Ipconfig Media Disconnected : Fix it now

The problematic issue is viewable after running the ‘ipconfig /all’ command in the CMD, which will display your devices and settings related to the network connection. The ipconfig media disconnected error can also emerge in other scenarios, and it can emerge as the standalone message, but the purpose of it is the same. Some real connection issues might follow the problem, but at times, it appears without there being any evident issues with the Internet connection. Either way, it is irritating, so follow the fixes mentioned below for preventing them from occurring again.

Try These Fixes To Solve The ipconfig Media Disconnected Issue:

Fix#1: Resetting The WINSOCK & IP Stack

You can simply reset your network configurations in the Win 10 by simply resetting IP Stack and WINSOCK. The majority of the local area connection media disconnected can be resolved this way.

  • In the search box at the start, enter cmd > right-click on Command Prompt for selecting Run as admin.

  • Run the ‘netsh Winsock reset catalog’, ‘netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log’, and ‘netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log’ commands one by one > hit Enter after each command.

  • After completing resetting the Windows IP stack and Sockets API entries, reboot the PC for letting the changes take effect. Then, check if the issue is resolved.

Fix#2: Running The Network Troubleshooter

  • Click Start > the symbol which looks like a gear for launching the Settings window.

  • Navigate to Updates & security > to the Troubleshoot section.

  • Choose the Network adapter troubleshooter > run it.

  • Reboot your system and check if it can assist you in resolving the problem.

Fix#3: Checking If Your Network Adapter Is Enabled

If you’ve disabled your network adapter in the Win 10 system, then your Ethernet adapter or wireless local area network adapter media disconnected issue can occur. So, you have to re-enable this well.

  • Navigate to Settings > go to Network and Internet > open Ethernet > click on the Change adapter options for opening the Network Connections interface. On the other hand, you can enter ‘ncpa.cpl’ in the Run dialog box (which can be opened by simply hitting the Win key + R key) > click OK for opening the interface.

  • After that, simply right-click on the network adapter > select Enable.

Fix#4: Power-Cycling Your Router, Modem & System

Sometimes, your network adapter doesn’t pick up your IP address from your router. You can simply power-cycle your system to fix the problem.

  • Switch off your router, modem, and system.

  • Switch on only your modem > wait till all its lights are stable.

  • Turn your router on > wait till all its lights are stable.

  • Connect any one device other than the Windows 10 system (for example, the phone) to the router and check if your internet connection is functioning on it. If yes, then simply go on to the next step.

  • Power on your system and allow it to pick up your IP address.

It’s one of the best fixes stated in this text and ought to usually fix the problem. If not, then try the following fixes.

Ipconfig Media Disconnected

Fix#5: Disabling The Network Sharing

Disabling the network sharing for your adapter ought to be accomplished to resolve the wireless LAN adapter media disconnected problem on Windows 10 system. It’s been proved to be useful by a few users, so it’s worth a shot.

  • Navigate to the Network Connections interface by following the steps mentioned in fix#3.
  • Then, simply right-click on the Wi-Fi > choose Properties.

  • Under the Sharing section, uncheck the check-box next to the Allow other users of the network to connect through this PC’s Internet connection option.

  • Click on OK.

Fix#6: Factory Resetting The Router

If there’s really something wrong with the router, you can resolve these issues by simply factory resetting it and check if the error is gone. It is not a hard procedure, and it’s helped a lot of individuals, but the new issue is that most router makers have their own methods of resetting the routers. Still, there’re a few similarities:

  • With the house router switched on, move it to that side that has its Reset button. It may be on the bottom or the back. If there’s no such, button contemplate the manual to check if the Power button can be utilized for the same reason.

  • With something pointy and small, such as the paperclip, hold down its Reset button for about thirty seconds.

  • After releasing this button, wait another thirty secs for your router to completely reset and switch back on.

An alternative technique called the thirty-thirty-thirty hard reset rule comprises holding down the reset button for ninety secs instead of thirty. It can be used to try if the basic thirty-second version does not help.

If there’s no such button on the router of if you’ve completed this procedure, but the issue is not fixed, you can always make use of the browser for performing another kind of reset, which will generally reset the settings.

  • Open the web browser > enter the Default Gateway number (internet protocol address and it is usually into its address bar > hit Enter. For finding out this number for sure, make use of the Win + R buttons combination > enter cmd before hitting OK. Enter ipconfig in the CMD window > copy the number next to the Default Gateway.

  • Enter the password and username for accessing the interface of your router. The default password and username ought to be listed in the documentation of your router. If you’ve changed the password and the username, enter those credentials instead.

  • The settings we’re searching for have a diverse spot for diverse router companies, but it can mostly be located simply either in the general navigation section or in the Wireless Settings. Click Reset Settings > confirm any boxes. Reboot the PC after the procedure is over and check if the ipconfig media disconnected problem is gone.