attach it with the EasyCAP USB 2.0. The green light on this USB will be on.
  • Now hook up the S-video converter with the Yellow Cable –which is the cable used for the video – and white and red cables must be hooked up in the Xbox component. Which will be further connected to the speaker system.
  • That is the basic setup for your Xbox 360 with your HP laptop, which will be used as a monitor now.
  • Now, go back to your Laptop and tap on ‘Capture’ from the menu
  • Choose the option of ‘Capture Video’
  • Now, change the format to WMV
  • Change the video settings from ‘Video Composite’ to ‘S-Video’
  • Change the color settings as well and make them sharp, that will help you to reduce the blur video or pixels later on
  • Once you are done with the settings, click on the OK
  • Now, turn on your Xbox and it will be shown your computer screen
  • Get it into full-screen mode

That is it. You are ready to use your Xbox 360 on your HP laptop, which now will work as a monitor for you, and enjoy the gaming experience from your comfort zone.

We will also share two easy methods to use your laptop screens as monitors. Both of these methods are totally free of cost.

  1. Windows Display Projection:

The very first method is ‘windows display projection’. This method is more like your extended display setup. You can move files and from one screen to a secondary display very easily with the help of a cursor.  It is as if another display is plugged into your computer, which is working as a secondary monitor, and instead of working as a monitor, it will work as another computer. You do not need to attach the two of them with a cable instead this job will be done by your local network connection. It simply means that you can use both computers as one having two different displays, but all the interaction will be done with the help of your primary computer.

How to setup:

It is very easy to set up a windows display projection by following these methods:

  • Go to your secondary device – on which you want the projection – go to its settings

  • In the search bar of settings you need to search for the projection

  • Now, click on the very first drop-down option and select ‘available everywhere’

  • In the second option; ‘Ask to project this PC’ you need to select ‘every time a connection is requested’

  • And lastly, for the third drop-down box, ‘ Require PIN for pairing’ you need to choose ‘Never’

  • You can turn off the toggle option of  ‘This PC can be discovered for projection only when it is plugged into a power source’

  • Now, take note of the name displayed right after this option.
  • Make sure both of the computers are connected with internet network
  • Now, go to your primary computer and hit windows + P

  • You will now see projection options on your display, select them accordingly
  • Now, select the option of ‘Connect to a wireless display’

  • Your secondary device will appear with the name you noted previously in settings
  • Click on it and notification for permission will pop up on your secondary display
  • Once you confirmed it, Bingo!
  1. Share Mouse:

The second method is ‘Share Mouse’. Share Mouse is also known as software KBN. This allows you to control multiple computers by using a single set of inputs and you can easily travel from one computer to another. It treats your secondary device as a standalone device. There are so many benefits to it; you can access files on both computers and even share between both computers. It also provides you with a shared clipboard layer, which means, you can easily copy and paste text from one computer to another. It can be set up on any Windows 10. Most importantly, just like the windows projection method, you need a similar network for both these devices.

How to set up:

The setup process of the Share Mouse is simple.

  • Go to your chrome on your primary computer and download the share mouse setup for your windows or mac, accordingly

  • Now download and install the software
  • You need to repeat all the steps we have mentioned earlier in the windows projection method.

Once the application is running on both of the computers, it should connect to one another seamlessly.

With the help of these methods, you can connect your laptop screen to any other device and if you want, you can use your laptop as a monitor and can even use other devices as monitors for your screen. The process is simple yet effective and time-saving. You can transfer files and data with just one click and your life will become much easier.