Fix Macrium Reflect Error 0 Now!

You may have seen Macrium reflect clone failed problem or error 0 when trying to clone your hard disk to your solid-state drive or to a new hard disk. What is the reason behind this error 0? Why does this happen? If it happens what do you have to do. To understand what this error is, and how this macrium reflect error 0 can be solved you can read further in the article below.

What is the macrium reflect error 0

Macrium reflect is a backup tool for windows which is developed by Paramount Software in the 2006. Macrium reflect creates backup archives and disk images with the help of Microsoft volume shadow copy service. Macrium can help in cloning one disk on to the other, help creating backup of whole partitions and individual files or folders. This makes the cloning process easy and convenient. But some users have reported an issue with the macrium. The issue being the macrium reflect error 0 which does not allow the user to create clones of their hard disk when using the macrium reflect tool. There could be many reasons behind this, we have covered a few of those with their solutions to help our readers understand this problem that appears on Macrium

Reasons behind Macrium Reflect Clone failed error

Macrium reflect error 0 can occur occasionally interrupting your work. Or it may occur from time to time depending on your usage. There are many reasons which can lead to the failed issue. Here are a few that you can keep an eye on.A lot of roblox players face error code 524.

Cable connection failed

The cable connection you are using might be faulty, could have a wire cut or a bend. The cable if not connected properly can result in the macrium reflect cloning has been failed issue. So do make sure that the cable you are using is new and does not have any bends or wiring issues.

Storage device has bad sectors

If your storage device that is the hard disk or the solid-state data drive has bad sectors you will face the error of macrium reflect has been failed.

Antivirus is working

The antivirus applications usually interrupt when a cloning process is going on. As they think something is infiltrating the security of the system. Macrium can face this error if your antivirus is up and running.

File system error

The hard disk is facing a file system failed issue. When the targeted disk has some corrupted files or file system this error might occur

Now let’s go towards the solutions of the failed issue that occurs.

Run CHKDSK Utility

Sometimes the failed issue can be caused by a bad sector in the hard disk. To make sure you do not have a bad sector in your hard disk you need to run the CHKDSK Utility. It will help you to check your hard disk for any drive errors or bad sectors and even fix those for you. To fix the Macrium Reflect clone failed error. To run the chkdsk utility you need to follow these steps to fix the error.

  • Launch the Command Prompt

Input Command Prompt in the Windows 10 Cortana search box and then click the best match and right-click it to Run as administrator.

  • Run CHKDSK

Input CHKDSK *: /f /r (* represents the letter of your source drive) and press Enter. This command will scan the source disk and repair all the errors, bad sectors or corruption it finds. When the process is completed, you can input exit and hit the Enter button to close the command prompt window.

After that, you can run macrium reflect to clone your disk and see if the Macrium Reflect and its cloning failed issue has been solved. If you still encounter Macrium Reflect cloning has been failed error message, you need to try these other solutions to make sure you do not get the failed problem again.

Format the target disk

If there is a bad sector or corrupted file system on the target disk you might face the Macrium Reflect issue. Using this way, you can clean the disk before continuing to clone your data onto another hard disk or solid-state data drive.

  • Run Disk part Windows 10

You can launch Disk part via the following two ways. Either by right-click Windows 10 Start menu and choose Run. Then type disk part in the pop-up Run window. Or by Input disk part in the Windows search box and click the best match

  • Using Disk part to Clean Disk

Input list disk to show all the disks connected to your computer and press the enter button. After hitting enter input select disk * (* represents disk number of your target disk) to select the destination hard drive. And then hit Enter. Input clean and hit Enter to remove all the data on the target disk

After you have cleaned the disk you can proceed to clone your disk using the Macrium reflect on to your new hard disk or solid-state data drive. If the error still persists, you need to try these other solutions to make sure you do not get the failed problem again.

Disabling the Antivirus application

Macrium reflect issue can also be caused by antivirus application. As it thinks that this software is a malware and blocks it from working properly. It prevents access to the computer giving you the error. To get rid of this error you need to go into the settings of the antivirus and disable the antivirus till you have completed your hard disk cloning using Macrium reflect. Make sure you enable the antivirus after you have done your cloning using Macrium. If the error still persists, you need to try these other solutions to continue cloning your disk data to your new hard disk or solid-state data drive without getting the failed issue.

Create an image instead of cloning.

If you are still facing the Macrium reflect problem, you need to switch your approach. Instead of making a clone, you now need to make an image of those files instead. A disk image is also a type of storage file, it basically is a backup of copy of everything you have on your hard disk. Backup the hard disk to your external hard disk and then restore the image onto your new hard disk or new solid state data drive. This way you will not face the Macrium reflect issue and you will have your data safely copied to your new hard disk or solid-state data drive without facing the failed problem.


After going through this article, by now you know how to solve the Macrium reflect clone failed error with the solutions mentioned above. Some of the solutions are easy to carry out, some of them need a bit of thought, but if you already know how to clone your disk to another disk, we are guessing you would have enough knowledge on how to fix this error if it pops up on your computer. We hope now you will be able to fix the error and fix other error when it comes to macrium reflect. The fix to the problems is easy all you need to do is follow the instructions correctly and you will be able to fix the error easily and would easily use Macrium to clone your disk