Instantly Fix Hulu Activate Not Working

If you’re missing out on your favorite content due to your Hulu Activate not working then that can be really painful at times. This is because this streaming service is quite literally one of the most underrated ones out there. As good as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime may be, Hulu Activate is also a brilliant streaming app which you can use.

But there is also a big reason that there aren’t many users on this app or because the existing ones don’t renew their subscription. It is because your Hulu activate isn’t working. Oftentimes while working normally, your Hulu Activation might not take place which can be a problem for you.

This situation causes you to log out of your Hulu account without any information as to why this happened. With Hulu activate not working, there could be several possibilities that contribute to it. We shall be discussing them below as well as the solutions of this problem. Finally at the end we will be dealing with some FAQs that are asked frequently regarding this topic.


App Incompatibility

The causes for your Hulu Activate not working could be due to a number of reasons. The first of these being the incompatibility of your app with your smartphone or computer. Your Hulu app might not be compatible with the device you’re watching it on which is why you will need to change your device to upgrade to one where the app specifications are met.

Browser Settings

The next reason for your Hulu Activate not working could be due to incorrect browser settings where its cookies might be messed up or due to a large amount of cache, the Hulu Activate not working option shows up. This problem can be solved by using your app on another browser or by uninstalling and reinstalling your browser.

Activation Code Issues

Moving on, another problem which you could come across could be an activation code mismatch. In this situation, you often need a code to activate your Hulu app but unknowingly you might type in the wrong code which is why your Hulu account fails to be activated and prevents you from enjoying your favorite content. Make sure to type in the right code for your Hulu account to work.

Technical Errors

The final problem that could take place which prevents your Hulu app from working is you having a technical error from your service provider’s end which could cause your server to work poorly or because of internet issues. Since network issues might be the problem then you might need to refresh your internet connection.

Try These Solutions to fix Hulu Activate Not Working Error

Now that we’ve discussed the potential problems that might have caused this issue, we shall now move on to the solutions that we have to help you get out of this mess of your Hulu activate not working.

Restarting Your Hulu App

The first solution on our list for you is to relaunch your Hulu app after closing it. Although this trick is quite old as time itself, it certainly is the fix for most issues in life. From your WiFi router to your Hulu app, this is a pretty solid solution.

When you restart your application after closing it, it reduces the impact of the Hulu app which causes the app to run fresh and without any sort of bugs. Another thing to do is to close any background apps that are running in order to increase the processing and functionality of Hulu efficiently. Be it computers, smartphones, or tablets, restarting your app always helps.

Disable Ad Blocker

When you disable your ad blocker, then there is a pretty good chance you can be rescued out of this situation because there is this problem with ad blocker where it mistakes your Hulu app for an external video and audio source outsourced by online advertisers. This puts the Hulu app in the category of advertisements.

Hence why Ad blocker begins to filter out the contents of the Hulu app causing the app to crash or come up with an error during its time of activation.

Use the Right Code

When you have an unsuccessful attempt at activating your Hulu account, it is mainly due to a typing error from your end. This error can take place a number of times which is why you will need to type in your password carefully and while doing so, make sure to show the password so that before entering it you can check to see if it’s correct.

With several incorrect tries you can be locked out of your Hulu account which is an even bigger problem than the account not being activated.

Sometimes you might also be using an expired code for activation of your account which Hulu won’t be accepting. Since the code is already used, it cannot be used again to avail Hulu’s services. So make sure that the code you’re inserting is the correct one and one that hasn’t been used previously.

Change Your Browser

As we discussed earlier, using a specific browser could be the reason why your Hulu app might not be activated. You will need to open your Hulu app on a different browser in order to fix this problem. This is because many apps and their data aren’t compatible with a respective browser. Sometimes access might be restricted or the page might not be loading.

This is why you will need to change your browser to make sure that the Hulu app which you access on it, works properly. Usually the most-used browser is Google Chrome but if that doesn’t work for you then you can choose others like Opera or Microsoft Edge.

Reset Password

While using a number of different platforms, sometimes it is hard to access your Hulu account after a prolonged period of inactivity. When such conditions arise, you are automatically given an option by Hulu to reset your account’s password in order to restrict shady activity if it takes place on your account.

Keeping cyber safety in mind, changing your Hulu password is going to help keep your account safe while making sure your account’s password doesn’t go to anyone else apart from you. Your account will allow you to verify your personal account details and change your password as per your liking.

A number of Hulu users have managed to reset their passwords in order to successfully reactivate their accounts. You can do the same if you are concerned for the safety of your account.

Login Using Email

Linking your email to your Hulu account is a great method to make sure your details are kept safe with both accounts being in sync. The login to your Hulu account can be difficult if you enter the wrong credentials or if you end up forgetting your username and password.

Thankfully the option to log in to your account is possible by means of your email account and many users who fail to remember their Hulu account details use this method to log in to their Hulu account. When you do not use your account for days, you tend to forget your account details and that is quite normal.

Clear Your Browsing Cache

One more solution that might help you get rid of the problem of your Hulu activate not working is by clearing the cache on your browser. This includes your metadata such as browsing history and other pointless cookies that have no use on your browser.

After clearing the cache of your browser you will observe a performance boost that is surely going to fix your problem. Clearing the cache can also solve problems such as uneven crashes and bugs which you do not expect from your browser.

Browsing in Incognito Mode

If you don’t want to go through the lengthy process of clearing your cache from your browser settings then you can stream Hulu on your browser in incognito mode. The reason the incognito mode is so popular is because it doesn’t store any kind of cookies, browsing history, or even passwords which is why using this mode would be ideal for you.

Since no data is stored this means that you won’t be needing to clear any of it every now and then. So whenever you’ll go on to stream Hulu, it’ll be without any crashes and issues with Hulu activation. The only downside? You will need to enter your credentials every single time while logging in through incognito.


Now that we’ve discussed the solutions, we hope some of these methods came in handy to you. When your Hulu activation doesn’t take place then that can be a serious problem that prevents you from watching your favorite shows. Make sure to carry out these troubleshooting methods to make sure your Hulu service doesn’t show any kinds of errors.

Before you know it, you’ll get around this problem and enjoy your favorite shows like you used to!