Instantly Fix Laptop Screen Weird Colors and Lines

Today’s world is all about gadgets and online work. Books are replaced with Mac, IPad, and Laptops. Most office jobs are replaced with online work. Classroom lectures are replaced with online classes and meetings are being held at Zoom, and all this digital evolution is an aftermath of COVID-19. We, humans, have the tendency to evolve according to our surroundings and we have a huge potential of changing our ways of living with the period, if not we would still be using old methods to live our lives. We naturally have the tendency to grow and do better than those who were here before us.

All of us live in a digital world and we use laptops for learning, earning, and socializing purposes on daily basis. Laptops and phones are our gadgets and day-to-day tools for communication. We are dependent on them with our lives and the good gadget is a necessity of every being to survive – yes, I must say it is a survival tool – our lives are dependent on it for good. If it has pros in our lives, surely there are cons too.

As a part of this digital world member, I understand how frustrating it gets when anything goes south. While working on your Laptop, you have an assignment to complete, the deadline is in thirty-five minutes, and you are trying to type 50 words per minute, and suddenly your laptop or monitors screen starts showing weird colors or all you can see on the screen are lines. Your heart will sink and you will feel like you cannot breathe in that exact moment.

Have you been there? On the other hand, I should ask are you there at this point. If you are reading this piece of information, I assume you are either facing a screen with lines and Googling every way possible to overcome this. If so, do not worry, the very first thing you need to do right now is relax so you can focus on the solution more precisely. In this article, we will share the reasons, why it happens, how to overcome it, and lastly how to avoid these kinds of problems in the future because your gadget is your armor; know how to use it and how to protect it in all possible ways.

In this guide, we will educate you on how to repair your laptop screen in the most possible ways. It does not really matter which device on which windows you are using, these steps will work on all kinds of computers or laptops. The problem varies according to the situation and your gadget’s specs and configuration. You can check the issue with this guide and apply the solution accordingly.

Different Solutions to Fix Laptop Screen Weird Colors and Lines

  1. Broken Screen/ Dented Display

The initial step is to turn on your laptop or whatever device you are using. The very first step to figuring out the problem here. If your laptop or computer screen does not open with the initial logo on it – all PC and laptops do this while starting – instead, all you see is a flickering screen or vertical lines on it, it clearly means that there are physical problems involved.

  • If your cable – which connects your screen with the motherboard – is damaged you will face this issue
  • If you somehow applied pressure on your screen it must be cracked and due to this reason you are facing this issue

If you are facing this issue, you need to change your connection cable or the screen entirely in order to resolve this issue. It is highly recommended you get it checked by a professional repairing store to do it, but if you are good with computers, you can do it at home too.

  1. Display Driver

Now, once we are sure that the issue is not physical, we will be checking out the technical issues. The very first one here is the display drivers’ issue. It arises when your device automatically downloads new display drivers that are not compatible with your display adapter or windows distribution. Due to this, you might experience flickering or weird colors or lines over your screen.

How to Verify if This Is the Issue With Your Device?

There are two possible ways which can confirm if you’re your screen is showing weird colors or lines due to display driver issues.

Task Manager Flicker:

  • Open your task manager by simply clicking CTRL+SHIFT+ESC

  • If your task manager is flickering, it confirms the fact that this is a display driver issue

External Display

  • This method is more reliable and can confirm 100%
  • Attach an external display to your laptop and see if it is showing weird colors, lines, or flickering.

Repair Display Drivers:

If it is confirmed by the above-mentioned steps that you are facing a display driver issue you will need to update your drivers. Kindly follow:

  • Go to your windows search bar or you can go to the control panel

  • Tap on Device Manager.

  • Now search for the option of ‘Device Adapters’ and there will be an arrow behind it named Intel(R) HD Graphics

  • Right press on this option to uninstall this driver. Please make sure your internet is connected and you are uninstalling this driver on the attached monitor.

  • Once done, go back to your laptop again and restart your device

  • Now, when you will restart your computer your screen will not show those lines again and your laptop will be on updates.
  • Now, go back to the device manager and then to device adapters

  • You will see that Intel(R) HD Graphics is replaced with Microsoft basic display adapter

This is your generic display driver that is installed in your device before it updates itself to other drivers automatically. This driver cannot run some modes and functions at your computer so you need to update this basic driver according to your device’s requirements.

  • Click the right on the Microsoft basic display adapter
  • Choose the very first, update driver option

  • Search automatically for driver software

  • It will automatically update the right driver for your device.
  1. Disk Cleanup for Colored Screen:

If you are seeing a pink, blue, or green color, all on your display you need to follow these steps to get rid of them instantly:

  • Open your search bar on windows and type ‘Disk Cleanup’

  • You will be needed to choose which drive you want to clean up

  • It will be on C drive automatically

  • Click on it and then again click on clean up system files

  • You will again see the option to choose drive. Tap Ok on it once again

  • Now, the process will calculate how much space you are using and you will be given again the option to delete the files permanently.


  • Click on it. Once the process is completed
  • Search for a ‘RUN’ app on your computer

  • You will have the choice to opt for type file/programs here
  • Type %temp% and click OK on it

  • A folder will open.

  • Copy all files in here and delete them
  • Now again choose RUN and type ‘prefetch’ and click OK

  • Copy all files here and delete them again
  • Once completed. Delete all files from your recycle bin too.

Restart your computer again and the issue will be resolved. There is an alternative temporary method too, which required you to gently press on the screen and after doing it on different spots for a while the color would be gone for good.

Horizontal Lines:

If you are seeing horizontal lines on your screen, it clearly means that your screen is damaged or broken. In any case, you will need to replace your screen with a new one and it is highly recommended that you take your device to its official store and get it replaced with a new one.

If you think, you can do it at home or you want to educate yourself beforehand we will list down a procedure how it is done:

  • First of all the screws of your screen that has connected it with the laptop will be removed
  • Now, they will remove panel ribbon cables
  • If the lines are vertical it will be because the wires from this panel are loose
  • Applying some pressure on this ribbon might fix this issue
  • You can put that pressure accordingly and it will solve the issue for good.

This is one way to solve it and there are numerous more. It all depends on the kind of issue you are facing now. The solution will be chosen accordingly. You can try to resolve the technical issues on your own at home but we will highly recommend taking it to its official store for hardware problems. These steps will help your sort the color, lines, and screen flickering issues once and for all. You can also check if you are having a hardware or software issue now and can resolve it accordingly. We hope that these steps would have helped you resolve the issue.