How to Fix When Minecraft Crashes On Startup?

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is just as popular today as it was when it was first launched. This 3-D structurally built-like blocks universe offers users 2 game modes to choose from. They can either create unique earth structures and buildings to act like their world, or they can choose Survival mode.

For Survival mode, you need to do whatever you can to survive as you are transported to a new world where you have to fight, collect resources, and craft tools to create and destroy at the same time. There is no denying that there is a massive appeal in the escapism that the Minecraft world provides.

However, like any other game, this too can be prone to crashing or not working when you start it up. Today’s article will be tackling just that! Along with all the basic information, we will also look into the way to fix it when Minecraft crashes on startup!

What happens when Minecraft crashes on startup?

Many games can become victim to errors, problems, and of course bugs and this might be because games are already released with those issues in them. This is primarily why sometimes when you try to startup Minecraft server, you see it crashing!

Some of the most common issues that arise from this include when your Minecraft launches are crashing, when you experience Minecraft crash on startup, or even if Minecraft crashing when loading world. All-in-all, the game will not load and you will consistently have to experience it crash! So, what is the reason behind Minecraft crashing on startup?

What is the reason why my Minecraft is crashing on startup?

If you are concerned about your Minecraft crashing, you should know that it is no cause for worry since it is an error that can be fixed! However, it can be annoying since the game will close and an error will appear which will let you know exactly what caused the crash!

If you want to identify them yourself, here is what you should be looking out for!

  • Bugs or errors in the game
  • Outdated java framework
  • Because of game mods
  • Game files corruption
  • Your Windows Settings
  • Missing or outdated graphics card or video drivers

So, now that we have some basic information, lets figure out exactly how to fix it when Minecraft crashes on startup!

Here are some easy fixes when your Minecraft crashes on startup!

Method #1 : Try restarting your computer

This might seem like a cliché, but in our experience, if it works, it works! 9 out of 10 times, simply restarting your computer can fix almost any issue! So, when your Minecraft is crashing as it starts up, we recommend that you restart your computer. All you have to do is exit Minecraft, make sure all other tabs are closed, and restart the PC!

If that didn’t work, move on to method 2!

Method #2 : Try updating the game patches

If you think that game bugs are the reason why your Minecraft keeps crashing, then you might want to make good use of the creator Mojang’s helpful little patches that they keep releasing! These are there to help enhance the game performance by fixing bugs.

So, of course, to ensure your system is updated, all you need to do is download them to update your Minecraft server! Similarly, if the reason is the use of mods, just delete the mods, then reinstall Minecraft with the latest version.

If your patch updates haven’t managed to fix Minecraft from crashing, then you still have other options!

Method #3 : Make sure that Java is installed

For games like Minecraft, keeping Java on your device has proven to increase productivity and enhance the performance of your gameplay. In case you don’t have Java installed, you should download it right away because this might be causing the crashes! It can be downloaded for free from their website.

Method #4 : If it is installed, update Java

In case you did have Java installed already and yet, faced this issue, then it is plain and clear that you might be running an older version of Java.  Simply use the latest version of Java and your issue should be resolved.

In most cases, you might already receive a notification for updates, however, in case you don’t, you can do this manually. To do the manual update, here’s what you need to do!

  • Go to the Search bar and type in: configure java.
  • After this, you will click on the popup that says Configure Java to open it
  • Finally, you will go to the Updates menu and simply click on Update

Method #5 : Consider giving your graphics card driver an update

If your system has a graphics driver that is either missing or outdated this can be why Minecraft is crashing in your device, so, a simple fix is to simply update your graphics card driver! There are 2 ways you can update this driver; either manually or automatically.

For a manual update of your graphics card driver, you will need to go to your card manufacturer’s website, locate the graphics card driver that seems accurate, and then proceed to install it on your PC. However, the issue with this method is that to do it you will need certain computer skills and it is time-consuming.

That’s why you can also do this automatically using an app meant for this purpose!

Method #6 : Update Minecraft

One of the best ways to fix the issue when your Minecraft crashes on startup is to give your Minecraft itself an update. If it has been a while since you last downloaded the latest version, then this might be causing all your crashing problems.

The process to update this game is super simple, all you have to do is:

  • Log onto the Microsoft Store and click on check for updates. Look for the Minecraft application and see if it needs updates.


  • If you are playing with a Win32 version then it lets you look for updates in-game.

Method #7 : Manage the correct settings

Vertex Buffer Object or VBOs are excellent ways to upload necessary data to your game such as color and position of vertexes. However, they might be why your game is crashing. Therefore, to fix this, many users have claimed that if you disable the VBOs, then Minecraft should function properly.

Here is what you need to do if you want to disable VBOs for your Minecraft game and there are 2 ways:

The first method is to use Minecraft settings:

  • Go to Settings and click on Video Settings.

  • Find the settings for VBOs and proceed to turn off VBOs

  • Finally, reboot the system and relaunch the game.

The second method is to use Minecraft file

Use the Minecraft options.txt file:

  • For this, click on Windows and R keys and when the Run dialog box appears, type in


  • Then you will click on OK and this should open the .minecraft folder.

  • In the .minecraft folder click on the options.txt file and then press on it so it opens.

  • You will then select False for use Vbo and finally save this. Then restart your computer.


In conclusion, we see that generally, there is a reasonable explanation when your Minecraft keeps crashing on startup! We hope that the main methods on how to fix this that we have outlined offer enough information for our readers! The goal is to fix the issues yourself without seeking any professional help!.If you are facing any other error in minecraft a lot of other problems solutions are also available like lan not working minecraft

However, if you feel that the crashing might be beyond your skills, contact the Minecraft help center for more information and they might be able to guide you better!