Instantly Fix Hyperx Cloud Flight Mic Not Working

HyperX cloud is a known brand for their designs and their amazing quality. They claim to have crystal clear sound with comfort. This makes Flight the number one choice of gamers when it comes to purchasing a gaming headset. HyperX cloud include USB audio control box which and a sound card which help to enhance the user experience. Their mic includes features like noise cancellation. However, users have faced certain disruptions due to their mic does not work, which ruins the whole experience. Not having a working mic is a nightmare for gamers who play online games. Not to worry we are here with different fixes for hyperx cloud flight mic not working error.

Fix for HyperX Cloud flight mic not working

hyperx cloud flight mic not working is a common issue faced by the gamers. The user is unable to use the mic of their headset but the audio work fine. There can be many reasons behind this issue such as an outdated driver, misconfigured device settings, or maybe the jack or the usb switched is damaged.If you are using your headphones on xbox and xbox one controller headphone jack not working then there are many solutions available on our website.

Method#1: Checking the external connections of cloud flight

There could be a chance that the wire you plugged in the headphone jack of the HyperX cloud might not be properly inserted or the wire must be broken at the end. Do make sure the hyperX headset is not muted, if it is muted then you won’t be able to use the headset. If you are using the USB switcher try changing the USB port. There could be a problem with your USB port.You can learn to adjust windows 10 microphone sensitivity easily if you follow our guide properly.

Method#2: Troubleshooting the HyperX Microphone

The Windows troubleshooter has a lot of features which can help to detect and then fix the minor error caused by devices. You need to follow these steps to fix the mic error of your HyperX cloud

  • In the bottom right of your taskbar, look for the speaker icon and right click on it

  • Choose the open sound settings after the right click

  • In the sound windows, search for the “Input” option. Choose the HyperX headset in the option and then click on the troubleshoot button.

  • The windows will start troubleshooting the headset. It will detect the errors and try to fix it.

Your mic should be fixed now, if you still are facing problems when using your HyperX cloud, you can try these other solutions to fix your problem.

Method#3: Allowing mic access

Windows 10 might disable the microphone access to certain applications if you do not allow them. When this happens, you might face the error of mic not found or mic does not work. You need to give the headset the required permission. This is how you can give the permission:

  • Open the window settings from the start menu

  • Then Navigate to the privacy settings in the menu

  • In the privacy settings, look for the microphone settings

  • Click on allow apps to access your microphone. Now you have given permission to the applications to use the

Now start an application which requires a headset and test your microphone. This should have fixed the error. If the error still exists you need to try these other solutions.

Method#4: Reinstall the headset drivers

Usually, a corrupt driver or an outdated driver can be the cause of such a problem. You can either rei-install or update the driver of the headset to fix the problem. Drivers are the basic software or requirement needed to run the attached devices such as your headset. Follow these steps to re-install your drivers:

  • Press windows + R on your keyboard to launch the Run search box.

  • Type Devmgmt.msc in the run box and press ok

  • Locate the sound video and game controller settings in the device manager settings that opens up

  • Choose the HyperX virtual surround sound and click on uninstall. It will uninstall the current driver

  • Now disconnect your headset microphone from the computer and reboot your computer

  • When it turns back on, plug in your headphone set. It will now install the required drivers.

If you want to update your existing driver you need to select update driver instead of selecting uninstall device. This will open up a window and the windows will automatically search for the driver on the internet. If found it will install it and this will fix your issue. To test the updated or reinstalled driver, start an application which requires a headset and test your microphone. This should have fixed the error. If the error still exists you need to try these other solutions.

Method#5: Adjust the Microphone settings in the system

Make the HyperX headset as the default device on the computer to fix the issue. Here is how you can check and change if the HyperX headset is set as the default microphone:

  • Select the settings options from the start menu

  • Scroll and look for the control panel and open the control panel

  • Choose the sound option in the control panel and the open the recording tab

  • Right click on the empty space and then select show disabled devices

  • Right click on the HyperX microphone and select enable and then set as default.

  • Click on the properties and then increase the sound of the mic too

Now start an application which requires a headset and test your microphone. This should have fixed the error. If it still does not work you can check these other methods.

Method#6: Check the compatibility of the game with the microphone

Usually there is a conflict between the game and the microphone, as not all games support the hyperX cloud flight. You need to check if the game you are playing is compatible with the microphone. If it is then you need to try the above methods to fix the microphone error. If not, you need to either replace it or try it on a new game.


By now you must be able to fix your HyperX cloud does not work issue by using any of the above-mentioned methods. If you still are facing issues with your microphone, we would suggest contacting the customer support for a detailed solution.