Fix Media Could Not Be Loaded Error!

Have you ever faced an error in your web browser ‘The Media Could Not Be Loaded’, either for the reason that the format isn’t supported or because the network or the server failed? Here, we’re sharing a few of the best methods so that you can get rid of this issue.

What Are The Causes Of The Media Could Not Be Loaded Error?

The error doesn’t really tell much about what’s reasoning this issue. There’s no exact that we can deduce from the issue alone that particularly says the cause why you’re not capable of watching the video on the device. All that can be said with the assenting tone is that for some cause, the web browser was unable to locate the media or video file and play it. An issue from the server-side can reason it, or that the browser or the system doesn’t support this format. Utilizing this info, we can try to fix the problem by utilizing a few extremely easy steps.

How Can You Resolve This Error?

So, in this post, we’ve shared a few of the best ways that’d assist you in resolving this error message from your browser.

Method#1: Disabling The AdBlock For The Webpage Your Video Is On

It’s come to the light that your video players and the video hosts all across the web are utilizing this problem as a tactic to get the visitors for disabling whatever ad-blocking program or extension they’re utilizing and for permitting the ads to be visible to them in exchange for the access to the videos. In a lot of cases, the display of this problem instead of your video in the question is triggered when your video player can detect that your visitor has a few types of ad-blocking programs engaged.Prime Video Internet Connectivity Problem is very common but solving it is very easy.

If the AdBlock is the cause why you are facing this issue instead of the video you desire to watch, the issue can be fixed by just disabling the AdBlock for the webpage (or site) the video you desire to view is on. The exact steps have to go through for disabling the AdBlock on the particular website or webpage differ relying on the type of ad blocking program and web browser combination you make use of. For instance, if you are utilizing the AdBlock Plus on the Chrome browser and desire for disabling an extension on the particular site, you have to:

  • First of all, go to the internet page that’s the affected video on that.
  • Then, click Options (represented by three vertically-aligned dots) from the top corner of your Google Chrome window.
  • Click that little icon for the AdBlock Plus.
  • You’ll see that the Power button will be blue, denoting that the AdBlock Plus is enabled. Click the Power button > the extension will then be disabled for the site you’re on.

For the changes to happen, be certain to refresh the page you’re on once you’ve refreshed that page, attempt to play the affected video, and check if the browser plays it successfully.

Media Could Not Be Loaded

Method#2: Updating The Web Browser

Usually, when you get this error, the actual reason could be that you’re running an out-of-date web browser. In such a case, the ultimate fix would be to simply update the internet browser you are using to the newest version of it, after which you ought to be capable of loading and watching the affected video/media. For updating the Google Chrome, follow these steps:

  • First of all, launch your Chrome browser on the computer.
  • After that, on the homepage, go to the upper corner > find the Options (illustrated by three dots).


  • Click the Menu icon > click Settings.

  • From the left side of your settings page, simply click the Hamburger icon.
  • After that, choose the About Google Chrome from that menu.

  • From there, your browser will check for accessible updates automatically and install them right away.

Once that is completed, go back and attempt to reload the affected video. If you’re capable of playing/loading it, then you’re all set; if not, you can try the next solution.

Mthod#3: Try Some Other Web Browser

If neither of the methods described above has helped you, there is a chance that your web browser you’re making use of for playing the affected video, in and of itself, is the issue. This problem has been recognized to affect any and all the web browsers, but in the majority of cases, it only just can affect one particular web browser for one victim of this error. That being the case, you may be capable of fixing this issue by simply utilizing some other web browser for playing the video you desire to view. For instance, if you see this error message while playing or loading the video on IE, then simply try to play the same video on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, and you ought to be capable of watching it with no issues.After following our detailed guide you can fix spotify web player if it is not working properly.


Method#4: Wait Out The Storm

If each attempt you’ve really made to remedy this error up to this point has not helped you at all, you may need to swallow a difficult pill; there’s a great chance that the issue simply doesn’t lie on the user’s end, and is really the server-side problem stopping the web browser or your media player from playing or loading your video for you. If that is factual, there is not much else you can carry out. Only wait for the people behind the server your video is hosted on for having everything in order on their side. At this point, you ought to be capable of playing the video you desire to watch successfully. Be certain to check whether your network or server the affected media is located on is back up from time to time so that you acquaint as soon as you can view the media.There are different ways you can learn to unclog a paper shredder from our blog post.


So, these are a few working solutions to resolve The Media Could Not Be Loaded error, either for the reason that the format isn’t really supported or because the network or the server failed.