Mirror iPhone to Firestick – A Detailed Guide

For anyone who is a fan of streaming services and wants a portable option wherever they might go, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is probably one of the best choices out there! From streaming videos to movies to TV shows, there is nothing that the Firestick can’t provide its users.

However, unlike Netflix or Hulu, the Amazon Fire stick offers you a bit more! It is not just a little USB-shaped device you can plug into your devices to stream alone, on the contrary, it can also be used to download and interact with apps such as games! Of course, this and more amazing features add to its overall appeal!

The use of 3rd party apps via the Android Play Store is also another excellent reason why the Fire stick by Amazon is so popular! You can work it free or get a subscription for more benefits. This depends entirely on you! However, there’s one specific aspect of this product that we are going to discuss today!

Why the Amazon Fire TV Stick is so great!

The Fire stick provides its users with an excellent feature that makes it better for Apple users as well as Android ones. Originally meant only for Android, Amazon has certainly upped its game by adding in the same benefits for iOS users as well. So, with the use of screen mirroring technology, you can connect your iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device to your Amazon Fire stick.If your firestick is giving error home is currently unavailable you can solve it using our guide.

Is it possible to mirror iPhone to Firestick?

Since you are technically using content that is stored in other locations online, your Fire TV stick simply becomes a medium through which you can stream content! This means that with the use of a simple and straightforward app and Apple’s application you can easily stream all your favorite content by mirroring iPhone to fire stick!.
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If you want to know why someone might want to mirror iPhone content to Fire stick, then it is quite simple. As an Apple user, all your content and data might be accessible solely through your iPhone or another iOS device. This is why making use of screen mirroring to essentially connect your iPhone to a much larger screen is so nice!

With most other Android devices, Apple users might still not be able to opt for screen mirroring! However, Amazon revolutionized this front and made it super accessible to all users! Now anyone with an iOS device can also make use of the handy Fire TV Stick design.If your apple watch exercise ring not working check our guide about it.

However, it can be a bit tricky to set up if you don’t know exactly how to go about things. That’s why today, we are going through this guide on how to mirror iPhone to Firestick! However, before we get to that, let’s make sure we all know what screen mirror technology is all about!

What exactly is screen mirroring and how is it done?

When you are using your iPhone to stream to your TV screen via Fire Stick, you can only make use of mirroring. While casting is also popular it is almost the same as mirroring. You are taking the screen of your iPhone or other iOS device and simply sending it to your TV or larger device.

So, whatever content whether visual or audio-based will show on your TV via your iPhone. However, it’s not that simple! You still need to ensure that your TV supports mirroring and that you have an app that helps intermediate between the different devices to mirror and cast your content out.There are different methods are mentioned on our blog post if netflix not working on firestick.

The only reason why mirroring is preferred over other methods is because it connects and streams much better when an iPhone is concerned! So, now that we have the basics of screen mirroring out of the way, let’s look at the different factors you need to consider when you want to mirror you iPhone to Firestick!

Factors you need to consider when you want to mirror iPhone to Firestick:

#1 : A good Wi-Fi connection

Your Fire TV Stick just on its own also needs a decent connection to Wi-Fi for it to work properly. When it comes to the screen mirroring process for iOS devices, a steady and reliable connection is vital! An important thing to remember is that your iPhone and your fire stick device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi. This is generally for safety purposes as well but also to promote a better connection!

#2 : A VPN for safety!

Speaking of safety, one of the most important steps you can take in this process is to ensure that both your iPhone and your Fire stick have a good VPN installed on them. A VPN blocks out all unauthorized access to your online activities and that’s why it is vital for your privacy and safety.

This is most important when you are giving your information to certain sites and while we rely on these external apps to connect from iPhone to Fire stick, it is still better to be on the safe side and have a shield of protection against hackers or malicious activity online!

The most important place for your VPN has to be your iPhone or other iOS devices because that’s where most of your data is. You may add it to your Fire stick device as well but it is not vital.

#3 : Make sure the iOS version is correct!

This is quite an important factor to consider! You must know that some versions of iOS cannot work with external devices. Therefore, you must figure out exactly which version your iPhone is! While your Fire TV will work with most of these iOS versions, we still recommend that you use iOS 9 or above for mirroring.

#4 : Apps on your devices

We have been talking about this magic app that you need to install to successfully mirror content but now let’s explain it a bit better! You need to make sure this app is located on your iPhone and the Fire Stick for it to be successful.

The reason why we use these apps is that they can bypass any issues that Apple might present if it tries to block out the mirroring process. You certainly need an app like this if you are trying to mirror iPhone content to your Fire TV stick!

So, right about now, you might be wondering, if you are going to mirror an Apple device, why not use AirPlay? The thing about that is that while AirPlay is excellent for Apple device mirroring, it doesn’t exactly work with Android or Amazon devices!

This is why you might need to invest in a good 3rd party app and luckily for you, we have compiled quite a few!

Now that we know all there is to know about what you need to start mirroring iPhone to Fire stick, let’s figure out how to do it!

#1 : AirBeamTV Mirroring App

The first option that we have in terms of apps for the mirror process is called AirBeamTV’s Mirroring Receiver. This app is already well known for its efficient iOS casting features. No matter what the Apple device or version, it can be used with iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks as well!

So no matter what you wish to mirror, AirBeamTV can stream photos, videos, movies, music, and more, and that too entirely wirelessly! The only thing you need to be aware of is that while others can be used free, to mirror via this app, you will need a full paid subscription!

Heres what you need to do!

  • Simply purchase the AirBeamTV casting app and install it onto your Fire TV stick.

  • Your next step should be to buy and install a mirroring app for Amazon Fire TV on your iPhone.

  • Both of these apps need to be synced up and launched. Once they are connected, you will be able to mirror all content from your iOS device to your Fire TV Stick.

#2 : iWebTV App

Another viable candidate is called the iWebTV streaming app and this one is for all those users who like HD streaming options! It lets you choose from 720p, 1080p, and 4K options and this is certainly why it is better than so many different options out there! it even accepts mp4 format.

Heres how you can set it up!

  • The first step is to download the iWebTV app on your iOS device.

  • Next, also download it onto your Fire TV device.

  • Once this is done, you can use your iOS device to begin the content that you wish to stream.
  • Unlike the last option, this one lets you stream for free! However, there might be an ad or two that can only be removed via a subscription.

#3 : AirPlayMirror app

The AirPlayMirror Reciever app is another excellent option to consider investing in but it is not free! However, it gives the perfect mirroring solution between Fire TV Stick and Apple devices such as iPhone. You can mirror music, videos, apps, and more!.A lot of people ask why my kindle won’t turn on so we have written an article about it.

First, download the app to your Fire Stick, launch it, and open AirPlay on your iPhone. You will need to find your iPhone in AirPlayMirror’s list of devices. Once you have selected it via your Fire Stick, you can begin streaming!

In this article, we have seen that you can download and install several apps to successfully stream your content via mirroring your iPhone to your Fire TV stick devices! We have provided a detailed guide on what to consider, what you will need, and finally how to do it!

With apps and mirror technology, the possibilities become endless especially for iOS users who can finally get the best of both worlds! Now, your Apple-specific content such as a song from iTunes will also be easily streamed on your TV screen without any problems!

With that, we come to the end of today’s article on how to mirror the iPhone to Fire stick! We hope that this has been an illuminating journey for our readers and they have the information to attempt the mirroring process themselves!