Quick Fixes For Motherboard HDMI Not Working

Your PCs motherboard is probably one of the most important parts of your PC. It is the major component that basically gives your system life. Hence, any problem with the motherboard is surely going to have you worried whether something is wrong with your PC or not. That being said, a component which is of immense importance in your motherboard is your HDMI.

The HDMI is known as a High-Definition Multimedia Interface that is used for the transfer of audio and video from your HDMI compliant device to your external display which is either a secondary monitor or a television. The external display hardware is what the HDMI port is usually used for in your system.

When something goes wrong with the HDMI in your system and you’re busy searching for the solution, it can be a tedious task to come across the solution. This is because first you will need to diagnose what the problem is before trying to come up with a solution. As for the motherboard HDMI, there are several problems that could cause this.

The connection between your PC and external display is carried out by means of an HDMI cable attached between the two devices via their HDMI ports. When the HDMI port doesn’t work correctly, that is when this issue usually arises. HDMI ports are one of the most essential parts of your system and when they fail to function, that brings about a real problem.

So what could be the resulting problems that could cause your motherboard HDMI to malfunction? As we told earlier, there are several problems which we shall be looking into.

Resulting Problems

X570 Motherboard HDMI Not Working

The first issue that could result in your HDMI not working could be due to a faulty HDMI cable. While the cable is connected to your system, test the working condition of the monitor by connecting to other PCs and by also making use of your graphics card. This is a problem that is usually solved by using a Digital Port to HDMI adapter.

An HDMI adapter is easily available from any electronics store that deals with computer accessories so it shouldn’t be of any hassle to you.

No Signal

Whenever we use dual monitors and connect them to a system, these kinds of issues are quite common. Windows might also be late to pick up the external monitor where you will need to do so after adjusting the settings of the external display from the Display Settings.

Due to unplugging and plugging of the cable in the HDMI ports, this problem of having no signal occurs frequently. In order to fix this problem, you can plug the monitor to your GPU and by doing so, it shows the second screen on your external monitor.

ASRock Motherboard HDMI Not Working

To fix this problem, you will need to boot your PC into the BIOS mode settings where you can check whether the Integrated Graphics Card (IGP) and GPU are in an enabled state or not. Going into BIOS mode might be unfamiliar for you but don’t worry it won’t erase your computer’s data in any way whatsoever.

Motherboard Unable to Detect Monitor

If your motherboard fails to detect your monitor, you will need to remove your monitor that is connected to your PC and access the Device Manager on your system. Locate the monitors section and once you expand it, you will see a list of all the monitors that are present there. Uninstall all of them from your PC and connect the monitor again to your PC

Disconnecting your monitor and then connecting it afterwards helps to fix this issue where your motherboard is unable to detect your monitor at times. Uninstalling also helps to remove the drivers of the monitor and once you reconnect it, the monitor is basically reinstalled onto your system.

AMD Motherboard Not Working

In order to work the AMD motherboard HDMI, you will need to set up the option of integrated graphics. By default, AMD does not hold the IGP so the best solution that is going to work for you here would be to purchase the AMD processor which contains integrated graphics.

X470 Motherboard HDMI Not Working

For this problem, you could connect your monitor to the video card instead of connecting it directly to the motherboard. This problem will help you avoid the problem your motherboard is going through while making sure you still get to see your monitor work while being connected to your system.

There is a troubleshooting step that you could carry out while you come across these problems. Although this solution isn’t much, there is no harm in trying it. You only have a single troubleshooting step so make sure to carry it out as carefully as you can.

Troubleshooting Step

Moving on to the troubleshooting method that we have, we are going to bring you a way to check your motherboard HDMI for any issues. Here, you will have to make sure that the motherboard HDMI port is working properly. If you are using the same computer for a while now then there may be a chance that your HDMI port is worn out or damaged.

A damaged HDMI port will certainly reduce the functionality of your motherboard HDMI port because over time due to plugging and unplugging, the port gets damaged over time. If you doubt that something might be wrong with your motherboard HDMI port, see if it is in working condition and test it with another display.

If it doesn’t work then you will need to replace the port with a new one. Replacing an HDMI port could do wonders and it is one of the main reasons why your monitor might not be displaying the screen which it is supposed to.

Solution – 1: Enabling Motherboard HDMI

The reason behind this problem of your motherboard HDMI not being functional may be because your motherboard HDMI is disabled. If this is the case then this error is more or less expected. This is why you will need to enable the motherboard HDMI manually in order to avoid seeing these errors in the future.

To enable your motherboard HDMI, you can carry out the following steps:

  • Firstly, check for the Integrated Graphics option in the CPU and HDMI ports on the motherboard. These always run through the Integrated Graphics Processor but not from the GPU. You will need to check whether your system contains Integrated Graphics or not
  • To check this, simply right-click on This PC and go to properties

  • After you’ve checked this, enable Integrated Graphics in the BIOS.

  • Next, connect your primary monitor to the HDMI port of your video card
  • At the same time, plug in the secondary monitor into the HDMI port of your motherboard.
  • Finally, install the latest Integrated Graphics Driver from the manufacturer of your system after which you will reboot your computer and check whether the monitor has been detected or not.

The major advantage of enabling the motherboard HDMI is that you’ll be able to plug multiple monitors into your system at once and this way, you will avoid the occurrence of your motherboard HDMI not working. With the simple solutions mentioned above, you can easily solve this problem.

Solution – 2: Update Firmware

Oftentimes, all it takes is a simple firmware update to fix your problem. Some of the most common HDMI problems can be solved easily with just an update. Check to see if your display has an available firmware update. If it is there, install it and then restart your system. If it still isn’t working then you might need to contact official support.

Do not throw away money on replacing a motherboard outright because of a broken HDMI port.

Contact Official Support

The final thing that you will need to do if all else fails will be to contact the official support of your system’s manufacturer. The reason we recommend you to contact them is because they will know better methods that will help diagnose the right problem of your system. Besides, since these are people who have created the machine themselves, they would know it better.

Even though we’ve mentioned two solutions above, if that doesn’t work then you should definitely contact official support. You can either reach them on their website or go to their service store in person for better guidance. Ask them to help you troubleshoot regardless of them helping you online or whether you’re going to them in person.


Your motherboard HDMI is one of the most important components in your system and when it shows errors of not working, then that is certainly a drawback. It reduces your efficiency and functionality whilst also bringing up maintenance costs in your PC. Make sure to get it fixed as soon as possible!