Microsoft Surface Pro Overheating : A Helpful Guide

Surface Pro is a multitasking laptop that increases your productivity and gives you a chance to play your favorite games. You can get surface pro even at a lower price but with high-grade features.

Regardless of these all favors, there are a few issues that surface pro gets overheated. And, an overheated surface pro is so problematic, it hangs repeatedly, slows down your efficiency, and even it can set on the fire.

So what to do? How to kick off this problem? How to cope up with a surface pro overheating situation? Are you panicking due to these questions? Well, no need to worry more because we have solutions to these problems. So stay along with us.

Surface Pro Overheating – What to Do?

Surface Pro overheating issues may arise in other forms also. This issue may be present in different versions, for example, Surface Pro 6,7, 3, and so on. There are many related issues with overheating. We have come up with some of the solutions to get rid of this issue.

Surface Pro Overheating When Charging: Some users complain that their Surface Pro gets overheated when plugged in for charging. The reasons may vary; it may be variable usage of voltage. So to avoid this situation, we suggest using a suitable quality socket. Also, stay away from surface Pro when it is on charging.

Surface Pro 4 Overheating Screen Flickering: Under this situation, the screen of the Surface Pro starts flickering just because of overheating. Keep in mind that high temperatures can cause screen-out problems as well.

Surface Pro Overheating And Shutting Down: When Surface Pro gets overheated, it may shut down by itself without even giving any notification before.

So before entering into more advanced steps, it is better to follow some basic steps. You know that overheating may also arise when users improperly handle the system.

Some Basic Steps To Follow

#1: Check On Dust And Ventilation Section

Try not to use the Surface Pro when laying on the bed. It will block the ventilation areas which allow heat to get out from the system. When you do this the Surface Pro heats up in no time. It is a known fact that overheating is so damaging to the internal components also. So always check the vents are open, and not jammed.

And one thing more, try to clean the surface Pro on a regular basis and better clean the internal parts by taking help from the expert. It will lessen the heating issues and enhance the efficiency too. Your Surface Pro might heat up due to a bad cooling system. So try to check it before moving to more advanced options.

#2: Check On Your Browser

Sometimes users continuously use a particular browser which is the main cause of overheating. So it is better to change the browser. If the Surface Pro Overheating issue gets solved with the new browser then continue using this. Save the necessary bookmarks, and delete the old ones.

The surface Pro heating issue is not a thing to get frustrated all the time. We have come up with advanced methods after thorough research. So go for choosing any of the methods to fix the overheating problem.

Solutions to Overcome Overheating Issue of Surface Pro

#1: Consider Updating Your Systems Firmware

In the windows system, firmware plays a vital role. So to keep the CPU in a running position, it is better to update the firmware after every some time. The updated firmware will also refresh the system’s ways and processes.

Don’t worry if you have no idea about how to update the system Firmware. Just follow some of the steps given below.

  • To open the RUN box, tap the Windows Logo Key With Alphabet “R”. Now type Type “Devmgmt.Msc” And Press Enter.

  • You will witness Device Manager Windows there, select “Firmware”. To expand it, simply tap on It. Then right-click On “System Firmware” And select“Update Driver”.

  • You will see two Options there, Choose “Search Automatically For Drivers”. It will start the Downloading. All you need to do is follow the instructions coming on the screen. In this way, you will install it easily.

We have another method that will help you to overcome the overheating issue.

#2: End The Unwanted Background Applications

Sometimes you may face overheating issues because of the unnecessary programs running in the background. It will burden the CPU with unwanted tasks. When a lot of applications are open at a time, it will automatically create more heat. The screen can also face flickering or freezing issues. To stop running unwanted programs in the background follow the given steps.

  • Firstly open the task manager window by pressing “Ctrl”, “Shift” And “Esc” keys at once.

  • By doing so you will get to know which apps are running. Now identify those apps which are not in use.
  • Select them, by right-clicking. Now choose “End Task”.

Finish closing the apps one by one. Once it completes, now check whether the overheating issue still persists or not. If the issue remains the same then move to our next solution.

#3: Reduce The Power Mode To The Lowest Level

You may have an idea that power settings also play a vital role in the overheating problem. Most often when power mode works at its highest settings it runs all the applications also at the highest efficiency. It will result in overheating of the CPU, and ultimately the Surface Pro. You know that the processor is the thing that is responsible for each and every task. The input causes the processor to heat up. To get to know how to lessen the power ode to its lowest level follow some simple steps. Let’s get started.

  • See the bottom left side of the taskbar and search for the“Battery Icon”.
  • Click on it and move the “Power Mode” Slider to the left side. When you set it fully at the left then it will appear in the Power Saving Mode. Now choose as per your need and choice.

We hope that this method will reduce the Overheating issue. But we also have another best fix to get rid of this overheating.

Ultimate Fix: Reset Your System

Surface pro overheating, to come out of this problem, you can reset your system and we hope this will work

Often, overheating happens due to third-party applications, so resetting refreshes your laptop and reinstalled applications in it.

But, you have to ensure that your credentials details are appropriately memorized; moreover, you also need to save your data in advance.

We hope, after following these steps, the overheating issue will not persist again but still it exists you can contact the official support service.

Official Service – Contact Hesitation-free

In case you have followed the all above-mentioned methods but are not helping you in any way, what you can do is contact the official service (Microsoft Official Microsoft Service).

Contacting their customer service can work wonders, they can chat online with you and can guide you in every step. Still, it doesn’t work, you can visit their centre as well.

Don’t forget to take the documents with you, if your Surface Pro is in warranty, you will

If your laptop is in warranty, don’t forget to take your documents along with you. Trust in Microsoft services because they don’t disappoint any of their customers.

How Can you Avoid Surface Pro Overheating Error In the Future – Tips And Tricks

Well, instead of falling into this problem, you can also save yourself from this overheating issue in many different ways. You can follow the given tips and we hope your surface pro will not be overheated.

  • It would be better to t avoid the overclocking of the Surface Pro. You will experience minor heating when doing heavy programming. But remember overclocking will change the picture completely.
  • To keep the system away from overheating we recommend you buy a good quality cooling pad. This will help to balance the heat and keep the system cool while working.
  • You can also use your Surface Pro by placing it at a cool place; the cool place will add on its service years and work efficiency
  • Additionally, you can also use the USB Fan to cope up with the overheating error. No matter how heavy programs you will run or the demanding games you will play, your laptop will not heat up.

Key Take Out

Surface pro overheating error is rolling on nowadays, to come out of this problem we have started an ultimate solution for you. You can deal with this problem by following our fixes but to permanently sort out this issue, you can buy a laptop stand so it may not heat up. Moreover, avoid using your surface pro in bed or mushy surfaces because they create issues in heat dissipates.

Try to keep your surface pro on a hard surface, so that the slots remain open and appropriate ventilation could occur.

So, go with our solutions and preventions, hope these will increase your productivity and your laptop’s lifespan.