Fix Missing Codec 0xc00d5212 Error While Playing Videos

It is frustrating to see an error message when you want to spend your free time relaxing and watching a family video or any other downloaded video or file.  Error message such as video or file not working with the error code 0xc00d5212. Such codes are difficult to decrypt by any normal user. As there is not enough information on what the error is related too. It could be a video card error, sound card error, or a media player failure error. Our main focus will be on the error code 0xc00d5212 which you encounter while watching your family videos or any video or file. We will explain what the error code means and then moving on we will be explaining the reasons behind this error and in the end the solutions to this problem so you can watch your family video or any video or file in peace.

What is the error code of 0xc00d5212 and how to fix 0xc00d5212

The error code refers to the media player not supporting the format of the video you are currently trying to play. The error code of 0xc00d5212 alerts you when you are trying to open a video file other than mp4 on your movies and tv application or the windows media player app. The code is a mix of numbers and alphabets it does not tell you the exact problem but it gives you a hint on where to start looking to repair the error so you can watch your family video or any video or file in peace.If you are facing prime video internet connectivity problem error solving it is really easy.

Why does the error code 0xc00d5212 appear?

The error code of 0xc00d5212 or recovery of files error can appear on the screen due to many reasons, the common reasons are mentioned below:

  • The codec you are trying to play is either corrupted or the recovery is not possible on your windows
  • You are using an old display adapter on your windows, due to which the media player is unable to play or make a recovery of the video
  • The file format is incompatible with the video player and it fails to recovery it on your windows
  • There are corrupt entries in the windows system files due to which the recovery is failing and giving you the error of 0xc00d5212
  • Incorrect installation of a video player on your windows could be the reason behind the recovery error and 0xc00d5212 error which fails to recognizes the files you are trying to play.
  • Uninstallation of an application on your windows that might have corrupted the recovery or other files can be the cause of the 0xc00d5212 code error. Usually the uninstaller does not always detect the deleted files and keeps the deleted files on the system.
  • Sometimes any other application on your windows might be in conflict with the video media player or the media files you are trying to play is giving you the error code of 0xc00d5212 or the recovery issue.
  • Making a recovery of a video file after a malware attack or virus attack can cause the file not playable issue or the error of Usually, the recover software does not fully recover the files hence the recover files is corrupted and it cannot be played by the media player on windows.

Now we move on to the solutions for the error code 0xc00d5212 or the recovery problem. Here is a list of solutions that can help you resolve the problem you are facing on your pc so you can watch your family video or any video or file in peace.

Method#1: Use another media player to repair 0xc00d5212

If your windows media player is not working or giving you the error of 0xc00d5212 or the recovery issue, you can download and install another media player from the internet. There are many options available on the internet for you to choose from. This will eliminate the file not playable issue and you will be able to enjoy your video using any other video player app.

Method#2: Installing the codec

If you downloaded and installed another video player application but you still are getting the same issue 0xc00d5212 or the recovery issue there is a chance that there are missing codecs in your system. Codecs are codes which enables the video players to play different media files. You can install the codecs by searching for the error code on google and then searching for the related codec so that you can play different media files. Usually, the third-party video players come with all the codecs embedded in them such as VLC media player and they can easily play all the media files.Fixing spotify web player not playing error is really easy.

Method#3: Updating the drivers

There could be an incompatibility file not playable issue with the display adapter on your windows 10 which can cause the 0xc00d5212 or the recovery issue. There is a simple way to repair this issue, that is by updating the display driver. This is how you can repair the issue and update the driver:

  • You need to open the device manager by using the key combination of Windows key + R key and type msc in the run dialogue box

  • Now in the device manager look for the display adapter settings

  • Expand the selection and then right click on the driver icon

  • Update the driver software by clicking on the update button

  • Now click on the browse my computer for a driver software option

  • And then click on the let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
  • Now choose the driver according to your display and device mode
  • It will now install the software

After the software has been installed reboot your device and try to play the video which was giving you the error code or the recovery issue and check if the file not playable issue exists or not. If you still cannot repair the problem visit the website of the computer manufacturer and download the display driver that is for your device or check the next solution.

Method#4: Converting the video file

If you are trying to play a video that was shot on a mobile phone or on a camcorder chances are that you will face the error code of 0xc00d5212 or the recovery issue as most of the mobile phone and camcorders produce the video and file in an .avi format which is unplayable by the windows media player and requires separate codecs to be installed to play that video. You either need to install another media player or use a video converter to convert the video into a format that is playable on the windows media player. There are many free video and files converters available on the internet to download and install. Converting a video and media file is not a complicated job. The video and media file converters make it a simple and quick process to convert an unplayable video and media file so you do not face the repair or the recovery issue.

Method#5: Repair the registries

When it comes to repair the files in the registries it is a risky job so file not playable issues such as 0xc00d5212 or the recovery issue can be repair by repair the registry file but it can put your computer at risk too. it is advised to ask a professional to repair the registry to repair the file not playable issue of 0xc00d5212 or the recovery issue. The professional will be aware of what and how to repair this way your problem will be solved as well as your computer will be risk free and you can enjoy watching your video or media file on your windows pc or windows laptop.


Video not playing file not playable issue, media file not working file not playable issue, media file failed to repair and other such file not playable issue are common when you use a computer. Here in this article, we have covered most of the file not playable issue so you can enjoy your videos and media file on your laptop without worrying about the error.