Is 400 Mbps Good for Gaming?

Gaming requires a good internet connection especially when it comes to online gaming. Reddit, Quora, and similar websites are jammed with questions like are 400 Mbps or some other specific speed is good enough for your online gaming experience. Generally, the question that needed to be answered here is what is a good internet speed and connection.

A good internet speed is determined by some factors that are a part of an internet connection. We will now briefly look upon these factors and this guide will help you better understand what things you should consider when you are trying to determine an internet connection for yourself.

Factors that determine a good connection:

1. Download Speed

Many internet service providers advertise their download speed as a basic factor – it is actually a basic factor – and it attracts the consumer eye as well. Download speed determines how fast you will be able to download almost anything in a given period.

For example, if your internet has 3 Mbps and you need to download a heavy file of 60 to 70 GB. It will take a few days to complete. However, if you use a connection of 5 Mbps it will take a bit less time and if you are using a high-class internet connection like 100 to 200 Mbps it will be completed within a few hours.

When you need to download a game the download speed matters but it does not really affect when you just need to play the same game.

2. Upload Speed

The next on our list is the upload speed. Normally it has been seen that your upload and download speed are similar but they vary as well. The upload speed helps to maintain a connection with your game server as well as streaming platforms.

Usually, for a normal gaming experience, you might need 3 Mbps speed to play smoothly but if you are playing heavy-duty games you need to consider a higher upload speed bar. Another factor that comes to play is when you try to play games and stream it at the same time and your connection is 4 Mbps or lower you might see the lag in the game and stream as well. So, in order to enjoy all these functions, it is highly recommended to use a stable and connection with Mbps.

3. Latency

The next factor is latency. The rule for a good latency is that the lower the latency the better is the connection. Latency determines the time – in milliseconds – taken by your computer to reach the game servers and communicate.

If you have a good connection, but still there is a lag in between this might be due to the higher latency.

4. Ping

Ping is a concept very similar to your latency. It determines your latency. Just like latency, your ping should be very low and it is measured in milliseconds. If you play on game servers near your location, it greatly helps to reduce the ping.

5. Packet loss

Packet loss happens when information from your gaming server gets slowdown or obstructed on its way back to your computer. This usually happens when you are using heavy-duty games and you are using the best of your internet.

All these factors affect your gaming experience and are usually the reason behind the lag you notice while gaming. You can reduce these and at the same time improve these factors by choosing a suitable internet connection.

Now, we will briefly explain the types of internet connections available, as well as how they work.

The personification of internet connections:

There are various internet connections available in the world today and each has its own benefit. Some are better and advanced than others and you can choose the right one for you according to your need and budget.

1. Mobile phone data connection

The data connection is the most common way and almost every other person uses it. The data connection is okay if you are using it on your mobile phone but if you use it on your PC or laptop for online gaming it might cost you a fortune.

2. Satellite connection

The next is the old school and slow internet connection known as satellite internet connection. This is usually used in not very developed areas and it is not reliable when it comes to latency and ping. You need to set antennas to catch the internet connection and most of the time internet is not there.

3. Fiber Connection

The most reliable and modern way of internet connection. This comes with almost no issue and good speed. If you opt for this option, issues like lag, latency, and ping will never arise again. It also gives you a free hand to use multiple console users in the same house, no lag, and streams as much you want and like.

4. Cable Connection

The cable connection was very popular as soon as it was launched and many people still use it. Normally an ISP is responsible for this connection and you pay a monthly fee just like your TV fee. It can be good and bad depending on the type of connection you chose and the name of the company.

5. Wireless Connection vs Wired Connection

Another option is the wireless connection. This is the best option when it comes to stable connection on a good long-distance throughout the whole house. It is best when you have more than one user at home and requires a good speed for each of them. The only issue that arises is when you lose signals due to blockage.

However, when it comes to a wired connection, you need to keep your devices close else, you will start to see lag or even no connection due to signals issue. However, a wired connection is more stable and efficient and if you ever need to choose between the two, it should always be a wired connection.


A stable and good internet connection is the need of the hour and you should be very wise while choosing it. Always consider your needs, demands, and match them with what a company is giving you and even if it is worth it.