Quickly Fix HP Laptop Keeps Losing WiFi Connection Windows 10

Our lives, immersed with digital gadgets and fuel for them – the internet. Almost everyone on this planet keeps a phone, half of the population uses laptops, and other electronic gadgets to communicate, work and explore new things.

Have you imagined a life without the internet? We will not be able to use these expensive magical tools. Internet is the fuel to these gadgets and they are nothing without each other’s support.

Now, imagine you are having an online exam, you have a calculated amount of time to complete it and your internet just goes on and off on your device. So irritating! I know.

Therefore, today we will guide you about this problem and surely its solution too. You can keep going through this article to read more about all the information about this issue and its apprehension alongside. We will discuss why your HP laptop keeps losing WIFI connection on windows 10.

Steps to Fix HP Laptop Keeps Losing WiFi Connection Windows 10

  1. Change Network Profile

The very first thing from where you should start is by changing your network profile.

  • Go to network icon – it is a WIFI symbol bar – on the right-side bottom of your computer or laptop and tap on it.


  • A tab of WIFI connections will be open.
  • Now check the connection you are currently using an option ‘properties’ will be there. You need to press this option for further steps.

  • The next one is tab of settings.
  • Now, check if your network profile is public or private.

  • If it is showing ‘public’. You need to change it to the option ‘ private’

  • Once done. It should work.
  • Now check again if your Wi-Fi still keeps getting disconnected.

This method works if your Wi-Fi was being disconnected due to being public.   You can try this method for every network that keeps disconnecting for your windows 10. This basic method works for small issues and sorts them out rapidly. If it did not work for you, let us move on to the next part.

  1. Incapacitate Power Saving Mode

If the first method did not go well for you, let us quickly try this method:

  • Press ‘Windows + R’

  • The RUN tab will be open

  • Now, type ‘devmgmt.msc’ in the bar there and ‘OK’

  • Your device manager will be opened in front of you

  • Now, search for the Network Adapters option in the list

  • Tap the new list and new tab will be expanded in front of you
  • Now select your Network Adapter from there. It will appear with the name ‘Broadcom’ or similar.

  • Once you found your network adapter, press a right-click and go to the last option expanded with the name ‘properties’

  • It will expand a new tab in front of you. Now tap on the top right option of power management

  • Now, uncheck the option ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, once done hit the OK

  • You are now allowed to exit the device manager tab

You can check if your device is now working smoothly, if you think you need to turn off your device you can do so, else if the method is successful, the Wi-Fi will start working right away. If not, well do not worry because we are not out of options yet!

  1. Substitute the Power Plan Setting

There are numerous ways and solutions for technical things to work because there is always a solution

  • For this method, go to your menu option that is your windows start button the first one at the bottom-left on your screen

  • Now, press settings, the option placed right up of the power off option.

  • A windows setting tab will be opened

  • Now, the very first option, placed on the top left side named ‘system’, tap on it

  • When you click on it, on the very left side you will see a power and sleep option

  • A new tab will be opened, from here go to the right side of your screen you will see a related settings option, press on the ‘additional power settings’ option from here

  • By doing it, a new page will be opened with a different type of power plans for your windows settings

  • You need to check which plan is being selected now. It can either be a ‘balanced’ or ‘ultimate performance’ plan

  • Whichever plan is selected now, you will an option with the name change plan settings in front of every plan. Please click on the change plan settings of the plan which is already selected

  • Once you do it, a new tab will be opened with new settings, here you have to choose to Change advanced power settings

  • A small window will be opened with options, you will see ‘wireless adapter settings’ here

  • By expanding this option will a new option named ‘power saving mode’

  • Expand again the ‘power saving mode’
  • Now here you will see two more options. The very first one is ‘on battery’ and the second one is ‘plugged in’. Choose ‘maximum performance’ for both of the options.

  • Lastly, press the OK.

You can again go and check if your connection is stable now.

  1. IP Reset and Network Socket

Unfortunately, if our third method did not work for you. You can opt for this method now.

  • From the search bar, look for CMD or command prompt

  • Press the right-click and choose the option of ‘run as administrator

  • Now you will have a command prompt as admin

  • Now type ‘netsh winsock reset’

  • Now press the magical key ‘enter’. This will automatically reset the network adapter.

  • The next command you will be needed to type is ‘netsh ip reset resetlog.txt’ and ENTER

It will reset the IP log from your Windows 10 computer, this method has a high success rate, and most probably, it will work for you. Now exit the command. A restart of your laptop is required to check if your internet is working or not.

  1. Custom DNS

We have a high hope that if nothing worked out for you yet this method might be a help.

  • Find your laptop’s settings

  • Now go to ‘Network and Internet, and scroll down to the last. You will find ‘Change Adapter Options’ there

  • Pressing the option, you will find your listed WIFI adapter there

  • Right-click here and straight go to the Properties option

  • There will be a list of options, choose ‘Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

  • Double click on this option and choose the ‘Manual DNS’ or ‘use the following DNS server addresses


  • You can any options of DNS above mentioned

Once done. Close all windows open and check again if you got any luck with a stable internet connection yet.


We are not out of options yet, are we?

  • Press Windows + R

  • RUN command will be open once again

  • Now type services.msc in it and OK

  • Now you will see a long list of windows services running on your system

  • Go to the bottom and save time, you will find WLAN AutoConfig there

  • Click right and again click on the properties option.

  • In the General option, choose the ‘Startup type’ and again choose ‘AUTOMATIC’ and OK

Close all the tabs and you will need to restart your computer once again. If you got a stable connection many congratulations!

  1. Uninstallation of WIFI Driver

Hope is still there and so we are:

  • Press Windows + R once again to open RUN

  • Again type devmgmt.msc

  • Device Manager will open

  • You need to go to Network Adapter once again

  • You need to select your adapter and tap on it and this time choose the ‘uninstall device’ option on it

  • Check the option ‘delete the driver software for this device’ and UNINSTALL

Once you have uninstalled the WIFI driver, restart your HP laptop again. Once you have restarted your device again, it will reinstall the driver; check if it is working yet or not.

  1. Recondition Driver

If nothing has worked out yet, you will need to recondition your WIFI driver again. Now for this, you will need help from chrome or your personalized web browser.

  • Google your HP Laptop Model and its WIFI driver
  • Go to HP official website search for your laptop model and choose Networking or download the WLAN driver from there to your windows 10 laptop and restart again.

These were all the possible methods, which works well for HP laptops and especially windows 10. Most people get successful by trying only one or two methods. However, do not lose your hope until the end, because we have all possible methods, which are highly likely to work for all. If you are still getting issues kindly, get it checked by a professional. We have you get out of trouble by just following the information listed in this article.