Kindle Won’t Turn on – How to Fix It?

If you have ever used any of Amazon’s services, you will know that they are quite reliable and effective at what they advertise to do! The Amazon Kindle device is no different! This is the future of book reading, especially on the move. If you love to read books but simply do not have the space to keep a whole library, the Amazon Kindle provides e-readers for all sorts of users.

The Amazon Kindle device will not only let you read through your favorite books but also allows you to download them, buy them and interact with books, magazines, newspapers, and other forms of digital media in a completely different way! All of this can be done via the Kindle Store.

However, just as any other piece of technology, the Amazon Kindle is also prone to issues and the worst is when turning it on becomes impossible! There are luckily quite a few steps you can take to correct the issue when your Kindle device won’t turn on! In today’s article, we are going to list them out for you to help you fix it!

How to fix it when Kindle wont turn on?

Method #1 : Try resetting it.

If your Kindle device won’t turn on, you don’t need to automatically assume that it is damaged and will not run on again. Many times electronic devices just get stuck and there are easy fixes to that. You can try to unlock the Kindle device and try to reset it.

Simply hold down the power button for a minimum of 20 seconds. After this, you can turn it back on when it has switched off properly. After you have done this one or two times, your kindle device will most likely turn on.Solve amazon prime internet connectivity problem now if you are facing this error.

Method #2 : Opt for a complete Factory Reset.

In case your normal reset method failed to fix the issue, you can always opt for a hard reset and that is usually a Factory Reset. It will reboot the device to its factory settings and do so by clearing out all data and apps. All you have to do is click on the Quick Settings and then select the option that reads More, then select Device and finally, Reset to Factory Defaults.

Method #3 : Make sure the charger is okay.

If your Amazon Kindle still won’t turn on even after you have tried the steps above, we recommend that you try to see if the problem lies elsewhere! You need to make sure that the issue is not with the charger of your Kindle! It might have gotten old or damaged and this means that it might be damaged.

You can either try to fix it if you have the skills but the easiest thing to do is to replace it or, you can use another similar cable or adapter. Similarly, avoid charging your Kindle using a computer. This can be done via a USB port but it can harm the battery of your device over time and might be why it won’t turn on.

Method #4 : Try replacing the Kindle’s battery.

This can be a little tricky since you won’t be able to buy a replacement battery for your Kindle device. This is because Amazon doesn’t make any! However, you can find viable alternatives on 3rd party sites. There are quite a few options to choose from.

Tip: Make sure you are not charging the Kindle in areas where the temperature is too cold or too hot as this can damage the battery as well.

Method #5 : Contact Amazon customer services.

If none of these solutions are working out for you, you can also contact Amazon help support and they will probably assist you with other potential reasons why the Kindle won’t turn on. Along with solutions on how to fix it.

If it is covered in your warranty, then they might request you send it back to them for a checkup. You might also want to contact your local Kindle technicians to help repair the device. They will certainly know exactly what is wrong with your Kindle device.

Finally, our step-by-step guide on why your Kindle device won’t turn on has come to an end! Although this might be a frustrating issue that most Kindle users can experience at one point or another, you will appreciate that the problem is quite easy to fix.

You won’t need any professional help to get it done either and that means you save both your money and your time! We’ve done our part in making this process easier for you and we hope that you have had an insightful journey thanks to this review!