Logitech g933 Flashing Red – Fix it Now

The Logitech G933 is designed exclusively for gamers as they do not compromise on the audio in and out quality while playing competitive games. Whether you are playing games on a PC or a console, the headset can be connected to both and offer the same yet best audio experience.

These headphones are connected to your preferred device via a USB wireless mix adapter and the lights indicate a secured connection. Sometimes, you can face situations where your Logitech G933 flashes a red light. At this moment, you don’t need to panic because it is a very common issue.

In this article, you can find various fixes to stop your headset from blinking red light. All of the solutions discussed are very simple to perform which means, you won’t have to take your headphones to a tech expert to resolve the matter.

Curious to know the details? Let’s begin.

What Does Red Light Flashes on the Logitech g933 Headset Means?

Before we start with the solutions, it is important to understand what the red flashes on the Logitech headset actually indicate. Usually, when you try to connect your G933 headset wirelessly with a device, it doesn’t flash a red light.

In case you see a red flash, it is a sign that the wireless connection between the devices was not set up and you need to restart your headphones and try again.

Reasons due to which Logitech G933 flashes a red light

If you own a Logitech G933, you must be pretty much concerned about the reasons that can trigger red flashes on your headset. Here is a breakdown of the three most common reasons that become the root cause of this error:

  • The most common reason is an outdated Windows OS version of your system. It can impact the smooth performance of your system and hence doesn’t allow a safer wireless connection.
  • Sometimes, an updated and latest Windows OS version can also face this error. It could be due to accessibility issues of the headset that is restricted to be used on the Windows OS version you have.
  • Lastly, if you are connecting the headset via port and the red light keeps flashing, the chances that the port is damaged or out of order are high.

Easy solutions to fix Logitech G933 flashing red light

Now that you have understood the main causes of Logitech G933 errors, let’s finally begin with the easy fixes.

  1. Charge the headset’s battery

Whenever a headset is not working, one of the main reasons that come to everyone’s mind is the charge of the battery. If you see any blinking of the red light on your Logitech G933 headset, then you might have to bear the bad news of your headset’s batteries being completely drained.

In order to counter this problem, fully charge your batteries as soon as possible to be sure that the problem is gone and your G933 headset is working fine.

  1. Update the firmware

Another very useful solution is updating the firmware. You can also simply install the latest version of it to resolve the problem. Here are is how you can do it:

  • Use a USB dongle or an adapter to connect the headset to your PC.
  • Press the Power button on the headset to turn it on.
  • On your PC, press the keys Windows + X.

  • It will show a pop-up list and from here, select Command Prompt (Administrator).

  • You will now see a CMD prompt window on your screen.

  • There, you need to type the command, “Cd C:\Program Files\Logitech Gaming Software\FWUpdate\G933” and press Enter.

  • Once this code is executed, you need to type another code i.e., “Exe /FORCE”.

  • These commands will begin the Firmware updating process.
  • Once the update is complete, restart your computer and connect the Logitech G933 headset to determine whether the problem is resolved or not.
  1. Update the USB drivers

Outdated drivers are another reason why your Logitech headphones blink a red light. This is why you must keep a track of your USB drivers and update these timely. The steps to update a USB driver are as follows:

  • On your keyboard, press the keys Windows + R, it will open a Run

  • Here, you need to type “ devmgmt.msc” and click on OK.

  • Doing so will open the Device Manager.

  • From here, locate the Universal Serial Bus Controllers option and click on the “>” sign to expand the options.

  • Here you will see a list of options, select the USB Component and right-click on it then, select Update Driver.

  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen in order to successfully get the updating process completed.

Note: If you don’t want to perform this entire process manually, you can try out Driver Easy tool that does the job automatically for you. Driver Easy is software that scans your PC entirely and finds the best-matched USB driver.

  1. Hard Reset your headset

Resetting your headset can solve most of the issues including the flashing of red light as well. Remember, if you hard reset your Logitech headphones, it will delete all the configurations stored in them previously. Ultimately, your headset would become just like an entirely new piece.

To hard reset your Logitech G933 headset, follow these steps:

  • Connect your headphones using USB power.
  • Starting from the side where the mic is present, cautiously remove the side plate.
  • This will leave to you a clear network structure.
  • Press the hardware reset button using a small and sharp pin for not more than 2 seconds.
  • Doing so will reset your G933 headset completely.
  • You can now set up the headphones and connect them to your PC or console.
  1. Use USB Wireless Mix Adapter

A great way to solve this error is by using all the cables to connect the headset with your PC. Try out all the cables and in all the ports present in your PC or console. Now check if the headset is able to catch the audio and music.

If the problem is not solved with this method, use a USB wireless mic adapter to connect the Logitech G933 with your PC or gaming console.

  1. Replace the dead battery with a new one

In case your headset has turned older, there are chances that its battery has reached its optimum lifetime. When this is the case, the battery usually fails to charge, indicating that you must get it replaced with a new one.

If everything fails to work, try replacing the dead battery with a new one and use your headset.

  1. Reach out to a tech expert

Tried all the solutions mentioned above but the issue persists? The last and the only resort you are left with is reaching out to professional tech support. You can visit any PC repair shop but, make sure that the technician is authorized.

If your headset is under the warranty, you can simply visit the service center and get your G933 replaced with a new and fresh piece. However, if it has exceeded the warranty period, take it to the technician.

The expert would easily grab the main cause of the problem and repair your gadget without causing any damage.

Other reasons

Some other common reasons due to which the Logitech G933 headphones flash a red light are:

  • Headset isn’t charging – Make sure that the cable you use isn’t faulty and if the cable is perfectly fine, get the battery replaced.
  • Red light is flashed on the mic – In this case, you need to hard-set your device, and if it fails to solve the issue, update the firmware.
  • Headset isn’t detected – Sometimes the red light keeps on blinking when your headset isn’t detected by the PC or gaming console.
  • Headset’s USB stops working after update – An update is made to overcome the errors but, sometimes updates can cause the USB to stop working. This can be fixed by simply reverting the firmware updates to the previous version.

The green light is usually blinked when the connection between your device and the headset is established securely. If you are not seeing any green flashes on your G933, use another adapter and plug it into a different port.

You will hear a beep and see the green light as a sign of a secure connection. If you don’t see the green light flashed, remove the battery from your headset, put it back in, and try again.

Our final verdict

Everyone encounters issues with their tech gadget at some of their life regardless of how new or old the product is. Speaking of the Logitech G933 headset, seeing red light flashes on your device is no big deal to worry about.

If you ever face the issue, try out any of the solutions discussed above and get the problem fixed easily.