Quickly Fix Laptop Battery 0 Available Plugged in Not Charging Hp,Dell,Asus

One may face several problems while charging the battery of a laptop. In some cases, the battery is not getting charged even if plugged in charging while you may also have seen issues where the plugged charger is fine but the battery has a problem when the operating system shows an x sign on the battery. But if these both aren’t the case, and still the plugged charger is not working properly, then there might be some other problem. Most of the people are facing an annoying issue nowadays, where the battery sign shows that the laptop is charging also, the charger is plugged in but, the percentage is stuck at 0%. When you go to the battery icon it will say “0% available plugged in charging”. Your laptop will work normally, but the second you will remove the plugged charger it will be turned off as the battery isn’t getting charged.

Possible Reasons for the problem:

One cannot say that there is some specific reason for the problem because there can be many possibilities causing it. Some think that the problem is with the charging port, but that is not true because it is very rare that your charging port is problematic in this problem. Mostly, the problem is caused by the battery or the motherboard’s charging section. Well, in these cases you should take the laptop to a repair shop, and get the issue resolved.Solve lenovo chromebook keyboard not working after checking our detailed guide if you are facing the error.

Besides this, some other possible causes can lead to this issue. If you haven’t charged the battery of your laptop for a long time, then there are chances that it has got completely discharged due to which the battery is not able to recharge now. Viruses of malware can also be a major reason behind this problem, outdated drivers do not support the proper plugged charging. Lastly, some software or hardware issues or faulty hardware can also let this not charging thing happen to your laptop.Are you facing issue in microsoft surface pro and your microsoft surface touch screen not working ? check solutions.

How to solve the problem:

Now, there are multiple ways to fix this not charging issue even when the laptop is plugged in charging. Before going to proper methods, one should try some quick methods as these methods may save you a lot of time.

  • See if an update of OS is available, then update it.
  • Updating BIOS can also help sometimes.
  • Try another charger to see if the problem is with the plugged charger
  • Sometimes, the power cords are damaged due to bending and flexing which may not let the proper power supply to the laptop. Look for such damages and get your plugged charger
  • Look if there is any dust or dirt in the jack because that may weaken the connection between the plugged charger and the charging Clean it and let your laptop get charged properly.
  • If your laptop is getting heated frequently, maybe because of older versions or a poor cooling system, then avoid using it on couches or beds because that can also generate battery
  • Reinstall the battery driver after uninstalling it so that, it can be updated.
  • Remove the battery and insert it again and see if it gets charged by making sure the charger is plugged


Here, some detailed methods are discussed that will help you to fix this problem, all you have to do is follow every step according to it, and your laptop will start getting charged hopefully.You can easily and quickly solve xbox one controller headphone jack not working as well.


Detect the problem:

  • Not always you will see your light blinking just next to the power LED, but if any green or orange light blinks right there, then it is telling you that there is some problem with the hardware. Now, talking about hardware, the fault can be anywhere, in the motherboard, adaptor, or even battery.

Buy a new charger:

  • First, with a power cord start the laptop after removing the battery from it. Now, if it turns on, then the issue isn’t in the power cord or plugged charger but if not, then that means there is some fault in the plugged charger or power cord. Buy a new one and your problem will be solved.

Replace the battery:

  • Now, in the first scenario, where the laptop turns on, the problem can be with the battery. It can be having some minor issue also, there are chances that it is completely damaged if not charging Usually, a battery survives 4 to 5 years but, there are exceptions as well. Hence, plan on purchasing a new battery but before buying, make sure that the battery goes with your laptop. Also, to ensure that the problem is with the battery, grab a spare battery from someone for a while, replace it and check either the laptop is charging or not. If yes, then buy a new battery for your laptop.

  • If you are planning to have an online purchase, then make sure that you are choosing the right battery from a trusted site like Amazon or any other.


As discussed, outdated drivers can be a cause of the not charging issue even when the laptop is plugged in charging. For such a case, you need to update the drivers by reinstalling them. The whole process takes just 5 minutes, so don’t worry, the problem will be solved soon. Follow the easy steps to update your outdated drivers.

  • At the right of the start symbol on the bottom left corner of your desktop, you will see a Cortana search. Type device manager and search for it. Whereas, if you have an older version of windows, then open the My computer folder. Now, you will some options on the top, select manage. A list of options will appear on the screen, choose Device manager.

  • After opening the device manager, you will now see various options but you have to select batteries.

  • The device drivers related to the battery will be shown when you click on batteries. Among all those device drivers find and click Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery.

  • Now you will see some options, one of which will be to uninstall the device, click on it to uninstall the driver.

  • Now, you have to reinstall the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery, the same driver you uninstalled.
  • Again, from the device manager menu, right-click on batteries. Now select scan for hardware changes from the menu to reinstall the driver. Also, restarting the PC will install the driver automatically.

  • If the problem is solved by following these steps, then it shows that problem was with the outdated drivers, but if not then try other helpful methods.


Sometimes, the static energy is not completely removed from your PC and that can cause various issues one of which is this not charging issue even when the laptop is plugged in charging. This will not let the operating system detect the battery. To resolve this issue, just follow the easy steps and we hope that your problem gets solved.

  • Remove the battery from your laptop

  • To discharge the static energy left in your laptop, press the power button and hold it for around 20 seconds and the remaining static energy will be removed.

  • Do not insert the battery and turn on the laptop.

  • Insert the battery after booting.

  • Your battery will now start getting charged if static energy was the root cause. Well, if not then look for some other reasons.


Charge for some hours

If all these methods are not working, then try the last option that may help you.

  • Remove the battery from your laptop and drain the static energy by pressing and holding the power button for 20 seconds.

  • Now insert the battery and get the charger plugged.

  • Let your laptop be charged for several hours.

  • Now, with the battery, turn on your laptop and see if it is getting charged. If yes, then the battery is fine.


We have discussed the possible methods that can be used to solve the annoying issue in which the laptop shows that it is charging but is not getting charged actually. We hope that these solutions will help you and you can get on with your work. Sometimes, the reason for the problem is the same, but the solution does not work on your laptop. Nowadays, there is a wide range of laptops in the market. Yours may have some eccentric features hence if the method is not applicable, then it is better to consult with tech support for a better solution.

Not always it is for sure that the problem is in the battery, plugged charger, or charging port when your laptop is not charging. Some inside issues can also cause these problems which a normal person cannot detect and solve. Just like a patient needs to visit a doctor for internal complications, your laptop should be taken to a repairer. The possible issues with motherboard or battery sensors will be made right by him. If any of these methods are not working, then we will recommend you to take your laptop to a professional repairer.