Is MacBook Air Good for Programming – Resolve your Queries

In this developing age, programming has become the basic need; to develop different software, apps, and websites, you need to do programming. For hassle-free programming, you need an appropriate skill and a reliable as well as high-featured laptop.

MacBook is a stylish as well as a well-featured laptop that serves you in many ways but what do you think is MacBook Air good for programming, too?

To explore the answer you can dig out this article but keep in mind, every MacBook is not compatible for programming but the latest ones, just like MacBook.

Let’s explore more about the MacBook, its features, and its performance for programming.

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Is MacBook Air Good for Programming – Yes or No?

Not all MacBooks are going to be used for programming but the new MacBook Air is the best laptop for programming. It is equipped with a new M1 chip, which is perfect, and powerful enough to handle hard programming tasks.

The battery timings of the MacBook is another reason why it is ideal for programming and ranked number one among all Apple devices. The battery can run for at least 11 hours continuously. WOW, battery timing allows you to do time-taking programming tasks without any worry about power shortage. This battery also makes it yoru best travel partner.

Other salient features that stand Apple MacBook in the list of best devices for programming is its storage space, processor, RAM size, and most importantly silent use ( the fanless feeling). Because of all these reasons we recommend you to go for the new MacBook Air for completing programming-related projects.

M1 MacBook Air Vs. Programmers

Before Dec 2020, previous MacBooks by Apple are not suggested to use for programming purposes, or for the use of pro software engineers. But now the new and advanced M1 highly recommends using it for programming.

But before you use the Macbook of Apple to do some basic tasks for example they were best for entry-level tools and software and do not support the programming. The programming was not possible why? It was not because of the system’s hardware but due to the lack of needed backend optimizations.

But keep your worries aside because the new M1 is packed with an M1 chip which is far better than typical Intel processors. It also supports communication between each hardware component. When we talk about memory it is much larger than the old one having 8 Gig RAMs.

What Makes A Laptop Ideal For Programming?

When programmers search for a laptop, they need huge specifications, and this is not their fault. Programming includes coding which in itself is a  hard task to do. It does not matter whether you are going to code a website, a game, or doing it for an app. It is a fact that coding is a complex task, and to do so a high-end laptop is needed.

Whenever picking up a laptop for programming don’t forget to check the RAM size. Always go for a RAM size that will smoothly run programming tasks. Programming is itself a time-taking task, and no one wants to waste precious time just because of the laptop. Some laptops do 2 hours work in 6 hours, this is a cause of frustration for sure.

So to do programming spend on a laptop having at least 8 GB RAM, more than this will be the best. If you are a game developer consider even more RAM size. We suggest you go for a laptop that has the capacity to extend the RAM.

Note: Apple does not offer to upgrade the RAM in any of its MacBook models as the RAM is soldered to the motherboard. But if you are looking for a laptop that can handle programming tasks easily a 16GB of RAM is a perfect decision.

MacBook Air Specifications That Make It Ideal For Programming

When Apple released the M1 chip in November 2020, all the tech specialists across the globe knew that Apple came up with something unique.

A giant in the tech industry. The latest M1 chip is like the fresh air on Apple’s MacBook brand, comes with the speed of a bullet train, and is efficient like the F16. The MacBook offers great value for the money. Do you want to know what specification makes it the number one choice of programmers? Yes! Then continue reading.

● High-Grade Processor

The latest Macbook Air is now powered with an M1 chip. This is what makes it more powerful for programming. But if you use a laptop quite often and search for more power than this then the MacBook Pro will be a wise choice. The older versions of MacBooks work with either an Intel Core i3 or i5 processor. They were not so bad but less powerful than an Apple M1 chip without any doubt.

For minimal programming courses, many universities suggest using previous i5 processors. This indicates that the Macbook Air’s i3 processor is not so great for programming tasks, or we can say not an ideal choice in the eyes of experts.

However, the 13-inch Macbook Pro leaves behind the Macbook Air in terms of processor performance which works with a clock speed of  2.0 GHz.The older MacBook Pro uses a quad-core i5 processor as compared to the Macbook Air’s 1.1 GHz dual-core i5 processor.

Apple now evolves its MacBooks, and now this time they come up with an M1 chip, which proves itself to be very quick in working on new Macs. This simply means that more cores are running at the higher GHz, which increases the clock speed, and power of the processor.

● Supported Apps

The MacBook Air is capable of running iPadOS and iOS apps smoothly. Do you have a question: how is it possible? It is possible mates because of the highly advanced new M1 chip that is an ARM-based processor. This is quite the same with A-series chips used in the iPad and iPhone.

Hurrah! It means developers have the freedom to run all iPad and iPhone applications over here. And this is not the end. Just because Apple added an M1 chip in its MacBooks, and moved from using an older Intel processor does not mean it is now unable to run apps which you run on a laptop. It runs all laptop apps fastly and in smoother ways on the M1 chip MacBook also.

Apple updates all of its apps and allows them to run efficiently on the M1 chip MacBooks. A new development that abolishes all hurdles for developers.

● The Outstanding Display

People looking for a 13-inch MacBook Pro for programming will not be disappointed as you can code easily on any size of the display. The display boasts a 2,560 x1600 resolution and is LED-backlit along with IPS technology. So there is a lot of room to increase the resolution a bit and maximize the screen real estate.

It is also a fact that programming is a time-taking task and some of the programmers consider a 13-inch screen unsuitable. But if you will see the other factors, it is a  wise decision to choose a MacBook Air. These MacBooks are not so heavy which means you can easily transfer them from location to location. The small screen size also allows you to put it comfortably in the backpack, and move around.

If you will use the 13-inch laptop for programming for some time period, the chances are great that you will get used to it. But when you move to 15-inch size from 13-inch and try to move back, it will become difficult for you. So we recommend continuing using this screen size as you don’t have any more options.

● The Well-Designed Keyboard

It is common that most people want to switch from older versions of Macs that have butterfly keyboards. Because this keyboard has so many issues, for example, it was so light to touch and prone to failure. The keys also do not work properly due to the dirt which is stuck between the keys. Even most of the users are unhappy with its arrow key.

But this is the past now the new version of Macs comes with a backlit Magic Keyboard. The advanced scissor-switch mechanism is loved by loyal Mac users and long-time Mac users are back again. The inverted-T arrow keys are back also.

At first, programmers were unaware of the importance of a good keyboard, but with the passage of time, they know how important this is. The Magic keyboard actually makes typing faster, reliable, smoother, and fun-filled.

The new inverted arrow keys allow navigation through lines of code, game environment, and also spreadsheet rows and columns. Another super-duper offer in new Macs is the presence of a Touch ID sensor for authentication, and it is present on all 2020 Macs. The Macbook Pro comes with a shorter form of the Touch Bar.

●The Overall Design

Changes in the new MacBook Air M1 aren’t external only. MacBook comes in the market with the same old design as the older versions have. They are available in silver, space gray, and gold colors whose body is made up of pure 100% recycled aluminum. One thing more, they are not as heavy as other laptops. The lightweight feature makes them easy to transport, and programmers can use them on the go.

●       Great Memory and Storage

Programming is a tough job, and you need to store a huge number of files. Most of the programmers even buy some external storage devices to store files as the laptop does not have much space. But still, if you are going to store large files which take too much space, it will eventually lessen the performance of the laptop. So it will be better to go for external storage devices.

The MacBook Air has the ability to boast a 256GB memory space. But you can add even more. So cool indeed! You can add further memory and take it to 512GB, 1TB, and finally, 2TB. Now we think that is enough for storing a large number of files. So when you have the MacBook Air, don’t go to buy an external device. Instead of this, you can increase the memory of the laptop.

●       Superb Battery Life

When we talk about MacBook air battery life, it is a beast. The battery can easily work for 11 hours, and sometimes to 18 hours but it totally depends on usage. Always remember that power-demanding apps drain the battery faster. Also, try to close the unnecessary apps running in the background as they can chew the battery quickly.

What amazing features MacBook Air has, you might be thinking that it’s price is also heavy, but it is not true; let’s explore the details of MacBook Air price.

How Much Does The MacBook Air Cost?

When you get the Apple latest M1 chip in your MacBook Air then be ready to pay for more. However, as stated by the Apple official website it costs you about $999. This is not affordable for everyone as it is a bit expensive device.

But are you sure to make this much investment in a laptop? Are you confused? Then we have a tip for you. Firstly intended usage is going to determine whether you need the MacBook air or not.

We know people buy laptops for so many reasons which could be related to video editing, graphics designing, programming, gaming, or for doing daily routine tasks such as internet surfing, writing, or making assignments. If you are a professional programmer, and this is your bread and butter, then we highly recommend you to go for this device.

The Bottom Line

Programming is an above-level task, you  can not use any of the laptops for programming but the one that is embedded with reliable, high-grade, and innovative features.

Experts say, MacBook air is superb for programming due to the comobaion of its immersive display, easy-to-use keyboard,  high-featured processor, and many more other reasons.

If you want a laptop that can be used for programming, you can choose the MacBook Air by blindly trusting it.