Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On – Crack Reasons and Solutions

Lenovo is a trustworthy brand that never disappoints its users due to its up to the mark performance. The amazing blend of its price, features, and performance is more than satisfying.

But unfortunately, despite these all favors, the user feels very sad and disappointed because the Lenovo laptop often won’t turn on. No matter how long you press the power button, it never gets on, regardless of how new the laptop is.

Are you also a victim of this issue? Does your Lenovo laptop also create problems in turning on? Easy peasy! You have got covered in this blog post.

Get into this article and figure out the reasons, solutions, and tips to avoid Lenovo laptop won’t turn on error.

So, here you go!

Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On : What Should Be The Reasons

When a user presses the power button, the laptop won’t turn on. Most of the time, the power LED blinks 2 to 3 times, but it shows the screen black. Lenovo users complain that they hear no beep sound even though no keypad backlight shows. Sometimes there are no instructions related to BIOS.

Well, many reasons are behind this Lenovo Laptop won’t Turn On issue. One of the leading causes is the newly installed RAM kit, etc. Other significant reasons are given below.

●       Damaged Or Non-Cooperating Battery

It is seen that most of the time, the system’s battery does not provide enough power to let it start. The reason is the unresponsive battery. Either the battery is not cooperating, or it might be damaged.

●       Irregular Voltage Pulse

The voltage supply sometimes affects because of the damaged AC adapter. Keep in mind that the overall system’s performance is getting affected by the improper voltage pulse. To avoid this situation, you need to check the charging adapter’s chords.

●       Improper Prior System Operation

In some cases, when users are in a hurry, they turn off the system without proper shutdown. Users are unaware of the fact that Registry, BIOS, etc. These are susceptible areas one can operate with. Any harm or damage to these areas will severely affect the system’s performance.

●       Malfunction display

The inaccurate display stops showing you the clear picture.

●       Errors in Hardware

If the cables or other hardware components are damaged, then the laptop may not turn on.

Part 2: Some Basic Methods To Follow

Before moving to advanced methods, try to check the hardware or any other external thing that might cause the Lenovo laptop won’t turn on.

Look Out For Hardware Defect

When you hear any noise while tapping the power button, then you have to check the hardware. The sound simply means the issue lies in your hardware. You don’t have to fix it yourself, and it is better to consult an expert. Replacing or inserting RAM might be the reason behind boot-up problems. The incompatibility occurs because of the hardware. If the issue still does not get resolved, we suggest reinstalling the RAM again.Also learn how to start lenovo in safe mode.

Charge Your Lenovo Laptop Completely

The reason might be when the laptop is not charged fully. All you have to do is plug it in for charging. Connect the Lenovo laptops’ AC adapter and wait till the battery is charged fully. Be careful not to overcharge the battery.

Now we are going to mention some fixes to resolve the issue. Try to follow the method one by one and stop where the problem is going to resolve completely.

Before starting using the methods, make sure not to connect any external device with the laptop such as USB, chords, DVD, scanner, printer, mouse or any other thing. Simply remove all those devices.

Part 3: Advanced Solutions

●       Go For Draining Out The Residual Power

A residual electric charge can create conflict with the Lenovo laptop’s power. It is a sort of electricity clog which you have o drain out. It will eliminate the problem arising because of an internal power glitch.

●       How to fix the issue?

Follow some simple steps.

  • From your Lenovo laptop, remove the inbuilt battery.

  • Remove the charger of the laptop also and keep the laptop in a power-off state.

  • In case your laptop has a removable battery, remove it.

  • Now press the power button at least ten times in 10 seconds.


  • Now press it again for 11th time and kep pressing it for at least 30 seconds.
  • Now connect the AC adapter but do not connect the battery.
  • Now turn on the Lenovo laptop by pressing the power button.
  • If it turns on, wait until it turns on completely. Now shut down properly.

  • Now put the battery on again and press the power button to turn it on.

Note: Even if it does not turn on, in step no 4, press the power button for at least 1 minute. Now check if it is fixed or not.

●       Check On Overheating Issue

Laptop is not only valuable but a sensitive device too; if you run some heavy applications, overuse it, or put it on a mushy surface, it will get overheated. The laptop’s ventilation system gets affected and temperatures do not revert to its normal condition. Is your Microsoft surface overheating ? Read our guide about it.

When the laptop overheats, it automatically turns on or restarts itself. You can turn it on when the temperature gets normal.

As this issue occurs because the laptops ventilation system gets blocked, be cautious all the time and ensure that the laptops ventilation system is working appropriately.

Ways to Fix this Issue:

Leave your laptop at least for an hour and let it cool. If there is a removable battery of your laptop, you can also remove it.

After an hour, you can put the battery back (if it was removed) and power on your laptop to see whether the issue of “Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On” is resolved or not.

If it is not working, don’t get sad; jump on to the next article.

Note: If your Lenovo laptop cannot vent out the heat appropriately, there could be any issue with the laptop’s fans. Due to this heat-dissipating issue, the laptop also faces the problem of booting and woering on. Thus, you should try to replace the fan as soon as possible.Learn different things about energy manager lenovo windows 10 from our detailed guide.

●       Use The Emergency Reset Hole

If the Lenovo laptop is not working, you can check the emergency reset hole for such a situation. Find out the emergency hole; we are sure it will work for you.

  • Take out the power supply.

  • Get a paper clip

  • Search emergency reset hole in your laptop

  • Use the power clip and press the button for ten seconds

  • Now presses the power button and see whether it is turning on or not.

Probably, this step will work for you; if still, the “Lenovo laptop won’t turn on” issues persist, you can switch to the next fix.

●       Check On The Battery And Charging Adapter

To fix the issue of Lenovo laptops, you can also check the battery, whether it is charged or not. There could be any issue in the charging adapter, so consider this factor while you are fixing “Lenovo Laptop won’t turn on error.”

To check whether the cord is on the stack or there is any other issue, you can test the things in the following ways:

  • First, take out the battery of the laptop.
  • Connect the adaptor (AC) with your device and then turn it on by clicking on the power button.
  • If, in any case, your laptop turns on, it means there is an issue with the battery or charger.
  • Replace the battery of your laptop to fix this issue. You can also use the external outlet till then you have purchased your new battery.

Note: If your laptop is not working despite inserting an AC adaptor, there could be any issue with your AC adapter. You can take any other AC adapter by checking the specification.

Part 4: What Can We Do To Avoid This Issue – Tips and Tricks

Well, if you want you may never come across this problem of Lenovo laptop won’t turn on, you can consider the below-mentioned tips:

  • Always turn your laptop off appropriately, instead of sending it in sleep mode or just making the flip-down.
  • Avoid touching the sensitive part of your laptop; neither any of the slots or ports. When you open your laptop for any of the repairing matter, avoid touching the parts irrelevant.
  • Don’t interpret your laptop when you’re updating the BIOS or Windows because it can create numerous issues.
  • Avoid using your laptop in bed for more extended hours because it can disturb heat ventilation; eventually, your laptop gets overheated, and then so many problems hit you. Most of the Lenovo laptops won’t turn on. You can keep your laptop on a hard surface to avoid this issue.

The Bottom Line

Lenovo laptop won’t turn on is one of the significant issues of the lapotos; therefore, this article has shed light on the ultimate solutions of this problem. We have step by step explained all the methods that you can follow to deal with this issue.

There are also some of the tips that will help you to avoid this pesky issue, so follow this guide to save yourself from the problem. You can also share these rips to your friends, so they will also be able to get rid of this issue in easier ways.

Here you go!