Modem Keeps Resetting- How to Fix?

A modem is a device that every one of us has in our home! Life would be impossible without one because it is a vital piece of equipment for internet connectivity. This is the hardware device that helps to transform digital data into one that is easily read by telephone lines.

That’s why most of our internet devices are placed next to our home landline. This digital data ensures that you have proper communication between specialized devices. Usually, when something goes wrong with our Wi-Fi, the first thing anyone thinks to do is restart it.

Restarting your modem will automatically fix basic issues and it is a good way to reset the system. However, sometimes, you might see that your modem keeps resetting on its own. This means that there is something amiss with the overall system itself. This problem might be from the back end or with your modem itself but it must be addressed!

What happens when your modem keeps resetting?

If you are unsure whether your modem device keeps resetting or now, look for a few telltale signs. For starters, all of the lights might turn green, after which all of the other lights around it will begin flashing in one pattern. Then, it might shut down and reboot itself and things might appear normal.

However, you might have only just reconnected your net on your device and soon, it begins this process again! Of course, for anyone at this age, you will be quite frustrated that this is happening! Among other things, your downloads, work progress, and movie night streaming might be affected!

While there are tons of reasons why this might be happening, for today’s article, we are going to list out a few reasons as to why your modem keeps resetting and how to fix it! So stick around if this is an issue that affects you!

How to fix it when your modem keeps resetting?

There are a few things you can do if your modem device keeps resetting or restarting! All of these are quite simple but you need to identify which problem you have before you commit to the solution!

Method #1 : Try to reset your modem yourself

The problem is that your modem device keep resetting on its own. So, a good solution might be to do the same thing but manually and properly. You will need to revert it to its default settings and of course that will imply that all of your saved passwords and custom DNS servers or IP addresses will be deleted.

However, this is certainly something that needs to be done the right way to ensure it doesn’t happen again! To begin the resetting process, hold down the reset button for at least 20 to 30 seconds. This should result in the light on the modem flashing red or orange.

Wait for at least five minutes and your power light will turn amber. Then you will configure it to the modem activation process just as you did the first time you set it up. After this, the light should turn green and that means it is good to go!

Method #2 : Try changing to a new modem

If your resetting attempt didn’t fix the issue, then you might be dealing with an old modem.  You need a new and efficient device since it will be able to carry heavy loads of data usage and transference and ensure that you get ideal data transfer rates. However, if the device is old, this might be super tricky.

If you have had your modem for more than 4 years, it might be time for a change! Since this will not exactly be cheap, you might want to consider buying a modem device that has a good warranty and one that lasts for a while.

Method #3 : Try a power cycle for the modem

Power cycling is a good way to fix an old modem and make sure it stops restarting out of the blue. Make sure the power cord is turned off. Then after you have waited for at least a minute, you can plug the modem back on.

Make sure you plug it back on after the modem has cooled down a little. Then all that’s left is to restart your device and make sure that your issue has been fixed.

Method #3 : Try resetting the ISP settings

One of the most common reasons why your modem keeps re-setting might be due to it no longer being connected or in sync with your ISP. This is your internet service provider and this is likely when your modem device is working day and night. When this happens, you might be sending and receiving data that is corrupted.

This might be the reason why your device keeps re-setting as it is getting conflicting information. This will also result in your connection speed slowing down and this will ultimately make the modem reset frequently.

Method #5 : Contact your ISP provider

If even after you have made all of these attempts to keep your modem from re-setting and it hasn’t been effective, then you might want to contact your Internet Service Provider. When you will begin explaining your problem, they will immediately provide you with a bunch of solutions that you can opt for.

If you’ve followed all the steps above, then it is very likely that the problem might even be from their side! Letting them know will alert them of your problem and they will be more likely to fix it. They might also give you instructions via call or send a professional to help fix it to your home.

With that, we have reached the end of today’s helpful guide on how to fix a modem that keeps re-setting! No matter the problem, there are several helpful solutions that you can engage with to fix the restarting of your modem device. We hope we have given you enough information to be able to take on the problem yourself!